Thursday, June 25, 2015


I think about my regrets all the time in my life. Regrets of the past. Regrets of not doing something well. Regrets of saying some stuff that shouldn't be said. Regrets of making decisions that shouldn't be made. Regrets of not being diplomatoc enough. Regrets of being too kind to others and being too harsh to myself. Regrets of not working hard enough for my life.

Regrets, regrets. So much regrets that i think i am falling into depression.

I know that all these regrets cannot be undone. But i can make sure that i don't make further regrets any longer.

I felt stupid at times. I question God at times. I asked Him why... Why did i serve God so hard and neglect my poly education? Why didn't i make a wiser choice on my course of studies? Why did i listen to my leaders and not make a choice of my own? Why did i put in so much time in serving God and yet i lost connection with all my friends?

Have you forsaken me and let me wander in the desert for the past 4 years? Do You know that my heart yearns to be healed of these pains, heartaches and loneliness? Why is it so difficult to just find someone that understands me? I couldn't connect all these anymore.

Sometimes, the thought of dying seems to be a better option. To end all these pain that people around me gave to me. To be free from all these worries and yearning to be accepted.

I think the problem perhaps lies with me and not others. That's what they think about me. What i have become today is all because of my own being.

Some people think that i have backslided... Perhaps i really did.

Why can't people truly understand my heart for God? Why do they have to kill me again and again? Why?

I feel so so dejected that i really wish that i can go to heavens now. To a place with no pain and tears. And to have God's love and angels all around me. To enjoy myself without any worries anymore.

Monday, October 14, 2013


After a long wait of 3 years plus, since we last applied for our flat, the journey has been long and winding. Our BTO flat is finally coming to an end soon. It has finally reached the final stage of painting, internal installation etc. 

Since the construction company started the ground work in May 2011, we have been visiting the site almost every few months or so. The hope to own a place of our own is becoming more and more realistic. 

Throughout the last 2 years, there have been countless frustrations, arguments, misunderstandings etc. Living under one roof with my in-laws is indeed not an easy task. The environment is complicated and sometimes, it makes me wonder if they have treated me like one of their own. 

Nevertheless, the past 3 years have been an emotional roller coaster for me. The ups and the downs, or should I say that they are mostly downs. And the matter and the fact that I often have this thinking that I have kind of lost faith in people. But well, there is never a day when people can be trusted because we all change along the journey in life. Our values change, our character changes, our personality changes. 

I have changed too. I find it really difficult to open up my life to people nowadays. For fear that they will judge me, criticize me, reject me and put me down. It is hard to find one friend who accepts you for who you are. 

As one ages, it is suffice to just have that few friends. It will be more than enough. Even if it meant to have one, it will be so great!

And I thank God that He has never treated me like one that is unworthy of Him. He loves and cares for me. I know that I am still in lack of my relationship with Him but He never fails to take opportunities to speak into my life. He is more than able to love me and care for me. What more should I ask?

I need Christ to do a new work in my life. Show me grace to change for the better. Loving people is simply tough but if Christ has shown me that He has loved me, I will try my best to love His lost sheep back. 

Monday, August 19, 2013


After being married for 2 years 8 monthd 7 days (or to be exact 981 days), I can't really testify that my marriage is full of love, hugs and kisses. In fact, this marriage that I'm in is often filled with confusion, communication breakdowns and conflicts.

My husband is one person that many girls often dream to marry. He's not tall, dark n maybe a little good looking. But he often takes care of every little thing in my life. He massages me when my shoulders and neck ache like forever. He gives me medication when I'm unwell. He waits for me to finish my dinner dates with my girlfriends so that he can fetch me home. He gave me allowance to spend when I was jobless and have no income at all. He comforts me when I am down and out, when no other friend bothered to find out my well being (cos I think everyone assumed that I am happily married and friends are no longer a neccessity in my life).

I thought to myself what a blessing that God has given me,  a wonderful husband and partner for life.

But things ain't always so beautiful and wonderful. I am one person that finds difficulty expressing my thoughts when come to serious stuff. I find it so challenging to convey my mind across to him. His brain is obviously different from mine. He thinks every moment, he's logical, he put things across in a very structured, objective and detailed manner. And this is so different from me.

I am random, unstructured, always missing out details, unable to put things across in an objective manner.  In other words, my emotions always get the better of me.

