Sunday, August 27, 2006

~Timothy Tan~

My new nephew has a Christian name now and his name is Timothy Tan! woo... cool name he has!! He weighed 3.5kg when he was born and he really holds the weight in my family man... I just hope if my bro will not spoil him next time when he grows up... or else, I will have a lot of counselling cases at home siah... hahaha... kidding only la... :p

Timothy says, "don't know why kor kor and jie jie laughing so happily... look at their face... i can't see their eyes at all... " hahaha...
He has just turned one month 3-4 days back. And my nephew and niece, Gabriel and Angel (respectively), are still so captivated by their younger brother. They were so keen to take pictures with their brother.

I just hope that they will really set good examples for the little one to follow. Though he is just a month old, still, we have concluded that he has really a fiery temper man. hahaha...

Oh ya, hope to bring my nephew and niece for Hope Tots soon... they need some good fellowship with the kids!! hohoho...



Anonymous Anonymous said... Timothy is 1 month old!Hope to be able to carry him soon..Heh..pray that he will grow up strong and healthy in the lovely arms of God!

Tue Aug 29, 01:14:00 AM GMT+8 

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