Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Bdae (In Advance) Kok BiBi!!

26 August 2006 is the birthday of my colleague, Hippo... hahaha... and I am so proud to present her in my blog here... I first knew her when she started her job here.

It is amazing how time flies... she has been with us for 9 months le... First impression of her? She's shy, quiet but yet approachable. On her first day, my boss and AA have to go out for a series of meeting and they weren't able to orientate her in the dept. And instruction given to me was this, "Take good care of her...". So I attempted to 'take good care of her' lor... It was 12.30pm. I worked and worked and worked... and missed out the timing for lunch... haha... So, when I realised that I was really late for lunch, I quickly went to her cubicle to ask if she was hungry. And the obvious answer of cos a "Yes" la! aiyo... then this very classic statement that I made, that both of us will never forget is, "wah liew, hungry must say la! If you are hungry, can always tell me mah.. or else how I know??" hahaha... Nowadays, when we talk about it, we still laugh... cos of my straight forward way of speaking, it is really hilarious... btw, I didn't meant to be 'rude' hor... keke

Born 2 years younger than me, the same age as my younger sister, born in the year of pig lor. But she is not stupid la. If you think she is, you will be absolutely wrong. Cos her skill of 'dut-ting' and 'suaning' pple is superb! Even I also can kowtow to her liaoz!! And hor, she is a very fast learner! Though this is her official first job, she pick up things very fast and she is not afriad to ask questions. That is why my dear boss really dotes on her. AA and her brought to the whole dept a full truck load of craps, fun, laughters and lame jokes. I can only say this, "Well done to the River Valley grads!! U guys are really from the same school... cos equally lame mah!!"

Many people said that we looked really like sisters... but the good thing is that we are not! Cos hor, she is so much more photogenic than I am. (fei hua!!) and also smarter as well. Although sometimes we do have some disagreement at work, especially when things are getting a little frustrating, you will see her complain a bit but yet still complete the stuff with great diligence. "And I think I just wanna tell you (Kok Bibi) that you are a great team player and you will go very far in your career! Keep on moving on and not give up easily. For every obstacle is placed in your path to make you a stronger person. Keep walking and walking... "By the way, I think you you are really blessed with a great voice!! Keep on singing in Karaoke... haha... you will surely make it!! If you are going to record an album or organise a concert, I will sure support ya!! haha... Happy 23 Bdae gal!! You are just so blessed!!

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