So how? How can we communicate in such a way that my thoughts are being heard. I always grumble in my head that he never understands me and in his own world of thoughts,  I find it difficult to venture in there to understand him too. Why is communication so difficult? 

I know I shouldn't think like this but sometimes I really feel like giving up on this whole marriage thingy, giving up on my life because I find no reason to live anymore. It seemed that the moment I left the church that I was born in, all friendships came to an end. Ya... they are still friends on my Facebook, but seriously, are these really friendships in the first place?

I struggled in job hunting for the longest time. I went through a period of depression. I couldn't sleep every single night. Waking up in nightmares, finding myself a victim to office politics. An ex-colleague whom I was quite close to told me off and ask me to stop complaining.  But who knows that my world is slowly tumbling down.

Now that I have a job that does financial planning, I thought that friends will support and help. But seriously, when you become a financial planner, you have no friends any more. Almost everyone avoids you as if you are some kind of walking zombie around. Some friends said that they will meet you but they never did. Some others said that they will help you but they never did.

But I am still thankful that some were willing to help me not so much because they want to but they do see the value.

At the end of the day, perhaps this life that I live is not the life that God promised to give me.  how much longer should I continue to suffer in shame and ridicule? I am almost giving up.  I can't find fulfilment anywhere. 

Perhaps I should just end it one day? Perhaps I really should.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

You are

I was looking at some songs that I used to worship the Lord in my previous church and this song came into my mind... I listened to it on youtube and I was really ministered by it... How great God is!! He is the author and perfector of our faith, our beginning and the end. Everything we do is all because of Him!

Enjoy the song!

You Are - CFNI

Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank God for Favor

Just wanted to take this post to thank God for the changes that have been taking place constantly for the last 2 months. Since December, I registered for the first financial paper M9 with a financial institution. Not knowing that M9 is one of the toughest papers which are required to be qualified to be a financial consultant, I was almost stunned when I heard all the feedback from others, how many have to repeatedly do their papers for 2 to 3 rounds in order to pass. Although it was really tough, I did what I could to study on my own, do the mock exam papers on my own etc. And yes, I did postpone the date of exam once cos I wasn't sure if I can finish the studying by the date of exam.

And yes, I managed to clear the paper with God's grace on 18 Jan. And thereafter, I did M5 and M9A quickly and all 3 exams were cleared within less than 2months. But what is most interesting is this, I failed M9A once and have to retake the paper in a week's time. M9A is tougher than M9 to me, even though the textbook is the slimmest out of all textbooks.

Anyway today will be internal company's test on products and compliance. Pray that God will be with me as I take the test, open-book test. jiayou jiayou! :))

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mid-life Crisis

When people say that they have mid-life crisis, it meant that they are either facing a dilemma in their career, family or perhaps they just don't know why they are having a mid-life crisis. Well, I'm in my early 30s, not too old but the mid-life crisis (MLC) came in kinda way in advance.

God really knows how to slow me down and speed me up. Months ago, I walked through the valley of depressive moments, not knowing why I have to resign from a job just because of some stupid politics within the office, with some ladies that are always bitching around... and of cos, I've been influenced to bitch around too, as I'm so easily succumbed to people's influence, especially when they are majority..., (:( I've since then repented)...

Then after 6 months, I thought I found a job that God has prepared for me. Indeed, I think He did prepared that for me as a platform to discover what I can be good in and what I have in my potential. A sales job that pushed me to some sort of limits, especially in my physical health, my back took a toil as the pain was tremendously intolerable. Thus, after a short 3 months of stay there, I left.

So many short stays, and in HR terms, I'm a job hopper. I can't stay and I can't go through the stretching moments in a company. But well, I know that I am not a job hopper and it just seems that since graduating from poly till now, things have not been looking good in terms of company prospects or remuneration except for one medical company that hired me and gave me really good bonus. But why did I leave that good paying company? Well, all because of that P word again.

So after the toiling of almost a year and a half of finding jobs, sending resumes and seeing countless number of headhunters whom majority were not keen to find me a job but just to hit their sales targets (actually to be frank, I think good headhunters are going to extinct soon), I have decided to switch my career after major considerations of my strengths, weaknesses and of cos, my family.

