Thursday, October 30, 2003

Oh yes!! It's Thursday!! :) And I'm going to stay at Malaysia for the weekend... ... ... :(
But it's ok... I will not be alone. I have my Manager to accompany me for the weekend. We'll do haircut, shopping and enjoy the food here together. For so many years in my life, I've never enjoyed so much in shopping... keke This is the first time leh... Well, I'll be self-control in all these $$ handling. To the best that I can.

Anyway thank God for the happenings in my life ever since August till now, from the beginning of my posting to Malaysia till now, I've learnt much more and gained insights, understanding the importance of working with people. Working with people is not an easy task at all. Especially when u meet those who tend to bully you and trying to push their responsibilities around. You will really have to learn about being patient and tolerant as well.

I think life will get even more exciting when you grow older. Don't you think so?? Last time I always wanted to be a kid, never grow up, just play and play and play. That's my job. But apparently, it's just a dream. When I got into secondary school, then I know what's stress. When I get into poly, I learnt what it is to be slack. After working for a year plus, I've got to know what is rest and relax (though many times it's not).

Enjoy life while you can!!

Monday, October 27, 2003

That's it. That's what my Manager told me just now. That's why I'm blogging now. Waiting for my distributor to give me the final figures for the purchase of the DVDs for my Hong Kong Classics. Well, things cropped up as usual. That's why,"Work Not Done, Can't Go Home!" It's already 6.48pm and I'm still in the office. And poor colleague, he have to stay with me till my work is done. Or else he can't lock the office!!!

Hungry... gastric coming the way... feel so bad that my colleague has to stay with me till my work is done. Hungry and pissed off... but one comforting fact is that I'm flying back soon. real soon... but i shan't reveal the date. u guys can guess all u want. but one thing for sure I won't be back in singapore this weekend. Going to miss my service in Singapore for the second time this year. The first one was last Sunday. Haiz... my whole deepavali weekend is spent at the apartment... rotting and watching Hindu programmes?? keke

Well, bored to tears and today I'm finally back to earth. but stuck here in the office now. Can't even have a proper dinner... Well, thank God that he will be bringing me back to Singapore for good liaoz!!

Anyway if u guys have friendster please add me. My email is

I gtg.... hear from u guys!!


Thursday, October 23, 2003

Happy Deepavali!!!

Oh yes it's a long awaited public holiday ever since National Day in August....It has been two months since we last had a good rest for work. (For those working out there, cheers for the long weekend!! yippee!!) Yup as for me... same here!! I do have a public holiday but I'm stationed in Malaysia. Cannot go back to Singapore b'cos I can't get a ticket back... all sold out!! Haiz... I'm so depressed...

haiz... but nvm... I will go and shop around and get the best out of the KL's shopping centres!! Most importantly, will catch up with the Hope KL people... It seems so exciting but at the same time so sianz... haiz... mixed feelings again. But when I went back to S'pore last weekend, I felt a bit eh... ... funny... though went out with my CG last saturday, but things just seems to be a bit different. Didn't attend CG for decades. Been plunging myself into endless work and OT. I really want to go back. I know that I will be going back to Singapore on the third week of November but how i wish that I can go back now... ...

Yesterday my good buddy Josherine smsed me to ask me if I'm really not going back this weekend cos they are organising a cycling session at pasir ris.... haha i replied and say, ''Even if I'm going back, I don't think I will go cycling cos I dunnoe how to cycle!!''... she must be joking right?? haha.... never ask me to do two things.... associate anything with wheels (bicycle, roller skate, ice skating {though no wheels}etc....) and no water sports (swimming, canoeing, windsurf, diving etc...). i'm super lousy in these but if ball games like basketball, netball, badminton, etc... maybe I still can pull through... hehe

Well, I've always remembered how I participated in Netball actively in my Primary and Secondary school days. There was once that I turned so tanned that the uncle that was selling drinks in the school canteen asked me, "Ni pai hei ma?" (in mandarin) haha that really shocked me... I was really tanned then. But nowadays I''m getting kinda weak in my body... often fell sick and had diahorreas... that's bad. I think I better start to take care of my health before I go hay-wired.... keke

Feel so fragile now. time to go dinner and shop² later liaoz.... hehe

Enjoy your weekend all!! Auvoir!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Today's weather in my heart - Sunny and Bright!!

