Sunday, August 27, 2006

Totally Lost

Gone through a pretty tough weekend. Mind was lost. Body was drained. Spirit was down. Utterly sad and disappointed with myself.

I was trying hard to get myself back to my feet, trying not to have negative thoughts and learning to receive forgiveness and grace, so that I will take up the courage to try again. But it was tough.

It seemed almost meaningless for me to stay in the path and direction that I was supposed to be. Left to think alone in the room made me even more depressed.

It was felt like a death sentence ( a sentence that I have proclaimed). But when grace came, I didn't know how to accept or respond. It was almost impossible. But it was just as amazing as how God gave his grace abundantly to us, even when we are least deserved of it.

God taught me a great deal of things this time round.

Be humble. Learn from it. Do not let your emotions take hold of you. Be repentant. Make full use of your experience and do not make the same err again.

Well, God is still good and faithful even when I am faithless. So who am I to deny His faithfulness?



Anonymous Anonymous said...


it normal and ok to be lost and disappointed for a while with yourself but do get up from it soon hor.

You say it all, God is still good and faithful.It ok to make mistake but do learn from it. Anyway we are still so imprefect so there bound to be a lot mistake make so take heart.

The company still need you, the world still need you, God still need you to finish his work he place in you.

We behind you all the way, you can do in in due time together with God. Be positive, keeping you in prayer and God grace and love is there for you.


Sun Aug 27, 08:41:00 PM GMT+8 
Blogger Tricia said...

u sounded as if i'm gonna commit suicide... hahaha...

Mon Aug 28, 09:00:00 AM GMT+8 
Blogger Jesuafreak said...

haha.. kinda agreed..but see it as how he treasures u and values u.. seeing things as half full instead of half empty kinda helps.. sumtimes..

Its good that you're experienceing a down time in the valleys now.. Coz its in every down time in the valleys that you will learn to appreciate the good times in the mountain tops..

you will grow with every valley experience ; Aint this ur Birthday wish ? To grow in the Lord ?

Mon Aug 28, 11:08:00 AM GMT+8 
Blogger Sandra Lim said...

God is faithful because the promise of HIS rod and staff being with us all the time remains firmly grounded.

Drink deep of God's love. Cheers!

Mon Aug 28, 11:50:00 PM GMT+8 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right gal..God only use circumstances to mould us for the better so that we can grow and learn from do not be dismay k for His grace is always sufficient for u and His power made perfect in weakness!!

Tue Aug 29, 01:05:00 AM GMT+8 
Blogger Tricia said...

felt so encouraged by all of you guys... indeed, one can only grow when tests n trials plunge into our lives... but once again, i will always mark this word of God in my heart, "God will not let me be tested beyond what i can bear!!"

i'm lifted up by u guys again!!

Sun Sep 03, 10:32:00 PM GMT+8 

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