Many interviews really put me off on the spot. The questions that they ask, which becomes the very important part of whether you will get the job anot, is this "Are you planning to start a family soon?". Well, many of these interviewers are perhaps married with kids and families, and minority are those that are still single and swinging on the shelves... but to me, isn't it true that it is a privilege to fall in love, get married? But why is "setting up a family", especially in the case of a lady in SINGAPORE so difficult? Many companies, big or small, MNCs or SMEs, do not want to hire someone who is most likely to become a mum. So why did their mums gave birth to them so that they can refuse someone at interview, someone who wants to have kids? Kids are lovely isn't it? So does it mean that they prefer to work with foreign talents then to work with their own kind?

So what am I going to switch to in my career after complaining so much about the anti-pregnancy climate in Singapore? Yup, that's it. I'm going to be Financial Planner. When I shared this decision with many friends, some really supported me and said that I will be able to do well since I have such a pleasant personality and I do have a huge network of friends. But some simply said things like, "Please don't ask me to buy insurance from you... I'm broke...". Seriously, I have been one of those that had that mentality too. But to me, it is of cos extra joy and happiness to me if friends around me support me by buying policies from me, what pains me the most is friends that you know for years snug at you sarcastically, whether purposely anot.

I don't know people to buy huge policies from me, but at least offer me some kind encouragement, since I have been in and out of jobs, and it takes me great courage to do this job do you know that? Importantly, I do have my own goals, values to abide in when I work out this career. I want to be excellent, purposeful and help people to see the value of insurance as a form of protection for their lives. Healthcare, families, work, etc... we are faced with so many uncertainties today. But insurance offers protection in case of the unexpected happens. of cos, I pray that God will not bring upon any mishaps upon any of my friends. But what if something happens, what will happen to your parents and your families? Who will take care of them? Who will provide for them? I have also been a victim of parents who were unable to provide me with education and at the age of 30, I was still trying to pay off my part-time degree loan with a slightly good salary. But why make all these things difficult for your kids when you can learn to plan in advance.

I know what I want to do and I want to do it well.

I just pray that God will honor me in my work as I honor Him by doing my best in my job, helping people to save, protect and plan for their future.

Of cos, I think I will struggle with emotions as I have to deal loads of rejections perhaps.

But God will add on to me strength as I persevere, won't He? And yes I know He will.

PTL in all that He is going to do!!

Proverbs 30:25
Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer

Monday, November 26, 2012

Beauty Boxes in Singapore

I know I am a little late since this trend started last year but I still wanna talk about it!!

I studied Marketing and I always know that sampling is pretty much a traditional marketing tactic for marketers but it never occured to me that to make consumers pay for samples will bring about much excitement and genuine trials for the samples, which may in turn bring about a huge success of getting consumers to purchase the products at the end at their websites!

Beauty Box

In Singapore, there are already 3 players in the market, which gives consumers the privilege of subscribing to their monthly beauty boxes - Bellabox, Vanity Trove and Glamabox. Of course, with that subsciption, you will have to something to look towards to every month, a box full of surprises that awaiting you! Well, frankly speaking, which lady doesn't like surprises?

Bellabox works with huge brands like Nuxe, Anna Sui, Ahava, Kiehl's, Lancome Shu Umera etc and every month, you will get 5 prestige items from these premium brands at a monthly subscription fee of $19.95. Pretty box, pretty premium!

As for Vanity Trove, I came across it when I was shopping at Watsons one day and was given one box when I checkout my items. Upon returning home, I realised that it was one full box of samples, mostly very small sachets of items. The brands are the main stream brands like Bio-oil, Biore, Bio-Essence, Ebene, Ginvera etc. However, when I was surfing through their website, I realised that the subscribers get to receive items from brands such as La Mer, Belif, Clarins, BRTC etc. And it looked like they have a lot of make-up range as well. For a monthly suscription of $25 and you will receive 6-8 treats to pamper yourself!

Glamabox, started by Lisa S., offers a box of products ranging from make-up, skin care to beauty tools that help you to be pretty all the way! What's more is that the subscription fee is only $18 per month and you get to receive 5 items customised just for you in a box, which promises to make you glamorous!

Myself, I am planning to subscribe to one of these soon... guess which one is it going to be?? :p

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Amazing worship!

Yesterday was my third or fourth time serving in upperlight worship ministry! It was amazing how God used all of our giftings and talents to be put into good use for His Kingdom! Personally I'm a believer of serving God in the right ministry with the right calling and of cos the right gifting. And worship has always been one of them.

