Sunday, June 24, 2007

Romance is in the air!!

haha... yesh! I shall blog here since not many visits my blog here... (hopefully...) Just got to know that a few frens got attached recently... and many are my kakis in some way or another... I'm just so happy for them!! Guess that from now on I got to save up more for people's weddings... which will most likely be within the next 2 years or so?? haha..

Anyway I've been thinking through about my commitment to my job etc.. I've been falling sick since i started this job at the beginning of the year. I know that there is a reason and purpose for God to put me there. However, the pay I'm getting hasn' been too good. And the amount of work is quite scary... I love the students etc.. but I noe I cannot commit due to the family's financial background too... haiz..

Must pray for me... I need breakthrough in many things... esp in my career n family so that i can grow n serve the church even more too. :)

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