Thursday, August 31, 2006

was sick but better now

It has been a tiring week for me. Was sick since last Friday... but still, i ran out of hse ydae to settle the choir attire... and in the end, i ended up being a merlion when i reached home. feel terrible ydae. realised tt my face now got a lot of pimples and my head is planted with a few more white hair now... haha... it's all symptoms of stress. though the problem has somehow being solved and we are moving on again (at a faster pace), but I still felt that my head is cluttered with many many things. Of cos, these things are simply to say, responsibilities, tasks, roles, commitments, worries, unsatisfied desires, unfulfilled dreams, fears, misunderstandings etc... and the list goes on and on and on...

Went to CG just now. Almost thought that I couldn't make it there. But God is good. I made it there at last. Felt a sense of relieve and comfort when I see my CG mates there. There are so many things to be said but I know that without me saying all these, they will somehow understand me still. It is amazing to be connected by the Holy Spirit. Desmond Law (DL) started off the CG by asking all of us to do a reflection of how the year has been for us so far? What are the goals achieved? Are we closer to fulfilling our resolutions??

I think and think and think... but nothing much came out... but one thing I am very super duper sure... I'm better in controlling my mood swings le. I started this year in a very bad note. But I thank God that Holy Spirit helped me to be firm in letting go of all the negative feelings and mindset, the hurts that I gained and helping me to be firm. If I have not been strong mentally, I think I would have went hay-wire in my emotions, again.

Now, all I ask for is not just to have a strong mind, but also healthy body. I wanna go to North Thailand in Nov, with a good and healthy body. So that the people will not have to take care of me... so that I can take care of myself? haha... I'm still as obstinate as ever... even at times I know I need people to help me, I will still insist to be on my own. That is why a 'strong' girl like me needs to be sensitive at times... cos I always said the wrong words, just because of my 'strong' character. But I am glad of one thing, friends know that I am not that 'strong' and God knows my pretension too. So hor, God is just so amazingly humorous... He has exposed my 'strong character' for a few times liaoz... and He has shown forth this thing in me... I am actually quite weak most of the time...

So why pretend to be strong when I am not?? And why insist that I can do it when I actually can't? haha... silly me!!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Prayer To God

God, I want to take time to remember all the things You have done for me through the years. Oh, there are so many things.

You have carried me through dark valleys of the shadow of death.
You have rejoiced with me on the mountaintops.
You have held my hand and helped me take a leap into unknown waters.
You have applied healing balm to my hurts and warm sunshine on my soul.
You have given me precious friends who have stood the test of time...and more.
You have given me a loving family to grow with and be with.
You have increased my territory spiritually and physically.
You have picked me up when I have stumbled and nearly hit the ground.
You have provided for me when I did not know where my provisions would come from.
You have surrounded me with prayers and support of the family of God in time of need.
You have shown me miracles and blessed my soul.
You have given me desires of my heart--desires that were in line with Your will and Word.
You have given me the privilege of helping advance Your kingdom through the gifts, talents, and resources You have entrusted to me.
You have always patiently been there for me.
You have felt my cries, laughed at my silliness, and gently guided me back onto the right paths.
You have loved me with an everlasting love.

I could go on and on. God I am thankful for You and all You've done and all You will do in my life. I love You and appreciate You and want to shout "How great is my God!"

With loving thanks, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

~Timothy Tan~

My new nephew has a Christian name now and his name is Timothy Tan! woo... cool name he has!! He weighed 3.5kg when he was born and he really holds the weight in my family man... I just hope if my bro will not spoil him next time when he grows up... or else, I will have a lot of counselling cases at home siah... hahaha... kidding only la... :p

Timothy says, "don't know why kor kor and jie jie laughing so happily... look at their face... i can't see their eyes at all... " hahaha...
He has just turned one month 3-4 days back. And my nephew and niece, Gabriel and Angel (respectively), are still so captivated by their younger brother. They were so keen to take pictures with their brother.

I just hope that they will really set good examples for the little one to follow. Though he is just a month old, still, we have concluded that he has really a fiery temper man. hahaha...

Oh ya, hope to bring my nephew and niece for Hope Tots soon... they need some good fellowship with the kids!! hohoho...


Totally Lost

Gone through a pretty tough weekend. Mind was lost. Body was drained. Spirit was down. Utterly sad and disappointed with myself.