Ever since my Regional Manager came in to stationed in our Malaysia's office, my life here has been getting better and better. No more scoldings and reprimanding. She's very understanding and patient with me and I've benefitted from her greatly. She taught me a lot of things and I find that she has guided me lots for the past two weeks. Though at times she has very high expectations and demand on my work, but she never flare up with me ever before (so far). I gave here lots of headaches and trouble but yet she is still so smily ever.

Especially when I make stupid mistakes everyday, she tries her best to help me resolve every single situation. I think I'm always so blessed by God to have great managers and supervisors guiding me and teaching me. Moreover, my APM is coming to take over from me on the 6 November 2003 and I will take another two weeks or so to handover to her. Ideally, I'll be back in Singapore on the 22 November, Saturday!! Alright man!!

But before I go back I wanna bring my colleague to church on coming Sunday. Hopefully I can bring her to the Lord!! Pray with me ya? Wanna make an impact before i leave M'sia.

Oh yar remembered that I mentioned in my previous blog about my audition for support singing and choir in my church? I went for it and it was kinda success... haha so nervous when i went for audition. but it turned out quite well. I'm waiting to serve God in this area once again. hope that I'll be in for this wonderful ministry that God is going to place me in once again.

All the best guys!! Serve God with what you have and with all that you can!!

~ God is the owner of all possessions and we are only managers managing His possessions. ~ Trish

Saturday, October 18, 2003

BACK IN HOLLAND NOW with shirley in the room. wasn't feeling too well after the 5.5 hrs of coach trip from KL to Singapore. so decided to come back holland since its' nearer to where i alight. well, maybe it's b'cos i took chocolate and strawberry milk just now during the trip, that's why i nearly puke just now.

she's sleeping on her bed now while i'm typing this entry. listening to Philip, Craig and Deans' When God Ran now. reflecting on how God ran to me even before i started to walked to Him. He ran the thousand millions miles just to reached me. He carried me when i fell down, when i'm down he hugged me and comfort me spiritually... He's like the Father that never fails. This is a very comforting factor to me. Really.

with regards to my stay in holland. i wished that i can stay in my room and do my QT, spend my own time in worshipbut my finance do not allow me to stay out on my own at all. my tuition loan and my expenses, my mom needs my support at this very point of time. i wish i can provide more.

my dearest friend cum sister-in-christ, Evelyn, called me at my office on Thurs, surprising me with her voice, "Can I speak to Ms Tan Yeun Yeun pls?" Haha... no one ever call me by my chinese name in Malaysia one. Was shocked and touched when she called. well, talked for a while about some girls' stuff... and then shared some very inmost feelings.... keke never talked like that with her before. perhaps it's just another stage that we are going though as friends. right?

thinking back, actually i missed the times when I just got to know the Lord. The kind of fire, zeal and first love for Him is so so evident. though now I'm still zealous for Him but nothing compares to the kind of first love when you first know Jesus. You appreciate His death on the cross for your sins. You are so childlike to pray to him with no big bombastic words but simple sentence like,"Jesus I love You". You are so dreamy about the heavens and eternal life that God has promised to bring you to when you receive Him into your life. You know that God provides the best plans for you and you alone. You are so keen to tell the world how good this Jesus is to you and your family. How he answered your prayers when you are late for school.

Today, is this Jesus the same one that you received in the beginning? Or has it become a history in your life? Do you still appreciate His death on the cross for your sins? Do you still pray to Him in childlike faith? Saying "Jesus I Love You" is it too embarassing for you to say this now? Do you still ponder how big your mansion will be when you go to heavens? Are you settling for the second best when you know that God will provide the best for you according to your plans? Are you still shouting out the good news and telling the gospel through your daily activities and contact with people? I can't guarantee that I'm doing every single one of these but I'm sure to tell you that I'm reflective of these and I wanna change for the better.

I want to be the servant that he is pleased with. Not the kind that do things stonely but the kind that obeys and also gives the best out of everything. I reckon that I have not give the best yet but I want to. Only God knows my heartbeat and desires for Him. I'm weak but He's strong. I can't but He can. I fail but He makes all things work out for those who loves Him. It takes one steady heart to keep the candle burning for the Lord. Is your heart steady today? God will see you through.

