Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend full of surprises!

Last weekend was one with loads of fun and catching up!! I missed my CG pple a lot... and I think we had so much 'sour-ing', also known as 'suan-ing' that I almost fell off my chair, laughing and laughing... To begin with, I shall put all events and re-flections in different paras...

Church History Seminar

Yup. Friday was our Sub-District's Church History Seminar... I should applaud Tze-Wei and Wendy for teaching such good lessons. But something really funny happened before the seminar. Someone came for our Sub-D seminar, thinking that it was for the entire church. At the end, the few of them have to settle for something else. But I guess that they had a very good time of fellowship as well. :)

Anyway back to the seminar, never know that Christian Churches were birthed out of Catholism till when we went through the history. Good notes from Tze-Wei! It is good to do research for all these so that we can know our heritage better.

Barbeque with Ex-Colleagues

Had a time of catching up with my ex-colleagues last Saturday. I was one of the few that reached there earliest. Met up with most ex-colleagues and some 'new' ex-colleagues. Those that joined and quit the company after my era. I guess as much that my colleagues missed me a lot (not that I am boasting... hahaha) cos throughout the night, their target was only on me. And this time round, the whole gang turned around to suan me and then I realise that I was really a true sanguine by blood. Cos I simply love the attention of them all. Haha..

My Bro Reads My Blog

Yes! My bro read my blog!! After BBQ, when I reached home that night, my bro stayed up till 12am+ to tell me that he found my blog by doing a google search of my name. And I am so so happy that he is finding opportunity to know me more through my blog. Apparently, we seldom have time to sit down and talk, I meant heart to heart talk. Sometimes, we will do that. But my family culture is such that it is a norm not to talk in depth topics. So, I'm placed in this family to change the culture. And I am hoping that one day, my whole family will be in church with me, praising and glorifying God altogether. B'cos when one in the family is saved, all will be saved eventually!!

SIT (Stay-In-Tune), more updates coming along the way!!


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