Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hilarious CCD

This is the most most hilarious dept (company) that I have ever been in. Imagine me having to laugh so hard after a hard day of work... not easy isn't it?

We have a silly horseface always cracking silly jokes and a silly Kok Bibi always trying to partner the horseface in acting. And the best part is that my boss is the mastermind cum director behind all these acting.

Many asked me if I would want to stay in FP for long. Frankly speaking, it is pretty much of a dilemma now. I seldom have such nice colleagues working with me. It kinda makes me reluctant to leave as of now.

And there are definitely much more opportunities for me to grow and develop in CCD (Corporate Communications Dept) now. So why change when you hvae so much room to grow in. I realised that many people (which includes me) can keep changing jobs, whether is it because of the salary factor, politics factor or is it because of work factor, but what is the most impt is that you must be happy when you work at your workplace. And also, to have a boss that support and groom you is very impt too. So I don't think I will be leaving for the time being.

But I guess that I don't mind people knocking at my door and inroducing me better jobs for sure. Well, if there are better opportunities and it is from God, why not take it?? :)



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