Thursday, July 31, 2003

July is almost gone in a few hours time and August is coming soon... coming August will be my niece's one year old birthday. so cute and sweet she is. guess what she's a national day baby!! hehe not going to sing her a birthday song but maybe sing her "stand up for singapore" instead!! haha will love to celebrate with her and my family members and am still pondering what to buy for this little gal...

anyway our brother-in-christ has finally flew over to Hong Kong. And before he left he icq me and tell me that the flight has been postponed (he's trying to be funny) asking if we should have another farewell dinner for him. haha if it's going to be that case i think it will be the fourth farewell that we had for him liaoz. but realli wish him best in all that he do.

work has been realli hectic for me recently. don't know whether should i change job anot but God is asking me to stay put first. i think I need to obey God more than my wish. i think God is preparing me for the better that is coming. so I'll simply obey and put this into "Mission Possible"!! yeah !! ~

i got to run. time to work again!! rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice!!! ~

Monday, July 28, 2003

halo everyone... today is Monday. Feeling sleepy and tired... but happy cos i had a wonderful weekend. tell u what i did since friday evening till yesterday.... friday evening i had a very late dinner with my family at ard 11 plus. It was my daddy's b'dae and me & my sister gave him a treat. hmm a good family gathering...

then hor on sat noon i had a great badminton session with my Care Group people... when playing i was the laziest as i refused to run for the ball... haiz in the end still aching all over.... Adrian is really good in his badminton but too bad he's leaving for Hong Kong... can only play with him when he comes back during nov/ dec period. then after badminton session went to watch NDP preview... to my dissappointment Sun Yanzi didn't come that day and Fiona Xie took the hold of mic to sing this year's theme song. Not that bad after all. But would still prefer Yanzi.
Thereafter, met up for dinner with Steven and Marsli and Marsli sent us home in the end.

Sunday morning I woke up at 6.30am (earlier than my working days) to go church and do my sound mixing at stage. My first time doing mixing in Sunday service after a 2 months break ever since I stepped into YA till now. It was a long day and really tired then. But I'm glad and happy cos I'm back in Sound again. Well maybe I'll be even more glad if I'm able to go back to Support Singing ministry again. haha never mind. perhaps it's just God's plan.
So Sunday evening I went dinner with some of the guys and then went to buy my iron from Courts. then eventually home sweet home. long and busy weekend but i had an enjoyable time... kekeke... so how's yours??

basically i love to serve God and fellowship with the members of God's household... I enjoyed His presence... :)

~ The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. ~

Thursday, July 24, 2003

yesterday i fell sick as i've told u guys. but the amazing thing is that after resting for a while I actually managed to get out of the house, went to a shopping mall and bought myself a new pair of shoes as well as a new top.
hmm that's not good enough. what's better is that God used me to lead the two CGs (GN2 and GN3) brothers and sisters into a fantastic time of Praise and Worship. It's amazing how God anoint and use people like me to serve Him and extend His Kingdom. I'm so humbled by Him as I see how people worshipped God like worshipping Him in heavens with the angelic ones.
I'm looking forward to seeing how God will use me back in the Audio Mixing ministry. Though I'm disappointed that i couldn't get into the Singing Ministry, but I strongly believe that His timing will come soon for me.
Yesterday we talked about "Making a Splash" for God. How every single splash of water droplets that we splashed to others will either destroy others' faith in God or build others up in Christ. I've learnt to make the best positive impact in the worst situations. What will u do if your lecturer scold in front of your classmates? How would you respond if someone described you as ugly, disgusting, fat, short etc? How will u respond to the person if he/ she do bad to you? The answer is Do Good Anyway! Hehe I think it's chicken feed but it is not. It is never easy to do good to others while they make the worse kind of comments about you or do the worst things to you... eg. backstabbing u, gossiping u, maligning u... etc. it is tough but if we are able to bring out Christ character in us while they do these, we would have experienced how Christ feel when he died on the cross for us.

