Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Dinner Treat by Rena

yeah... thanks to Rena..we had a wonderful dinner last night at Novena chicken rice... but the main highlight is not the food... the main highlight was the heart of compassion for pple. throughout the entire dinner, rena wasn't really concentrating. She was kinda distracted by this old man, who was going around the tables, collecting empty cans for living. He looked rather poor thing..

Rena wasn't ready to leave the coffeeshop, she kept telling me that she want to do soemthing for the old man. Thus, I asked the rest to leave first. We went to the bus stop and there was the man, eating a packet of rice with his hands. She started asking the old man if he wants to eat anything else, or he wants to drink anything. Then the old man started to respond to her, telling her that he is a filipino. Then rena took out her wallet, and blessed the old man with some money.

I was very touched by the scene. The scene of love, giving and hope. Rena showed forth selflessness and love in this case. A man who is totally unrelated to her, but yet she just gave out of no obligation. Isn't this a scene that reflects Jesus' love for us? I wanna learn from Rena in this. To love people of all kind. Rena, thanks for teaching me such a precious lession through your actions. :) continue to excel in this!



Blogger Lacerena said...

gal...i wanna thank u for the dinner too...cos the way u eat the prawns cant erased from my i had enjoyed myself so much...will be away for a lil while...gonna mizz NG2A3 :(

Sat Aug 12, 07:44:00 PM GMT+8 
Blogger Tiger said...

what way? which way? haha..

Mon Aug 14, 03:10:00 PM GMT+8 

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