~ When you are down and you're discouraged, when the darkness clouds your view. You got to gather up your courage, for the Lord will see you through. ~ "Keep The Candle Burning", Point of Grace

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Life since then... ...

It has been quite a long while since I last wrote my xanga. hmm life has been different since the happenings at home recently. however, God is always so good and faithful.

still working in Malaysia. just got to know from my GM that she has employed someone to take over the Assistant Product Manager role in Malaysia, so that I can go back soon after handing over the responsibilities to her. But she'll be coming in only in November. And so the result is that I can only go back for good in November, either mid or end-nov. However, I've told myself to really learn to do whatever I can and gain the kind of experience that I never have a chance to do in Singapore.

Yesterday, something exciting happened too. My church singing ministry leader called me to ask me to go for an audition this sunday for the choir or back-up singing ministry. Well I''m really excited!! I did tell God before that if He wants to bring me back to Singing ministry, let His will be done!! Went through so much with this passion of singing. Perhaps I didn''t have the kind of God-honoring attitude in the beginning. But now, I pray that God can teach me to be more God-honoring than ever.

Will be going back to Singapore this weekend. Might be having a basketball session with my cell group. Cool!! Time to work out my fats!!

~Give thanks in all circumstances? It's tough to do so but it's worth giving it a try!!~ Tricia

Saturday, October 11, 2003

100 questions... hah?

1. Full name: Tricia Tan Yeun Yeun
2. Nicknames: nicknames... hmm lots -- Ah Yan, Yuan², eun eun (that's what David calls me), Lao Yan (gave by Mr Jacob Teo), Dinosaur (by tbk) etc... hehe
3. Eyes: which part of the eye are you talking abt? is it black and white??
4. Height: 1.65m something I'm proud of... keke
5. Hair: shoulder length hair, original color-black, now is mixed keke
6. Siblings: a brother and a sister that ehm i think you know who
7. Do u like to sing during shower?: of cos ... singing is my passion remember?
8. Do u like to sing in The Toilet? : hmm when doing business is "emph..."
9. Birthday: 26th day of the ninth month of the one thousand nine hundred and eighty one years after A.D
10. Sign: Weighing Scale
11. Address: holland or Yishun or Petaling Jaya, Malaysia???
12. Gender: The bone taken out from Adam
13. Righty or lefty: Writing - Right but using fork and spoon or fork and knife I swop
14. What do you want in a relationship most?: understanding
15. Have you ever cheated on someone?: most of the time people cheat me
16. Marital status: non-married, non-divorced, non-widow (hehe...)
17. Do you have a car?: have two "kahs" (hokkien - legs lar)
18. What kinda car do you want?: something that have four wheels and can move.... if not what harry potter drove will be ideal too...:p
19. Movie: Finding Nemo (dory, bruce and marlin... nemo of cos my fav characters)
20. Song: Stephie Sun's songs are nice, Tanya's also cool.
22. TV Show: eh... let me see Smallville ...
25. Food: not too oily, not too spicy, eh pastries and bakery is my fav
26. Number: 26 (my birthdate mar...)
27. Cartoon: Ice Age (Animation??)
29. Colour: red and black
30. Do you plan on having children: if i get a husband... haha
31. Do you want to get married: anyone wants me? hmm maybe should write down my criteria next time
32. How old do u wanna be when you have your first child: as long as i tink i'm young
33. How old do u wanna be when you're married: if possible asap.... haha
34. Would you have kids before marriage: of cos no....
35. Do you have a b/f or g/f : yup yup...
37. Do you have a crush: eh hey what u tink??
38. Music/TV?: Blues/ Jazz, TV-Comedy and Action
39. Guys/Girls: question mark??
40. Green/Blue: Incredible Hawk/Finding Nemo
41. Pink/Purple: Tulip/Violet
42. Summer/Winter: I know what you did last summer/Jingle bells....
43. Night/Day: Sleep/Work
44. Hangin Out/Chillin: at Orchard...
47. what school do u go to?: exams free...
48. have you ever taken drugs?: is panadol considered a kind of drug... i tink i took this before
49. What's a major turn on for you?: U-Turn (keke)
50. How far would you go on a first date?: how near can it be??
51. The PERSON you know who is... Most Blonde: hmm Cindy Crawford??
54. is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf?: wny flirt if you have a good one with you??
56. what's something about guys/girls you don't get?: don't get to know their inmost secrets
57. are you happy?: Joyful i think is the right word...
60. Love or lust:
61. Silver or gold: they are both not nice....
62. Diamond or pearl: diamond is more lasting...
63. Sun set or sunrise: hmm sunset
64. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping (to swim in the nude): i don't swim leh
65. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: eh.. i think used to
66. Do you have any piercing?: my ears, one on each
67. What color underpants are you wearing?: didn't notice
68. What song are you listening to right now?: silence
69. What are the last four digits of your phone number?: 3803 or 3357 why 4-D time ar?
70. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon? Switzerland, France and England!!
74. What makes you happy?: Friends who cares...
75. What's the next cd/s you're gonna get/buy?: Maybe Stephie Sun's album
77. What's the best advice given to you?: best one, God's grace always opens doors for me...
78. Have you ever won any special awards?: Care Leader of the month!!
79. What are your future goals?: Get crazy for the right stuff!!
80. Worst sickness u ever had?: Food Poisoning... nearly hospitalised
81. Do you like Funny or scary movies better?: Funny of cos... i can laugh till everyone turns to look at me in the theatre
82. On the phone or in person?: on the phone
84. What song seems to reflect you the most?: Reflection (Mulan)
85. If you die tmr who would u leave everything to?: to my mom
86. Do you have any enemies? : any enemies reckon me??
87. What is your greatest fear?: height and insects
88. Would you rather be rich or famous?: when i'm famous i'll be rich
89. What time is it in Albania now?: where's Albania??
90. You ever been in love?: in love with God?
91. Have u met Santa?: hmm on TV??
93. When was the last time you talked to the person that you like: on Wednesday night, like Josherine... I quite like this sister
94. Do u have any pets?: hmm nope...
98. Who sent this to you?: no leh i copied this from someone's website
99. What do you think of this person: she is hmm... ... very farnie
100. Why am i doing this?: for the sake of doing this lor