In fact, I have lately prayed about asking the Lord to purify my heart and revive my desire to serve God in the area of worship. And of cos, with this desire to worship God, I know that it can also be used to fulfill the evangelism bit. I know that In every single human being's inner most soul has a desire to worship God but because of our sins, everything seems to be covered by layers of sins and rebellion. Worship can be a channel to share the gospel and to touch the pple. :) thus, worship evangelism will be a ministry that I hope that God can use me in.

More than anything else, God's main purpose for our lives will always be to love Him and the people around us. I hope to be a child that is obedient to His calling.

Praise God for that!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Latest Lesson: Friendships

Oh mine!! God has to do this to me once and for all... For the pas 1 week plus, I have met up with not just one, two but five friends!!

I think these meet ups are not just purely chit chatting... gossiping about others or sharing about the latest achievements in life but to simply share lives.

A few things in common during these dates with my friends:

  • Openess
  • Acceptance
  • Encouragement
  • Prayer
  • Genuine Love
How I wish that I can have more of this kind of friendships in life. They are simply authentic and real. No judgement, no hidden agendas, no hi & byes...

I'm 31 this year and I am still learning about being a true friend to people around. But of course, I have also learnt a lot more about the very fact that no one can have everyone as friends. In fact, I wrote in my Facebook status recently about this lesson that I have learnt and am still learning to unfold:

"Acquaintances are many, few are called friends and you can count with one hand those that are your soul-mates. Not the married kind of soul-mates but those that know you and accept you from the inside out, just like how God does it. They may fail at times but they will never leave you nor forsake you in times of troubles."

So what does the bible says about friendships??

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

Smiles! I am such a bad friend at times but I am beginning to be a better one. :)


Monday, October 29, 2012

The Power of Positive

Today is the official one month after I left my job of medical sales rep. Somehow, I was beginning to find it difficult to go through the journey of looking for a job again.

In fact, when resting at home, it can get rather mentally straining when u don't have a focus, a goal or a purpose, helping you to feel valuable. Perhaps, I have been finding my values in all the wrong places, instead of in Christ.

So when hubby came home today, I was so happy and glad. At least he found me not jut sleeping and lazing around. I was reading up some Reno tips for our new home that is still building its way up. In fact, I am still not so hopeless after all.

We had dinner at KFC (what a sinful meal indeed!!) and thereafter, we found ourselves idling around at Popular! Yes we love Popular (not because we want to... Haha...). Found myself looking at recipe books once again, with all the bakery, desserts and cooking recipes enticing me to buy them! But I guess that I won't be a good cook after all... It may take me 5 years to be a slightly better chef.

After sometime, I picked up a book call Chicken Soup for the Soul - The Power of Positive. I read one of these during my secondary school days but eventually I gave them up cos I don't see the relevance. Today, this book gave me a hard stare. Yes it stared at me instead of me at it. Lol... I guess that God wants me to be positive once more. I've lost that fighting spirit to be positive for a long time. After going through a very terrible time few years ago, I just lost it. I am now such a bitter, angry and dissatisfied soul and I am fighting hard with my strength not to be so.

I pray that this book will inspire me on and yes, I know that the bible will be an even better encourager as it will seek to mold and shape my life eventually.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Faith, faith, where art thou?

Yup, nothing short to say that I am searching for faith now. The faith that I used to have and grow with as a young believer, to a shepherd, to a leader. So where is my faith now?

It makes me ponder how and why did I possess such great faith last time. Did I really lose my faith?

But hold on! I don't think that I have lost it! It is just that I have not been displaying it. By not displaying it is not a healthy sign but I am slowly showing it off again. :)

When I thought that my faith came from people around me, people who constantly feed me the Word of God, teachings, shepherding etc... But truely speaking, we all know that faith comes from hearing the Word (Romans 10:17) and I know that I have not had enough of God's word.

The time that God really spoke so loudly to me was when I heard Rev Marty Blackwelder's message last Sunday that I can't help but to feel ashame of my spiritual walk with Christ. Being a believer in Christ for the past 16 years, I have not even gotten my fundamentals correct - Spending time with my Creator. I am not comparing this with anyone else but to look back at my life, how God has graciously walked with me despite the fact that I have not been a faithful follower.

Yet, He used me. Yes, He chose me.

God's grace is never OOS (out of stock) and will always be full and abundant, never even require any replenishment. The only replenishment is that our soul should draw from Him, the ever flowing river, so that our soul will no longer parch nor thirst.

Ask me if I still love God... Yes I do.