I was trying hard to get myself back to my feet, trying not to have negative thoughts and learning to receive forgiveness and grace, so that I will take up the courage to try again. But it was tough.

It seemed almost meaningless for me to stay in the path and direction that I was supposed to be. Left to think alone in the room made me even more depressed.

It was felt like a death sentence ( a sentence that I have proclaimed). But when grace came, I didn't know how to accept or respond. It was almost impossible. But it was just as amazing as how God gave his grace abundantly to us, even when we are least deserved of it.

God taught me a great deal of things this time round.

Be humble. Learn from it. Do not let your emotions take hold of you. Be repentant. Make full use of your experience and do not make the same err again.

Well, God is still good and faithful even when I am faithless. So who am I to deny His faithfulness?


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Obviously Envious...

I'm just so envious of the leaders in Youth and Tertiary... cos they finally get to go Europe. Looking at the photos in Shirls' and Jazz's blogs make me feel like flying there now. Switzerland, Prague and Rome are just so so beautiful and I am marvelled by God's creation. The mountains, hills, rivers etc... nice nice... I think I will surely love to go Europe for backpacking... but I think I must train myself in my stamina in this man.

Anyway I am so so looking forward to 2 of my trips to Thailand. One of which is to Bangkok in Oct, will be going there with my mum and my younger sister. Will be doing plenty of shopping there man.. Pray for protection, especially for my mum. It's her first trip on plane. Pray that she will not be paranoid or having any kind of phobia. But most importantly, pray that she will have gd health and able to enjoy the trip over there. My second trip will be to the hill tribes in Northern Thailand in November. wow... you must be thinking that I'm having one overseas trip per month. Yup. But it will be the last trip of the year of cos. I'm going there for a short term missions trip. Will be visiting the rural churches and going to the villages as well, I think. Although many have went there before, I've seen pictures and heard of many reports and testimonies, I still wanna go and have a life experience myself. It is one of my many first steps towards missions. And I truly hope to give it a go since I am still young (in age) but I know that I need to do something to build up this body of mine, it is just kinda weak sometimes, if you get what I meant.

So I will be working extra hard from now on, to earn more so that I can save more for missions trips?? hahaha...

Btw, I accidentally broke my colleague's mug on tuesday and I felt so terrible... better still, he told me that the mug is given to him by a close friend before she passed away. And I took his words for real... and guess what?? It is a plot to make me feel guilty lor... and in the end, I fell for it. Stupid me!! Can anyone help me get the blue $1 mug from IKEA pls... :p

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Happy Bdae (In Advance) Kok BiBi!!

26 August 2006 is the birthday of my colleague, Hippo... hahaha... and I am so proud to present her in my blog here... I first knew her when she started her job here.

It is amazing how time flies... she has been with us for 9 months le... First impression of her? She's shy, quiet but yet approachable. On her first day, my boss and AA have to go out for a series of meeting and they weren't able to orientate her in the dept. And instruction given to me was this, "Take good care of her...". So I attempted to 'take good care of her' lor... It was 12.30pm. I worked and worked and worked... and missed out the timing for lunch... haha... So, when I realised that I was really late for lunch, I quickly went to her cubicle to ask if she was hungry. And the obvious answer of cos a "Yes" la! aiyo... then this very classic statement that I made, that both of us will never forget is, "wah liew, hungry must say la! If you are hungry, can always tell me mah.. or else how I know??" hahaha... Nowadays, when we talk about it, we still laugh... cos of my straight forward way of speaking, it is really hilarious... btw, I didn't meant to be 'rude' hor... keke

Born 2 years younger than me, the same age as my younger sister, born in the year of pig lor. But she is not stupid la. If you think she is, you will be absolutely wrong. Cos her skill of 'dut-ting' and 'suaning' pple is superb! Even I also can kowtow to her liaoz!! And hor, she is a very fast learner! Though this is her official first job, she pick up things very fast and she is not afriad to ask questions. That is why my dear boss really dotes on her. AA and her brought to the whole dept a full truck load of craps, fun, laughters and lame jokes. I can only say this, "Well done to the River Valley grads!! U guys are really from the same school... cos equally lame mah!!"

