Saturday, May 31, 2003

haiz... din manage to sing karaoke today...
but we manage to bowl. though only a few of us but we enjoyed ourselves.
Desmond was the champion with 69 points haha... first runner-up was Adrian followed by Josherine. So must be wondering what happened to me and Winnie right?? we came in the last two positions, which seldom people can do it... (haha) trying to console ourselves though...

expecting great things from God tomorrow. I tink I'll melt in God's presence... in worship and praise.....
hehe... alright man. let's visit heaven tomorrow.... bringing heaven to earth...

oh yeah!! it's a saturday morning and i am back to work in the office. dunnoe why must we be back for? haiz... ... anyway yesterday night i went for a farewell of a colleague. he's going back to malaysia for good. had dinner with him and had a nice time chatting with the rest of my colleagues. i tink i began to know more about them liaoz. not just on the surface.

today we'll have another pasting of stickers at our warehouse again. cos we are having some promos for our VCDs and DVDs in the retail stores. i hate stickers. dunnore why must paste so many stickers.... i dun think it's a very effective marketing tool.

so i gtg.... pasting stickers liaoz...

later got karaoke session... go i'm going to "sing my lungs out" haha....
I love singing... especially to the Lord!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

tired!! really super tired!! today is the third night that I have worked OT thru out the week. I guess that tomorrow will be a break for me cos there is no OT but only GOD!! Indeed i am just so eager about tomorrow's Mega Care Group for the whole unit of EN. How I wish that it will just come now!! To dwell in the P & W and dwell in His presence. Remembering why I sing and why I live.

I have one very dear friend of mine (colleague) that I realli realli hope that she will come to know the Lord soon. She knows about the gospel, went to church before but still do not know about the true love that Jesus has for her. Do help me by keeping this lady in prayers. Her name is Michelle. She takes care of me very well and guides me in my work very well. Though a lot of times I make a lot of mistakes but she still teach me and explain to me patiently. I hope that she will know the good Lord one day.

Also, I'm very excited about the coming Sunday's movie. I will be getting two of my friends to come for the movie "Bruce Almighty" as I tink it will be a good time for them to get to know one another. Hehe... after such a long long time, I feel that my evangelism fervor is coming back again. Do pray these two friends of mine, Yew Lee (poly classmate) and Elaine Tai (ex-colleague). Pray that one day that they will come to know the Lord.

is patient, is kind. It does not envy, it does not fear. it is not proud. I hope that I will take this verse and practise it in my life. But my fear is that I always fall back to the trap of insecurity. Perhaps I have not really place my 100% security in God alone. Anyway I believe that I will overcome cos the "Courageous Community" church camp is coming!! It is just 7 days later!! At Orchard Hotel!! I long to learn His Word and know that courage does not come by Words or Loudness of "Amen" but the actions.

To end this, get the following quote right man!!

~ I saw him holding my hands and lead me back to His side. ~

Monday, May 26, 2003

Ever thought of the reason for you to live on earth before? Live to eat or eat to live?? haha... I suddenly feel like I have become a poet... anyway, it has been a few days since I last wrote down my thoughts. I had a great Sunday and today (Monday) was so so only. Because I have to work OT (overtime). On Sunday, I had lunch with my care group (Alex, Desmond, Adrian, Luke, Josherine and Winnie!!) I was so glad that she came for service. Gave her an encouragement card and a verse accompanied by it. It says Pro 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord your God and lean not on your own understanding and ....." Guess what?? During the sermon Pastor Lawrence mentioned about this verse again. wow!! I believe that God is just double confirming what he wants to speak to Winnie. Alrite man!!

I have not felt the presence of God in my life in such a strong manner for a very long long time liaoz. I'm glad that He is always so gracious, bringing me back to him again and again. though I failed Him so many times. I ran away from church, refusing people's advice and encouragements... and dun even bother to go to God for help. I was proud. But God saw what was happening to me and He humbled me. Being through many ups and downs when I backslided last year. Many asked me what makes me come back to God? It is such a courageous decision and to put it into action was even tougher. But I only have had an answer. That is His love for me made me turn around and walked back to him.

So many times, I thought that I was so free from worries when I am in the world of my own. But indeed I have lost many joy and peace that I used to have. Money can't buy me friendship and true love of God. But only God is faithful enough to give me both and even much more. If you are one that always sleep with loneliness and thinks that no one loves you or even care enough to show you love, pray to God. He loves you and know you even before you know Him. Indeed, He is always watching you and He never slumbers. His eyes watch over you and me of course!!

If I have this very dear chance to speak or talk to you one day, I will still say this: "Jesus loves you!!"

~ People doesn't care how much you know, but they are keen to know how much you really CARE!!! ~

Saturday, May 24, 2003

wah... it is weekend!! hmm glad to be at home now. miss home so much. din see my family (papa, mama, bro, nephew and niece for almost two weeks. miss them so so muchie. hehe to be back at home is just such an undescribable feeling. i've been staying at holland with some of my churchmates for almost half a year. i should say there's no place like home.