Birthday - 26 Sept 2003

Guess that I haven't write anything about the Genting trip that happened two weeks ago right?

That morning, I woke up at 6.00am in the apartment at Malaysia. Not knowing whether will i know how to go Genting on my own, I was looking forward to go to Genting with fear but yet excitement. I called Alex from the apartment at 7am to make sure that they have already reached there before I set off from Riana Green.Then the cab that I've called was already waiting for me at the condo lobby.

I took the cab to the LRT station then took LRT to KL Sentral. (That's what my colleague instructed me to do.) When I alighted at KL Sentral, there are so many people but I didn't know where to get my ticket to Genting. So I asked around. After a few rounds walking and running, I finally bought my ticket from a counter which is in an isolated corner, then went to take the coach. To my surprise, when I boarded the coach, the coach set off immediately. Which means the coach waited for me before setting off!! Thank God man!!

Took 1.5 hour to reach Genting Cable Car Station. It was scary. I took the cable car alone and it's my second time or so on cable. (First one was at Sentosa.) When the cable car went off, I was really praying hard that nothing will happen. In the midst of the cable trip, it suddenly stopped and it was for 5 to 8 minutes long. I was shocked and nearly press the emergency button. haha but i try to be cool, took out my digital camera and took down some beautiful pictures of the scenaries. Thereafter the cable car started moving and without knowing I've reached the destination liaoz!! hehe

Walking on... trying to find the First World Hotel that they say they will be waiting for me. Walked and walked walked... finally, I saw the indoor amusement park. Called them up and finally i saw one familiar face, it's Edwin!! hehe there I rest my heart. Went to the prata shop that they were having breakfast. Thought that they will wish me a "Happy Birthday" but in the end nothing came.

The day went on. We went to the theme park. Had two rides in the roller coaster and went for the spinning thingy once. really spinning my head. my legs turned jelly when it started to spin. then after all the rides and photo taking session, we went to have our lunch at KFC!! haha ate the Malaysian chicken and then guess what, we proceed back to our room and slept. Guess that they are really tired in their coach trip.