Many people said that we looked really like sisters... but the good thing is that we are not! Cos hor, she is so much more photogenic than I am. (fei hua!!) and also smarter as well. Although sometimes we do have some disagreement at work, especially when things are getting a little frustrating, you will see her complain a bit but yet still complete the stuff with great diligence. "And I think I just wanna tell you (Kok Bibi) that you are a great team player and you will go very far in your career! Keep on moving on and not give up easily. For every obstacle is placed in your path to make you a stronger person. Keep walking and walking... "By the way, I think you you are really blessed with a great voice!! Keep on singing in Karaoke... haha... you will surely make it!! If you are going to record an album or organise a concert, I will sure support ya!! haha... Happy 23 Bdae gal!! You are just so blessed!!

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Hilarious CCD

This is the most most hilarious dept (company) that I have ever been in. Imagine me having to laugh so hard after a hard day of work... not easy isn't it?

We have a silly horseface always cracking silly jokes and a silly Kok Bibi always trying to partner the horseface in acting. And the best part is that my boss is the mastermind cum director behind all these acting.

Many asked me if I would want to stay in FP for long. Frankly speaking, it is pretty much of a dilemma now. I seldom have such nice colleagues working with me. It kinda makes me reluctant to leave as of now.

And there are definitely much more opportunities for me to grow and develop in CCD (Corporate Communications Dept) now. So why change when you hvae so much room to grow in. I realised that many people (which includes me) can keep changing jobs, whether is it because of the salary factor, politics factor or is it because of work factor, but what is the most impt is that you must be happy when you work at your workplace. And also, to have a boss that support and groom you is very impt too. So I don't think I will be leaving for the time being.

But I guess that I don't mind people knocking at my door and inroducing me better jobs for sure. Well, if there are better opportunities and it is from God, why not take it?? :)


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

$2 only!

Yes!!! It's only $2. In order to support the "Youth for Causes" community project, Hope Centre is now selling a memo pad with wrist band, each set only costs $2! Do not undermine your contribution. Your participation will bring forth many hopes and help to the youths of today.

If you would like to order the memo pads and wrist bands, kindly email me at or better still, you can just leave a comment with me and I shall commission the person in charge to contact you how about it???

Let's support the Youths with actions for actions speak louder for themselves!!

Writing to Release

Today is just a day that I just feel like writing on and on. Don't know why is it so? Perhaps I have bottling too much things in my heart, thus, I felt that writing is necessary. Not for others to know my thoughts, but to let my thoughts be known to myself.

Anyway, last Thursday, I went out with my colleagues for a dinner at Liang Seah Street and a coffee session at Raffles Hotel after which. It was such a coincidence that I bumped into Claudia at the same place that we were eating. And the best thing is that out of 6 of us at the table, Xiaoyan, Kevin and myself know her. I was kinda glad to have met her there. Somehow, just missed her in FP. She is one of those that really helped me to transit well in this new job at FP 2 years back, when I was really lost and colleagues weren't too open with me back then.

I first knew Claudia when I was Sec 4. Wah, it was a good 9 years back then. I was struggling with my 'O' levels preps and she willingly volunteered herself to teach Maths at Stanley Street after Sunday Service. She was really patient with a nutcase like me, who didn't know my very basic Maths well. She taught me a great deal and eventually I passed my exams. From then on, I will call her "老师" (teacher) everytime I see her in church. And the very amusing thing is that I managed to meet her once again in FP after such a long detour. She met me up for lunches and even gave me a treat to Swensens for my bdae treat in 2004. I truly appreciate her and will always remember her in my heart.

I will also not forget about Irene (from AWAM, Sound ministry) who taught me statistics in my poly days..(another maths subject again...). She brought me to her flat at Tiong Bahru area and taught me patiently, how to tackle the stats questions. We did quite a number of exam questions before bidding her goodbye. And thanks to her, or else I might have been kicked out by my poly? haha...

All I can say is that you never know how much you can impact or influence somebody for life, just by offering your very help. The help that you offer might be simple and sweet, yet, you can bless a life so much. So, bless a life today and impact for a lifetime!!


Believe it anot... this morning I woke up at 8am and the first thought that came to my mind was, "Can I take a half-day urgent leave and sleep at home?". It was really a struggle for me to go to work these days, despite the fact that I have great colleagues, bosses (my colleagues will ask me not to flatter them... for sure!!) and challenging work waiting for me in the office. Realised that moi energy level is dropping and it is dropping tremendously. Week after week, activities after activities, I realised that my fuel tank is at the 'E' sign... which shows a red light signal... 'Empty' soon..