I went to Hard Rock Cafe yesterday nite wif my Care Group members. wow... it's my first time and i almost floated in the atmosphere... the music and songs are fantastic. The singers sang really great. Never had this kind of quality life performance right before my eyes before. I just love music and singing so much (though I can't really sing that well ). Josh was so into the performance that she almost forgotten to eat. We had lots of fun and we were really full of food.

I tink it is just such a joyous day everybody enjoyed themselves so much. yuppie... i forgotten all about my work, the bad things that happen to me along the week... Indeed happiness only depends on happenings but true Joy depends only on Jesus. Not because of Hard Rock or the people surrounding me but because I know that there is a God watching over me even when i am asleep. Yupz... i am always so jovial and hyper that people often ask me "Tricia, where does all this energy comes from?" Perhaps they fidn that I am just so restless at times and they think that my jokes never stop.

One of my sheep (Geok Eng) injured herself while playing games. She got stung by a stone fish at the lagoon. the left foot swell. When I saw her she was in tremendous pain. I was so shocked and I ran to her and held her and prayed for her. Then my leader brought her to the hospital via the coasta police and that night she came back with her leg in a better condition. Thank God that she dun have to be hospitalised cos she doesn't want to miss the fun mah... haha

Missed the times. I wanna know God more.

" Find Purpose In Him.
Find Purpose In The One Who Died On The Cross
Seek Purpose To Live
The Purpose That He Had Given To You And Me"

Thursday, May 22, 2003

  • Fast indeed!! A day is almost gone!! My job has not been as smooth as it should be. But I always tell myself this "Everything's gonna be alright!!" That keeps me going though. If you are always looking down and thinks that the whole world owes u something, that might be becos u r not as positive as u should be!! haha....

    From a very young age of 13, I have started my working life. I worked as a sales assistant before, a tele-surveyor, a tuition teacher when I was still studying. Life is not good for me though. I often blamed my parents for not giving me a comfy life as much as other parents will.

    I lived in a small two room flat for almost 12 to 13 years... then I finally shifted to a slightly bigger flat (3-room but still give thanks to God for it!!) when I was 17 years old. My parents, my bro, my sista and myself often cramped into a room. In the recent years, I have learnt that my parents are not to be blamed.

    All these happenings and situations are part of God's plan for me. All these has moulded my character and indeed caused me to be more mature (looking older than my normal age -- in hokkien is call cao lao.... LOL). But if u know me in person, I am a joyful gal who always talk, laugh and joke without any considerations. That's why I'm quite lame most of the time where some of my frens couldn't stand me at times.

    So take life easy, don't have such high expectations on yourself or else u be quite miserable. But it is good to have some goals and aims to work towards. Most importantly it is good to know the Lord. Jesus loves me and He loves You too.

    I saw Him run to me, He took me in His arms, Held my head to His Chest and say "My son's come home again. Lifted my face, wiped the tears from my eyes. With forgiveness in His voice, He said "Son, do you know I still love you? He caught me by surprise, when God ran."

  • Great day ahead!! Yesterday I had a great time with my care group. My second one though. But it was such a fantastic time of prayers and worship. It is so cool to pray to the Lord knowing that he will answer our prayers!!

    During the care group, Josherine (my dearest sista) shared her testimony on how she struggle through on the issue of being used by God after so many failures. I'm amazed by her courage and strength to move on with the Lord.

    Then also another brother Desmond talked about how he depended on God on his surgery on his left eye (which had a minor tear). All these reminds me of the wonderful miracles that God has created when our lives are not smooth sailing though.

    I think I am just so pleased and glad to be in His presence. And that I hope that more people will join in His vision and serve him only, not just focus on their careers alone.

    The Lord is good and faithful. Pray that our dearest Care Leader will find a job soon and be provided financially according to God's plans.

    ~The Lord is good, and His love endures forever!!~

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

today pretty calm and peaceful. upon reflection, i suddenly realised that i have been in church for almost 7 years already. so many things that God has blessed me in that I cannot deny. and so many experiences that I went through that moulded me in my maturity and understanding about the Lord.

I think many a times, like what one of my friend have commented, it's time to grow up and know that we have to move on from one stage to another. very true indeed. I have left Youth Service and went on the YA group for almost one week. Youth Service, where I stayed to serve God for 6 years plus or so.

Feel a bit lost but yet excited about what is coming up ahead. Ps Jeff's sermon, the leaders, my ex-sheep, and all the memories of what I have did in Youth. A lot of success and also a lot of failures. God taught me it is important to recognise God's presence in our lives. Or else whatever we do are just nothing significant at all.

The most fundamental is my relationship with God. Something that i shouldn't neglect.

Anyway this is my first log and it is so solemn. haha... but i like my new care group too. one big group of guys and two young gals. i guess they won't me as much as i would bully them. anyway nice knowing them.

~ life is full of interesting facts when u know that your maker is always beside you!! ~