Here I wanna end with this:

~ On this globe, there is no fairness only justice. That's why God is a Judge or a fairy. He do the best for us not what we wished for. :) ~

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

yoz... pple out there reading my blog. i was sick today!! haha and that's where i get my short one day break. had headache and vomited in the afternoon. then i took a gd short nap. wow. tt's so amazing cos after that nap, i'm well again. God is so good cos' he knows that i need this rest so urgently. i could almost hear my body telling me, "it's time for you to rest liao, or else you will die of exhaustion" haha i tink i'm just too exagerating. well... now i can go off n serve God and lead my Praise and Worship in the Care Group later.

Well... if u haven't know God personally, tell u something, he's GOOD!! try Him out man. Your life will never be the same again!!

~ Praise Him with a song of joy, Seek Him with a heart of peace and Thank Him with a Heart of Gratitude. Love Him with all your heart." ~ Tricia

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Stuck in the Office!

haha i'm stuck in the office now with two of my managers as no one has the keys to lock the office at all. so what to do?? we'll leave the office without locking the door and sneaking away lor... keke

and then our dear GM will come back and lock the door lor... haha what to do... ;)

giggling away... tricia

Friday, July 18, 2003

hey hey all... my latest photos are here... go c c look look lar.... hehe God bless your weekend... ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2003

well... i met up with my new shepherd (spiritual mentor) on tues evening after work at Holland V.'s Burger King. It was the second meet up already. I'm so glad that God gave me a shepherd like her to learn from. She's humble, gentle and mature spiritually. I think she is really a blessing in my life. She walked me through the Sunday sermon last week about Love. Well, thought that I've forgotten about everything. But she came and remind me so that I can be practical about it.

The thing that struck me most is about envy. A lot of times I'm just so envious about so many people around me, their families, their possessions and so on. But I have never remembered to give thanks to what God has given to me so far. I think it's time to be selfless and stop being self-centered liaoz.

Well well... many people do struggle similar things as I do. But how many will pick up the courage to tell God that they want to walk out of it? hmm perhaps u shall pick up the courage to do so ... it's tough but it's worth a try... :)

~ Life is short. You will only live for something that is worth dying for. I live for God. ~

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

life is always full of ups and downs. i think now i'm in one of my down time liao. wondering why do i have to go thru so many unhappiness in my working career. others seems to be able to be soaring in everything that they do, while some can't even get a job after their graduation. well, that's life. In view of so many unhappiness, i wanna try to give thanks to God for providing me with a job, though it's tough but I will try still.

I believe that God's plan for me is always the best and will always be the best!!

here I will go off with this statement:

~ life is not always full of suprises but is always full of challenges. grow with them. ~

Thursday, July 10, 2003

yesterday evening we had a great time of organising a farewell party for Ying Yee who's going over to Australia to study for a year. well... a bit sad though but it turned out to be a little gathering of the ex-CG members and the rest of the guys in GN3. Guess that Ying Yee had a great and wonderful time reading our encouragements and letters on the plane just now...

We had great food... thanks for those who cooked... pple like Shumin who cooked spaghetti and prepared lemonade, Zimin bought sausages, Bryan bought pizzas, Ying Yee cooked Drunken Chicken... and myself bought only drinks... Josh bought Char Guay Teow... haha how funny it is... a group of pple trying to buy & cook food to feed others...

Well... Ying Yee said that he was so touched by the overwhelming responses.... pple like stephanie, KC, Rachel, Alex Fong and Ming Lee, Bee Na came and bless him with their presence.

Anyway I have some prayer requests for u who is reading. but i tink it will come later today or tomorrow. hehe... well take care everyone... ciao... :)

~Make A Way Through The Desert, Make A Way Through The Storm, Make A Way When There Seems No Way, Our God Will Make A Way!~

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

have been quite a while since i last wrote down my daily events. this week i felt so lethargic. very tired. sunday reached home at 10 plus after having dinner with the rest. monday went back to Yishun to have dinner with my family cos mom's b'dae mah. then yesterday reached home early at 8 plus but to my shock my toilet door has been removed accidentally by the Central guys.... haiz...

anyway i have been thinking in my heart if i should change job and go for something better. A job that can train me well as well as provide me better opportunities to serve God better. I wouldn't mind going for it. I think God wants me to prioritise him more. isn't it true?? haha anyway I'm looking out for jobs. God will guide me through. Isn't it true??

~ Come and make, my heart your home
Come and be everything I am and all i know
Search me through and through
Till my heart becomes a home for you ~