Monday, June 29, 2009

Down with flu n fever

I can't believe that the flu season is so strong and I go hit by it when I got back from Bintan. In fact, I wasn't feeling well on Monday when I arrived at Bintan. I puked and had fever that very night and followed by diarrhea the next morning after my brekky. The feeling of being ill was tremendously horrendous. Went back to work on Thurs. Everything seems ok. But when Friday came, which I was supposed to run an event, my running nose got worse and I felt giddy and floaty..

I was being asked to go home to rest and my chance to run the event vanished. Thank God that there are a few colleagues that covered me. My boss was really nice to ask me to rest. Rested from Fri to Sun. By Sun (which is ydae), I felt that my headache has not subsided... and I attempted to see the doctor another time... the one near my hse was not H1N1 equipped clinic. Thus, I decided to go to the next nearest one at Causeway Point to see the doc. They nearly sent me to the CDC for checks via ambulance. Thank God that the doctor was wise enough to know that Bintan has not been hit. Or else, I think that I would have stayed at CDC for another 24 hours.

The medication that I took yesterday made me feel better now.

Hope to get back to work tomorrow. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

At a loss...

Yes... I'm at a loss now. Need God to give me a very clear direction whether to take a Bachelor in Marketing from Swinburne University or University College of Dublin.

Swinburne - 8 modules, finished within 12 months, $14000++
UCD - 12 modules, finished within 18 months, $18000++

I am pretty much for UCD... but am worried about the stress that I got to undergo...

But well, it is time to depend on God for supernatural and divine empowerment once again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I think my FB kenna banned in Office...

Ok.. now I can't view my FB in office... so I can only blog here... (thank God that I can still blog... :p)

So what now? Fast from FB in the day lor.. :p