Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blog Freely?

I was talking to a sister this afternoon, before our Sub-D's Shepherds' Forum. She was very nice to ask how have I been doing lately. She shared with me that I seemed to be always happy and smiling away. Then, she asked me why I chose to restrict my blog from others to read. I told her that I couldn't blog and write freely about my feelings and thoughts, especially when at times, I wanted to voice out my negative voice and feelings. I felt that with my blog opened to all for reading, I simply cannot write what I want to.

There are people reading my blog and I don't want to stumble anyone of cos. Therefore, having a personal blog with only close friends gaining access to it might be helpful for me. Sometimes, I wish that people read my blog with a mindset of not to judge, but to understand, identify and care for the person. If I can choose to write, I will write freely, if only that people will not judge freely too.

Surely, as much as I want to, I will want to write down the blessings and happenings in my life too. Thus, my life will more balanced isn't it? haha... i'm just plain silly at times.