And adding on to all these tiredness is my bed and pillow... wah... my bed is giving me problems like back aches and my pillow is giving me problems like neck aches?? (rhyme isn't it?) I can only wake up feeling more tired than rested in fact. I didn't realise that I have severe backache problem till I went to stay overnight with my sister 2-3 weeks back. When I slept on her bed, I almost couldn't move. Not that it was too comfortable but perhaps my back was so painful till I couldn't even turn myself. That is really bad.

I have been thinking if I should get a new bed for myself and my mama... since I have such problems, I don't think it will spare my mummy either. However, getting a new bed means more cost for me la. But well, I guess that it is surely more crucial to get a bed than to get an acoustic guitar. Or else, soon and very soon, I will end up sleeping on a hospital bed. hahaha...

Ok. I admit, I do need rest. And this Friday will be the day that I can rest bah. :)


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Life of Fruitfulness

This week has been a great challenge for me. Having to teach on thurs for unit meeting and sunday for V&P unit teaching is really kinda stretching me further. But thank God that this has strectched me more, but not to the max yet. It kinda reminded me of my days in the youth ministry, every week teaching sheep, core team and CG. And I should say that all these teachings have brought me far.. not because of the many lessons learnt (though they have surely impacted) but it is more to the fact that the WOG has not gone out in vain and the Word has surely done a great deal in me.

I've taught and even been taught (by myself) that I have to show forth a life of fruits. Being able to talk well is not flattering when your life is not credible at all. I do admit that I still miss out some part of credibility but well, who can be 100% confident to say that they are 100% credible anyway? Everybody is still changing, learning, growing and improving. If you can say that you are perfect, wow... I think even God will salute you.

anyway i had a great badminton game ydae at Joo Chiat CC... you will surely agree with me if you are there. I started playing from 2.45pm till 6.15pm. It was a very gd time to play.. but hor I played till I my muscles were strained. And in the midst of the game, I couldn't really run or jump... that is kinda sad... I must do more warm up next time round...

We had great fun during the game. And as usual, I am the main source of their jokes and suaning. Have tried very hard not to react... but still I've failed. Perhaps, generated some form of irritation.. well, but tt's what you get from me when others start to 'suan' me non-stop... anyway, pictures are here... apologies for being so so late!! paiseh... :p

btw, these 2 guys were all ready to ATTACK!! look at their faces... they are all ready to eat up a TIGER... they are just so so so hungry... and the amount of food we ordered at the Bak-Kut-Teh place was really a lot man!!

hahaha... and then... our food gone within a mere 15 mins?? wahahaha... u guys are really sud man... me n poor eve only ate so little... haha... but the food is surely super nice la!! next time we go joo chiat CC to play again ok?? :p

and the culprits were trying to hide their faces??? hahaha... no way they can run... so brothers, next time wanna eat a lot a lot hor, please make sure that I nv bring my camera along... or else, caught in action again hor, i can't save u le!! hee... :p

Saturday, August 19, 2006

need more +ve ions in my life!

I'm back with more of my reflection! And Tricia Tan now declares, "I need more positive ions, spirit and attitudes in my life!!!" . I was doing a mini teaching during unit meeting on Weds at FMC. The lesson was entitled, "Excellent People, Excellent Attitudes". It was a really tough lesson to teach. But after teaching, I only realised that I need more of that kind of attitudes in my life.

Besides just whining for almost 25 years of my life, I need more positive thinking. It is not easy. The Holy Spirit prompted within my heart to say this to the people, "Positive motivation from men can last for a moment. However, positive impartation from the Lord will last for a lifetime." Don't know what made me say that. Besides the Holy Spirit prompting me, all I know is that my experiences in my life did a great deal of reminder too.

I can only say that I need more positive ions in my life. I must stop whining. In fact, when I don't feel like talking at times, it is not because I am unsociable. It is just me in my reflective mode, thinking about many many many many many many things. That's why my white hair are growing more and more tremendously. Well, but I don't think white hair will stop me from thinking and reflecting anyway.

Even at this point in time, my heart is kinda pumping slower every moment. Does vitamins + help? Will there be some form of release here? Perhaps, it is just another mel part of me? But i thought that I'm not a mel person la.. i'm kinda worried now...

Still, let there be + + + instead of - - -... hahaha...

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Free-Lance Reporter

It was another hilarious incident at our event. If you remember what happened to me last year at Downtown East, it was a super hilarious time of laughter when my colleagues teased me on the photograph that I took with my CEO and Chairman.

