Monday, August 14, 2006

Life at Haven Children's Home - 11 August 2006

Like any child or kid, we all wish for love, care and attention. The visit to Haven Children's home recently made me recognised this fact even more than before. The home takes care of the many children whom have been abandoned by their parents or with parents who are in jail, on drugs etc. This home bears the many empathetic stories and I was really glad that I have made my contribution last Friday evening. There is one kid whose mum is in jail and he is already Primary 5 this year. But he is so mature for his age. He just tell others that his mum went to Japan to work. But I just cannot imagine that he have to live with lies at such a young age.

There are 2 groups of siblings in the home as well. One group is from the age of 4-7 years old and the other one is from 9-15 years old. The first group was really cute and adorable. They are so obedient and loving. As for the older group, they have the eldest brother with them, taking care of the 2 younger sisters.

I was thinking to myself, could I have ended up in a home with my brother and sister when I was their age?? If my mum chooses to abandon the 3 of us, and my dad chooses to get drunk and beat us up everyday, could that have happened to me?

Most probably. My family is just slightly more fortunate than them. But who I am today is God's faithfulness and grace. I am not ashamed to say that "I am God's faithfulness and grace". Not the kind of faithfulness that we asked for in prayers nor forgiveness and grace that we sought after. I am His product of faithfulness and result of grace.

It is amazing how God has turned me around. Perhaps, If I have not known Him, I would have spoke more vulgarities than before, fought with 'ah lians' and ran away from home as well. Poly education?? That is definitely an IMPOSSIBLE!! If God has not been the centre, I would have started working after my 'O' levels and not even have completed my diploma.

When I was taking photos for them and singing songs with them, I was praying in my heart, "Lord, please oversee their lives. Help them to turn to you and see Hope in You. You have done that for me and You will also do it for them. If I can be the miracle, You will make more miracles out these children."

I sang ���浜� for the kids. At the end, many don't know how to read the chinese characters... either the words too chim or they are not chinese. So it turned out to be just singing la la song lor..




��借�╄�����涓���� 涓�浣����浜����蹇�涔����
���杩���������ユ�� ��充�����浠�娣辨繁������

We also sang 'Singapore Town' for them... but they were all pestering me to sing Island Home for them. Aiyo.. I almost flipped... cos it is not my era of NDP songs mah.. *stressed* I was having cold sweat! haha.. tt's the result of not preparing extra songs..which I have expected long time ago. But I guess that they really enjoyed themselves. We ended the whole thing at 9.15pm, which we supposedly have to finish at 8pm. hee...

I will love to meet them up again!!



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hee hee. Welcome, our newest blogspot convert! :P
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wow, yan 濮�濮� must be very popular and well loved!

Great that your gave your time and love to the little ones! :)

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no worries can always teach you :)
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