Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Global Christian

This week has been a really long and challenging week for me. I had quite a number of trainings this week... and mind you, I was training when my throat was hurting so badly and i was still having fever, flu and cough. But still, really thankful that God sustained me throughout.

Went to the District Missions Night yesterday. Met Eelee at the missions night. I was really surprised to see her there... had a little catch up time, which was proven to be MARVELLOUS! Eelee is my fellow core team mate during my youth days when we were both under JX's CG. We had many bittersweet memories and that everytime when we think or talk about it, we will always laugh and laugh... We simply miss our younger days. Eelee is flying off to Chile, San Tiago on the 2 June. She will be supporting the church over there. I am so proud of her, the first church planter from our batch of leaders. I will definitely wish her the best and I will surely miss her!

Matt 28:18-20, Acts 1:8 Eelee, Missions Night, Choon Yam's sharing etc... All these simply bring me back to the same understanding of why God sent His only Son to die for us. I need to do something about it... I need to be a goer. I cannot be in Singapore forever right? I need to grow and I need to go. I need to pray abt being a goer soon. I need to save up. I need to do so many things... I need to bring lives to Christ!

I want to be a Global Christian, a Global Follower of Christ and a Global Wammer. Lord, help me to see that all these will come to past soon. Prepare me for a greater calling!