And this time round, while doing an unofficial event coordinator job at the NDO Ceremony; I was being spotted to be different again?? Hahaha... I was trying to talk to the media people. So this very experienced cameraman came on his own, alone and film down the entire event. As there isn't any reporter with him, he requested my help to hold the mic while the rest of the reporters interviewed the GOH on TV. It is a very silly scene.. cos as I think back to my kindergarten picture that I took with Mr Lim when I was 4-5 years old, after a movie screening, and 20 years later, holding the mic and interviewing him, I almost laughed out loud during the interview.

My colleagues were watching me while I was holding the mic for the cameraman. And my boss collaborated with our event photographer, asking him to take photographs of me doing the goodwill job for ChannelNews Asia. I almost fainted. Immediately, after the interview ended, I went up to the photographer and say, don't think that i am ignorant.. you are taking my pics right?!?! Abish!! hahaha... My bosses and colleagues kept laughing at me.. and Mr Ang still say that I am the reporter in making cos my mic wasn't shaking at all, it was just so firmly held. The cameraman even teased me and say, "It is a good time for you to show off whatever diamond ring you have" hahaha... too bad.. no ring for viewing now. But tell u something, my hand went on TV during last night's news... hahaha maybe I should work towards having my funny face on TV soon...kekeke... Anyway, conclusion of the whole lesson learnt is this: Never be too "ah-ka-liao" (on good terms) with the TV crew. He might just bring you on TV. hahaha.... Btw, AA, the picture that you took is super ugly lor.. hahaha... next time must ask me to smile before u take la... wahahaha


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Event Accomplished!

Finally!! Our event is over. Started my work at Toa Payoh Hub at 8.30am today. The whole place was still quiet and peaceful, though there were still people rushing off to work at the early morning.

The whole morning, I was running around like a mad woman... (again) trying to help with things that I can do... e.g. goodie bags (not my pasar)... media relations (not my pasar)... sound system (not my pasar)... haha actually I am supposed to be at the registration counter, but at the end, I was running around to make sure that things will go well and smooth. I think I am loving to do events more and more. Though it is quite draining in my energy, but the accomplishments and results shown were rewarding!

I love talking to pple (obviously...) and when I get to know pple, i just get so so happy man!! But hor, knowing pple can be one big headache esp. when wedding invites come in one after another. hahaha...

Anyway my photos for the kids at the children's home are here.... they are just so beautifully and wonderfully made by God. Hope that they will find God one day... :p

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the leaving of the princes

oops... the princes are leaving soon... they will be flying back to Belgium. Always thought that they were from Denmark..

haha in the end, only to know tt it is wrong information from my colleague. hehe...
Anyway all the best to them...

and perhaps I will get to see them if i go Belgium and plant church?? hahaha (I'm dreaming again... hoho...)

the coming back of the QUEEN!! hohoho...

yeah... shirl is finally back and I guess that I really missed her... and I took some pics with her before choir started! When I saw her, I just ran up to her and hugged her! It was such a blessed moment!!

There are so much things to remember about this cute 'part-time' shepherd of mine. Many a times, she was the one trying to endure my 'runaways' from home when I was just a new believer.

today, there is a part of her in me. In fact, there is a part of many many people in me. All my shepherds and friends, choir buddies, brothers and sisters... they all play a part in me. In the very actual fact, I am pretty thankful for having so many precious pple placed in my life.

However, do forgive me if I have not treasured u enough... e.g. not meeting u up... or never meet your need as a friend etc...I was sharing with some of my friends that I will be getting busier and busier as the year end comes. Not just busy bcos of ministry, but busy bcos of my job. I think I really need to have more input into my job so that I will be able to see more breakthroughs coming my way. Still, if you need me to be there for you, just buzz me and i will be a listening ear - just for YOU.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Life at Haven Children's Home - 11 August 2006

Like any child or kid, we all wish for love, care and attention. The visit to Haven Children's home recently made me recognised this fact even more than before. The home takes care of the many children whom have been abandoned by their parents or with parents who are in jail, on drugs etc. This home bears the many empathetic stories and I was really glad that I have made my contribution last Friday evening. There is one kid whose mum is in jail and he is already Primary 5 this year. But he is so mature for his age. He just tell others that his mum went to Japan to work. But I just cannot imagine that he have to live with lies at such a young age.

