Monday, October 29, 2012

The Power of Positive

Today is the official one month after I left my job of medical sales rep. Somehow, I was beginning to find it difficult to go through the journey of looking for a job again.

In fact, when resting at home, it can get rather mentally straining when u don't have a focus, a goal or a purpose, helping you to feel valuable. Perhaps, I have been finding my values in all the wrong places, instead of in Christ.

So when hubby came home today, I was so happy and glad. At least he found me not jut sleeping and lazing around. I was reading up some Reno tips for our new home that is still building its way up. In fact, I am still not so hopeless after all.

We had dinner at KFC (what a sinful meal indeed!!) and thereafter, we found ourselves idling around at Popular! Yes we love Popular (not because we want to... Haha...). Found myself looking at recipe books once again, with all the bakery, desserts and cooking recipes enticing me to buy them! But I guess that I won't be a good cook after all... It may take me 5 years to be a slightly better chef.

After sometime, I picked up a book call Chicken Soup for the Soul - The Power of Positive. I read one of these during my secondary school days but eventually I gave them up cos I don't see the relevance. Today, this book gave me a hard stare. Yes it stared at me instead of me at it. Lol... I guess that God wants me to be positive once more. I've lost that fighting spirit to be positive for a long time. After going through a very terrible time few years ago, I just lost it. I am now such a bitter, angry and dissatisfied soul and I am fighting hard with my strength not to be so.

I pray that this book will inspire me on and yes, I know that the bible will be an even better encourager as it will seek to mold and shape my life eventually.

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