How can I not love Him? He, the ever faithful Father, hears my cry and knows my heartbeat, and eventually answered my prayers - bring my mum to the Lord. This prayer has intensified as I have seen how my mum aged over the years. Though not often prayed out loud, but my tears have represented my prayers for my mum. And this year, my mum has been saved and not only saved, she has received all promises that God has promised! God healed her, restored her and gave her peace, peace that she has never received before in her life.

Everytime my mum shares with me about how she experienced God's healing touch and power, it simply brings me closer back to the Lord. My mum, a 2 months old believer, has experienced Christ more than I could have ever asked for.

My only hope is that I will be able to experience God's power, touch and the Holy Spirit's protection and friendship once more.

If you are dry spiritually, why not you pray to the Lord, just as I did, let God fill your soul once again?

God can do this for not just someone, but for everyone and anyone!

Thank you Lord once again for your inspiration and courage!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Testimony About Supernatural Birth

Written by my friend, Kelly Yeo. Hope that this will encourage those who are trying to conceive. Fix your eyes on the God, the creator of all lives, the creator of you and me.


My husband and I have been married for 7 years. About two years into our marriage, we planned to start a family. Over the course of the next 4-5 years, to my horror, I had 5 miscarriages – none of the pregnancies lasted longer than eight weeks. The most recent were the 2 missed abortions, these required surgery and they happened in Oct 07 and Jul 08. Each “loss” experience took me a period of time to recover emotionally and it never fails to bring me through a emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride. Well, though the rides did get shorter over the years, the fears, anxieties and doubts did not and they constantly bombarded my mind. As this seemingly hopeless pattern developed, we realized that we had a real problem. Both of us saw several doctors, western and Chinese physicians, tried medications and went through a series of tests to determine if something could be corrected physically. I even contemplated IVF as my last resort. Nothing we did gave us any answer to why this was happening.


The most recent missed abortion happened in Jul 08. I remembered it very clearly because we just came back from a very fired-up/charged-up church camp. And I was ready to give my all in ministry when IT happened again. I was so devastated. I felt so defeated. Fear came and bombarded my thoughts very often. It was very real. I was fearful because I felt caught in a situation which I was unable to control. I was so doubtful whether I could ever have children, whether I would have to go through another miscarriage again, whether I should just give up the thought about having a child totally etc. I asked God many questions such as why does He allow bad things to happen to us?, Why is He not answering my prayers?, Does He really love me? It just seems so impossible for my husband and me to ever have children.


In Nov 08, we attended a leaders’ ministering night by Peter Truong - a friend whom I happened to know since Melbourne days and a healing evangelist for Hope Churches. Secretly in my heart, I was hoping that Peter would speak a word about this area of my life because I had been seeking the Lord for an answer for the last few months.

Here’s Peter’s prophesy for me:
That I would fan the flame of Intercession, Prophetic and Discernment.

The week after, something happened to my heart which was indescribable – I would call it a spiritual excitement. The question whether I have the gift of intercession bugged me quite a bit so I prayed to the Lord that if I have this gift then I would like to claim it in Jesus' name. I also asked the Lord to show me a good book to buy so that I could learn more about it. I picked up two books: Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets and God Encounters by James w. Goll.

I started reading “Intercessory Prayer” by Dutch Sheets. The more I read, the more excited I got. Not very long after, I was starting to fast and pray 2 nights a week until the Lord challenged me to pray in tongues every night for at least an hour.

In his book, Dutch Sheets shared about Genesis 1:2 "Now the earth was formless and empty…and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." "To hover" in Greek means “to give birth to”. After reading that, every night I prayed in the Spirit for an hour and asked the same Spirit of God who hovered over the surface of the earth before the creation to come and hover over me... Birth in me whatever He thinks He wants me to have, whether it’s to have a child or the gift of intercession.

In his book, Dutch Sheets also testified about how he prayed for a woman who had already been in coma for a year. The Lord had challenged him to pray for her every day at the hospital. After a year of persistent prayer, she woke up after being in coma for 2 years. After reading this, I was really determined in my heart to pray an hour every day for 2 years for a child.


I was praying an hour every night till mid Dec 08 when I realised I was 5 weeks pregnant.

During my first doctor's visit, I could see my baby’s heartbeat beating. It was amazing! It was so surreal that I cried.

But that's not the end of my story.