There are 2 groups of siblings in the home as well. One group is from the age of 4-7 years old and the other one is from 9-15 years old. The first group was really cute and adorable. They are so obedient and loving. As for the older group, they have the eldest brother with them, taking care of the 2 younger sisters.

I was thinking to myself, could I have ended up in a home with my brother and sister when I was their age?? If my mum chooses to abandon the 3 of us, and my dad chooses to get drunk and beat us up everyday, could that have happened to me?

Most probably. My family is just slightly more fortunate than them. But who I am today is God's faithfulness and grace. I am not ashamed to say that "I am God's faithfulness and grace". Not the kind of faithfulness that we asked for in prayers nor forgiveness and grace that we sought after. I am His product of faithfulness and result of grace.

It is amazing how God has turned me around. Perhaps, If I have not known Him, I would have spoke more vulgarities than before, fought with 'ah lians' and ran away from home as well. Poly education?? That is definitely an IMPOSSIBLE!! If God has not been the centre, I would have started working after my 'O' levels and not even have completed my diploma.

When I was taking photos for them and singing songs with them, I was praying in my heart, "Lord, please oversee their lives. Help them to turn to you and see Hope in You. You have done that for me and You will also do it for them. If I can be the miracle, You will make more miracles out these children."

I sang ���浜� for the kids. At the end, many don't know how to read the chinese characters... either the words too chim or they are not chinese. So it turned out to be just singing la la song lor..




��借�╄�����涓���� 涓�浣����浜����蹇�涔����
���杩���������ユ�� ��充�����浠�娣辨繁������

We also sang 'Singapore Town' for them... but they were all pestering me to sing Island Home for them. Aiyo.. I almost flipped... cos it is not my era of NDP songs mah.. *stressed* I was having cold sweat! haha.. tt's the result of not preparing extra songs..which I have expected long time ago. But I guess that they really enjoyed themselves. We ended the whole thing at 9.15pm, which we supposedly have to finish at 8pm. hee...

I will love to meet them up again!!


Friday, August 11, 2006

Karaoke with Colleagues n Friends

I had a great time last night, singing with my colleagues and friends. The whole thing turned out to be pretty hilarious... Mr HJ n Ms Prissy wanted to sing karaoke but no one is on for the singing.. so in the end, they joined me n moi colleagues for the singing.

It was pretty awkward in the beginning... but at the end, it turned out to be a singing competition? haha... and guess who won the championship?? it's Mr HJ and Ms Kok Mimi... or should I say Ms Kok Bi Bi?? haha..i've never knew that my colleague hippo is so good at singing... and she really good in her high pitch man..

Why not let's push her for Project SuperStar, together with our dept's Yanzi?? I think we will surely have load of fun screaming, to support them... and for Mr HJ, our dear Jackie in making, let's just hope that he will be our next "Singapore Idol" bah!!! hoho...


Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Dinner Treat by Rena

yeah... thanks to Rena..we had a wonderful dinner last night at Novena chicken rice... but the main highlight is not the food... the main highlight was the heart of compassion for pple. throughout the entire dinner, rena wasn't really concentrating. She was kinda distracted by this old man, who was going around the tables, collecting empty cans for living. He looked rather poor thing..

Rena wasn't ready to leave the coffeeshop, she kept telling me that she want to do soemthing for the old man. Thus, I asked the rest to leave first. We went to the bus stop and there was the man, eating a packet of rice with his hands. She started asking the old man if he wants to eat anything else, or he wants to drink anything. Then the old man started to respond to her, telling her that he is a filipino. Then rena took out her wallet, and blessed the old man with some money.

I was very touched by the scene. The scene of love, giving and hope. Rena showed forth selflessness and love in this case. A man who is totally unrelated to her, but yet she just gave out of no obligation. Isn't this a scene that reflects Jesus' love for us? I wanna learn from Rena in this. To love people of all kind. Rena, thanks for teaching me such a precious lession through your actions. :) continue to excel in this!


20th Festival Of Praise at Indoor Stadium

Went to FOP last Sunday with some of my CG people and some Hope kakis from other groups. In fact, when I reached Indoor Stadium, I saw even more Hope pple there. As expected earlier on, I knew that this year's FOP won't be filled with as many people as last year, as our Hillsong Band is not here... so... the Hillsong 'fans' will not be queuing and running around in the Indoor Stadium.

