Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's the vicious cycle again

Sometimes, when life gets all busy and you wonder if anyone out there remembers your existence, I really think God does. But the very sad thing is that as a human being, I still tend to pin my hopes on men. So what's men all about? Basically, men, like you and me, simply are human beings that tend to fail each other. I am one of them.

I know that I shouldb't be pinning my hope on people but I just simply can't. Sometimes, you know that the effort of wanting to re-establish that relationship is not easy, especially when you are no longer in that radar of sight.

I wish that my friends do remember me. I hope they do. But little sms or calls I get from any of them. Perhaps, it is just because everyone is busy with their lives. Well, I am really busy too. Everyone who knows me will always hear me say, "I'm very busy one hor..."

But still, I always make that effort of wanting to organise something for that birthday girl or birthday boy. I guess that I'm just trying too hard.

Well, I think I shouldn't be doing all these since these are all not taken into account that I am trying my very best maintain that friendship while I'm busy with my work, my studies, my ministry and my wedding.

I feel like just hiding somewhere... away from this world...

Ya Kun coffee @ OC

Nothing beats more than just relaxing at Ya Kun before going back to office to fight the battle!

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