Then we woke up and washed up. Getting ourselves ready to worship God and meet him in the wonders of Genting. We had a wonderful time of prayer and ministering to one another. It was really fruitful!! God prepared the whole unit to be ready for a time of harvest in this quarter. We'll be ready harvesters as the harvest is here!!Yeah!!!

Then we had dinner and thereafter a bowling session. During the bowling session, Desmond and Josherine went MIA. Dunnoe where did they go to. When we finished our bowling session, we went off to the movie theatre. Then our dearest Unit Administrator cum sister cum friend gathered everyone and celebrated my birthday for me!! They bought a slice of cake for me from starbucks and gave me a "Genting Notebook with dinosaur" for a unit present. Haha. That was just a joke for me. The real thing was actually a OP jacket for me. They know that I need one cos my office in Malaysia is real cold man... heehee thanks GN3!!

Well, the rest gave me blouse, bracelet and cards... touched I am!!

God you brought me a great birthday!! My wishes are that I want my family to know you and that myself to know you more!! Thank you Lord!! Thanks GN!!

Monday, October 06, 2003


God has indeed planned the best for me. After all the happenings during the whole of the week, God reminded with His Word last Sunday, His love and plans for me never changes cos He is a never-changing God!! Wow... blew off by His Word and love for me. It's just so amazing how he always speak so timely. I felt that the sermon was for me and me alone. haha... God is kinda biased ... -"just joking!!"

Indeed, changes are coming my way. I'm going to face a lot of changes within my family - maybe one less family member is a very drastic change for me. I have never forgotten how my dad used to bring me to swimming pool, he brought me out to his friend's house warming, how he looked for me throughout the whole of Ang Mo Kio when I was missing after a trip to Ang Mo Kio library... lots and lots more to go.

It's gonna be awkward how I'm going to face him next time if i bump into him on the streets or even when I'm gonna meet him up. I don't wish and I don't want to see this family break up. But it seems that my dad is not willing to change his mind about the woman that he's having right now. "Feelings developed for her, taking care of her and her children, his responsibility for me and my siblings is done", these words actually came out from his mouth. heart-breaking. Very indeed. How can one ever say that his resposibility is done when we grew independent? Didn't he make the marriage vow saying that he will take care of my mom for life? Is it just a fake thing in reality?

Well, the very comforting thing for me is that God never say "I'm finished with you" or did he ever say that "you are old enough to take care of yourself already!" If God is going to say that, I think I will really panick!!

now I feel like singing this,

"Hold me close to you,
Close by your side
I want to hold you tight
Close to my mind
Come take me to the place
Where you could be found

I want to praise you Lord
All of my life

I want to let you know
From the depths of my heart
You'll be forever Lord
The Love of my life"

Indeed God is my love. Pray that I can bring my mom to Christ this time round. Really letting her know who is the true love of her life isn't it? May God guide me throught these times of valleys. Keep me part of your conversations with the Lord!!

* All things change but God never *

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Latest photos taken!! ~ Tricia

Friday, October 03, 2003

well. I'm back.

The whole week has been tough but God brought me through by His grace. Things went totally out of control at home.

Dad called me on Monday night asking me to call my brother and mom up, to stop avoiding his calls. hmm something amiss here. why would they want to avoid his calls then? called my brother and mom and no pick up. called the second round and finally my kor picked up the line. told me everything - dad is having an external affair with a woman which my whole family knows. my mom's good friend and our ex-neighbour.

i didn't know how to respond and react. tears just came down so naturally. well perhaps i may look very joyful everytime when i bumped into my friends and being the very crappy me, i might not seems to have problems. but in the matter of fact, i grew up in a family where i have to learn to handle things which other kids of my age dun even have to when they are younger.

Divorce is on the way. Mom is totally devastated and refuse to forgive dad. he broke the heart of a woman who have been giving her best to the family for the past 26 years. I wish I can be neutral but it seems difficult. i need to talk to my dad in a way not aggresive but yet forgiving. ? ? I'll try.

Wanna talk to dad more. prayers from buddies and friends have been real consistent. well, God's gracious hand is on me. no worries. I'm still as joyful in my heart. will be back in singapore tonight again. keep me in prayers.

~ forgiveness: not agreeing with what a person has done but yet accepting him for who he is - that's God's forgiveness for you and me ~ Tricia