On 31 December 08, in the early hours of the morning, I had been turning and tossing in my bed for a few hours, but still I couldn’t go to sleep because there was this nagging prompting in my heart to go and sleep in my living room. I finally relented.

Not long after moving to my living room I drifted to sleep, I had a vivid dream. I dreamt that the exact spot where I had been sleeping was flooded with water. I got up and was looking closely at the pile of water. With a puzzled look on my face, I looked at my windows. They were all closed. My first question was 'But my windows are closed?' Immediately and almost suddenly, I woke up from my dream and I heard these words.

The Lord said, 'No matter how the windows and doors are closed if I want to come and rain upon you (and your family)... Nobody can stop me.'

The very next night, I had another dream of a kingly figure dressed in royal robe and crown. He seemed to be seated at a banquet table. He was commanding with such authority. Immediately, the next scene appeared, this same kingly figure was serving like a servant at the banquet table.

Again, I woke up from my dream and I heard these words.

The Lord said, 'Those who serve in authority must also serve in humility.''

I knew these dreams were from the Lord because during that period I was reading the second book that I bought – God Encounters by James Goll. The book was about how he and his family experienced angelic encounters, dreams and visions. I was seeking for God to speak to me like how He spoke to James and his family as I desired His tangible presence very much.


I believe the Lord is saying that He's ABLE during impossible situation and His words brought me much comfort and encouragement. I used to visit my gynae with fear and disappointment. But the next 3-4 months, each visit had been with confidence of what the Lord had promised me. I really felt loved by God. Never did I expect Him to speak to me supernaturally through a dream.

This is my son, Joel. He’ll be 21 weeks old as at 31 Dec 09.

This experience has changed my prayer life tremendously. I used to believe “prayer changes things” here (pointing to my mind). But now I really believe prayer changes things here (pointing to my heart). The Bible says, “According to your faith will it be done to you.” There isn’t a right way or wrong way. There isn’t a Kelly’s way. It’s according to our faith. God will meet us at our level of faith – whatever that level is.

I want to be able to take God’s Word and change our circumstances, whatever it may be, through prayer and faith.


Sunday, February 05, 2012

The greatest gift of all

Today, 4 February 2012, marks the day that an old person has gone and a new person has come. And that person is none other than my dearest mum!

Ever since the day that I knew the Lord, I know that He is making changes in my family, in ways that I cannot comprehend. It may not be in the speediest time that salvation arrive in my family, but I know that slowly but surely, all things ate made beautiful in His time.

Mummy's life has always been bitter and tough. My dad has never given her a good life but just tonnes of debts to clear. But today, when I brought to Miracle Service, I have never even thought that she will receive Jesus into her life!! I was truly marveled by God's secret ways and my secret disbelief! Me of little faith!! That's why I need to call myself faith tricia. Ha...

When I popped the question to her, translating what Ps Rony has asked about salvation, she said 'Yes, but can you accompany me to the front?'

I was like.... Of course I will!! And tears of joy came as I hear my mum repeated the sinners' prayers in mandarin! That moment was surreal and it felt like forever! Ya, like eternity!

Praise God for His unfailing love, for me, for my mum and for all mankind!

Mum's salvation is just the first step of how God is going to continue His work in my family!

Glory and honor to the Lord, forever and ever, Amen!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 things that made me smile today

1. Mum is finally going to church with me. ;)

2. Watched 'We Not Naughty' today. Very reflective of how kids felt and how parents can be better is parenting!

3. Spent time with mum with the entire day. Fruitful time!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hope Faith Love

Amazing love from our heavenly daddy cannot be compared to anyone else at all, not even your spouse.

However I love it when both Alex an myself draw near to God in prayer and worship. Its because that through our experience with Jesus then will we be able to find greater intimacy with each other.

God is amusing. He knows exactly when we start to place much hope and faith in ourselves and will put us in situations to remind us that we need to rely on His power and strength, not on our own. He is not a tyrant btw. He is just trying to teach us to mature in our own beautiful ways.

The past few months have been a real journey for me. The journey that reminds me that my wisdom is no wisdom at all, my experiences are minus compared to the significance of the creator of the earth.

The Lord is gracious and merciful. He will not take me beyond what I cannot bear. He knows exactly where is my breaking point and have decided to pull back from that collapsible.

Above all, hope in the Lord, which will be accompanied by faith in Him. And He who loves me will keep me. He who loves me will always reward me with the best life plan ever.

I will trust in you Lord, by your grace, keep me trusting in You. Amen!