Thursday, August 10, 2006

20th Festival Of Praise at Indoor Stadium

Went to FOP last Sunday with some of my CG people and some Hope kakis from other groups. In fact, when I reached Indoor Stadium, I saw even more Hope pple there. As expected earlier on, I knew that this year's FOP won't be filled with as many people as last year, as our Hillsong Band is not here... so... the Hillsong 'fans' will not be queuing and running around in the Indoor Stadium.

The last time that I've worshipped with Don Moen was 2-3 years back. That was when his "Thank You Lord" album was just launched. The scene was still pretty fresh as I remembered how Don Moen ministered to the pple... We sang "Hallelujah to the Lamb" as the last song and the whole indoor stadium sounded like a mega choir man... cool indeed!!

anyway back to the FOP night... it was a tremendous time.. I only remembered that tears rolled down my face as I sang "things in the past, things yet unseen... wishes and dreams that are yet to come true..." It is a song that has always ministered to me deeply. It has always reminded me that even if dreams are not yet true, things of the past have gone way ago, I must still offer my life unto Him. I can only say that even Abraham had faith till his last breathe, even though God's promise to him wasn't fulfilled in his lifetime. That is the kind of faith that I wanna have. A faith that will not just last in my lifetime but from generation till generation.

Don Moen has done a great deal in inspiring me throughout my life... As a new believer, he was the first lead-worshipper that I've got to know of. And the songs that I've learnt are "God will make a way" and "God is good all the time", "Lord I offer my life" and "Speak to one another..." etc. His style of leading always never fail to involve the element of the scriptures. Every word that has been shared will be implanted in our heart... and will not return to God in vain.

And that day, God did a very unusual reminder. The Pastor was sharing about giving back to Him. And he mentioned our CG's memory verse, Eph 5:2, "just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.". I was completely stunned when he mentioned that. And this verse of cos spoke to me even deeper.

The entire FOP spoke also about Marketplace Ministry. It kind of spoke to me that I have to serve God in my workplace, to be a spokesperson of His love and mercy. I know that things will and can get tough, but with Jesus, all things are possible. And I am surely glad to know of this ministry that I can participate in.

So... it is time for nothing but actions now!! yeah...


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