Friday, April 15, 2011

A new season in life!

It's been 4 months since I've got married to Mr L.X. Haha... The journey is exciting and interesting. Who says newly weds don't quarrel? We quarrel like crap over the slightest, smallest and most insignificant things. Haha!!

But still, it has been wonderful and beautiful what marriage can do. I have decided to quit my job to spend my time nua-ing with hubby... hee... no.. I was just finding that as a lame excuse. The real thing is that I need to search for new directions in my career and asking God for favor in the new job that I will be getting (burp!!... yes I just burped while typing this...)

Anyway I have been wanting to take a break since a long long time ago... My last year has been tough cos studies, work, ministry, wedding... almost drove me up the wall! So now, what can I anticipate? Hmm... continue to transit into my "Mrs Tan" life and re-think about my priorities with God, work on my career prospects and directions, pray and ask God to keep me slim while I go Taiwan in May with hubby for second honeymoon.... eat, sleep, play, eat, play, sleep... muahahaha....

Good news is Mr L.X. is not unemployed anymore as he has found a new HR job with a FMCG company. I wish that I can do that too!! haha.... But still, enjoy life as it is now... and God will provide me with something good soon.

I need to just bring my focus and faith back to the One who has created me and everything else! Yay!!

Btw this is what I bought just last month!! happy... hohoho...

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