The last time that I've worshipped with Don Moen was 2-3 years back. That was when his "Thank You Lord" album was just launched. The scene was still pretty fresh as I remembered how Don Moen ministered to the pple... We sang "Hallelujah to the Lamb" as the last song and the whole indoor stadium sounded like a mega choir man... cool indeed!!

anyway back to the FOP night... it was a tremendous time.. I only remembered that tears rolled down my face as I sang "things in the past, things yet unseen... wishes and dreams that are yet to come true..." It is a song that has always ministered to me deeply. It has always reminded me that even if dreams are not yet true, things of the past have gone way ago, I must still offer my life unto Him. I can only say that even Abraham had faith till his last breathe, even though God's promise to him wasn't fulfilled in his lifetime. That is the kind of faith that I wanna have. A faith that will not just last in my lifetime but from generation till generation.

Don Moen has done a great deal in inspiring me throughout my life... As a new believer, he was the first lead-worshipper that I've got to know of. And the songs that I've learnt are "God will make a way" and "God is good all the time", "Lord I offer my life" and "Speak to one another..." etc. His style of leading always never fail to involve the element of the scriptures. Every word that has been shared will be implanted in our heart... and will not return to God in vain.

And that day, God did a very unusual reminder. The Pastor was sharing about giving back to Him. And he mentioned our CG's memory verse, Eph 5:2, "just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.". I was completely stunned when he mentioned that. And this verse of cos spoke to me even deeper.

The entire FOP spoke also about Marketplace Ministry. It kind of spoke to me that I have to serve God in my workplace, to be a spokesperson of His love and mercy. I know that things will and can get tough, but with Jesus, all things are possible. And I am surely glad to know of this ministry that I can participate in.

So... it is time for nothing but actions now!! yeah...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend full of surprises!

Last weekend was one with loads of fun and catching up!! I missed my CG pple a lot... and I think we had so much 'sour-ing', also known as 'suan-ing' that I almost fell off my chair, laughing and laughing... To begin with, I shall put all events and re-flections in different paras...

Church History Seminar

Yup. Friday was our Sub-District's Church History Seminar... I should applaud Tze-Wei and Wendy for teaching such good lessons. But something really funny happened before the seminar. Someone came for our Sub-D seminar, thinking that it was for the entire church. At the end, the few of them have to settle for something else. But I guess that they had a very good time of fellowship as well. :)

Anyway back to the seminar, never know that Christian Churches were birthed out of Catholism till when we went through the history. Good notes from Tze-Wei! It is good to do research for all these so that we can know our heritage better.

Barbeque with Ex-Colleagues

Had a time of catching up with my ex-colleagues last Saturday. I was one of the few that reached there earliest. Met up with most ex-colleagues and some 'new' ex-colleagues. Those that joined and quit the company after my era. I guess as much that my colleagues missed me a lot (not that I am boasting... hahaha) cos throughout the night, their target was only on me. And this time round, the whole gang turned around to suan me and then I realise that I was really a true sanguine by blood. Cos I simply love the attention of them all. Haha..

My Bro Reads My Blog

Yes! My bro read my blog!! After BBQ, when I reached home that night, my bro stayed up till 12am+ to tell me that he found my blog by doing a google search of my name. And I am so so happy that he is finding opportunity to know me more through my blog. Apparently, we seldom have time to sit down and talk, I meant heart to heart talk. Sometimes, we will do that. But my family culture is such that it is a norm not to talk in depth topics. So, I'm placed in this family to change the culture. And I am hoping that one day, my whole family will be in church with me, praising and glorifying God altogether. B'cos when one in the family is saved, all will be saved eventually!!

SIT (Stay-In-Tune), more updates coming along the way!!

Greetings by Junwei!

This is going to be my first entry here in this blog and the little one greeting you here is my baby Nephew Junwei. He is born on 24 July 2006 and is currently 2 weeks old.

So what is his forte?? For all babies as you know, they know only how to eat, sleep, eat, sleep n cry in the middle of nights!! haha... but isn't he adorable??

Everytime I carry him, I will be reminded of how God carry me in His arms when I am weak and fragile. That is how God is bringing me around. Definitely, there will be times that I will be learning how to crawl, walk and be running on... But God's hand always heals, protects and embraces me at the right time!

Ok, so this is baby Junwei... I am still thinking of his Christian name.. anyone have any suggestions here?? haha... more entries will be coming soon here... so watch out!!