Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween?

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Blogging again makes me feel alive!

Finally, I've forced myself to sit down, face my comp, not to do work, but to blog... I haven't been writing much for the many many months and I ought to write.. cos writing makes me happier... and much more alive! I can just write what I want... you know what I meant right? especially when u r an avid blogger. :p

So what's now? I've finally gotten my 3G iPhone. Not 3Gs. It's 3G. I'm happy... and satisfied. It was a gift from someone. And I love it.

I can now surf anywhere and blog anytime. So what's the excuse for not blogging? haha... Most importantly, I can FB too... hohoho.. cos my company blocked the site... but my iPhone made it possible again. hahaha...

It is a black color one with a great 8GB space. Just nice for me. What's more, I can take pictures anytime I want to, with many different camera applications. I love editing the pics on iPhone too... hohoho...

The best part is... I've gotten a red cover for it.. it's a gift too... I love the black and the red. They are a perfect match... hahaha...

Anyway, 9 oct was Alex's bdae. I went to the web to look for Cupcake Momma and asked them to bake some for his bdae celebration at cell group. And thank God, the Cupcake Momma peeps stay right at Woodlands! And I'm happy cos my cell group is at Woodlands too... the perfect timing for the perfect occassion. The cupcakes were a little small but they taste awesome! Want to order some cupcakes for your love ones or for some special occassions? Visit Cupcakes Momma now!

Oh ya, my latest project at work is my Kick-off Meeting. This year, it'll be held at Kota Kinabalu. KK is seriously a beautiful place to go... I never thought that such a nice place will exist at Sabah.

After the Kick-off Meeting in Nov, my office is going to shift to a new location in Orchard, in between Somerset and Dhoby Ghaut. It feels like back to the church area again. haha... what's more, my school is just opp my office. It is just a 10mins walking distance. So cool... I won't need to rush here and there any more.
Going to ask my boss for the sponsorship for my course. pray for me ba... :)
Today is Friday and tomorrow I'm going for a massage session! I have to go... cos my whole body is breaking down liaoz wor...

Need to do many things now.. but I guess there is this voice from above that tells me... "One thing at a time... :)" Thank you Daddy! I will...


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Officially engaged to Mr Tan

As of 10th Oct 2009...

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