Sunday, December 28, 2003

The Grand Finale Of 2003

Yes!! The year of 2003 will be coming to an end!! I've just spent my last sunday in church today. A lot of memories and incidents of 2003 keep floating in my mind. It's time to reflect and keep a tracking of the happenings this year.... before I forget about all these things.

Well, I started the year with myself still working in the tele-marketing job for the IT hardware industry. Had a hard time finding a new job until I came across with this job on Jobsdb and managed to get a Marketing Coordinator job at my current company, Videovan. Though I have to multi-task, but I still thank God that He gave me a job that I really can gain experience from. Also, I stayed out on my own for a month plus. Financially was really constraint. But thank God that He brought me through!! That's how I ended my January.

Had a great Chinese New Year and started my new job at Videovan at my first day after the CNY. Had a difficult time adjusting to the new culture and environment in the company. Colleagues were new and didn't know who to be beware of. But thankfully, my colleague, Michelle, was nice and she really take care of me well enough. I managed to learn quite a bit of things from her. Though not all yet. But I'm waiting to learn more... :)

March was not that fantastic. YWAM sent off two wonderful brother and sister. That's Weiling and Jacob. My two old friends... Thought that it was really unfair to bring them over to the AWAM as Youth needs musician and drama leader. But indeed, after thinking through, it's a good deal that they go over. A good chance for them to develop and grow as well. Went to Phuket at the end of March. Only a mere one month and I went for the company's incentive trip. But that's also the start of the nightmare in Singapore - SARS. People are wearing masks at the airport. It's very scary. But we were blessed. Nothing went wrong during the trip. But to those who had suffered through all these, my blessings and condolosences to you.

April was really down. Had a tough time admitting to my pride, rebellious spirit and refusal to obey my leaders. I felt totally in the lowest peak. Refused to talked to anyone in YWAM about my problems and that includes my peers. I had deep bitterness about people around me and was having a real good stay at holland. But things still moved on. Later on, I've decided to talk to my leader Nicole. And after considering two options: To stay in Youth to serve in Singing ministry or To go Young Adult group and start things afresh. I've considered for almost two weeks or so. And finally I've decided to agree to the transfer to YA group. It took me quite some time to agree mentally and emotionally. Cos I have never thought of transferring at all. But since I've requested, and that this will be good for my spiritual development, I have finally decided to let go and let God. I don't want to stop growing in my spiritual life and need people to identify me in my working life. That's why I think transfer is the best choice!!

Had my last service on the 10 May 2003. It was a Mother's Day service. Had so much feelings and thoughts. It wasn't just me. Many were transfering over to the YA group, inclusive of Andrea, who stayed in Youth for more than 8 years I think. Longer than I did. We had so much memories. Almost more than half my youth was spent there. YWAM had a bowling session at Textile Centre. After the whole session, Nicole announced the the three transfers. One was me, to YA. And the other two was Timothy and Xiaowen, transfered to YS. Felt pretty sad cos expected to have some word of encouragement from some pple in the group...but nope. Ended up in disappointment. But never mind. I still thank God for them. And David Chua Seng Cheong got transfered to YWAM and it was his first day. 3 out and 1 in. Haha. God is really humorous. Had tears in my heart leaving this group and the service. But still bored them in my heart. No one knows. Only God knows.
Went for the first CG in YA on the 14th. The first person I saw was my CL Alex. If didn't remember wrongly, he was not that skinny. But after being 'tortured' by us for so many months, I think he became skinnier. Not long after, I saw Josherine coming in with some of the other brothers. Had a wonderful Pot Luck dinner. Also, we played a blanket game with Edwin's CG. My group lost then. Haha ... then we had the privilege of using one of the air-coned bedrooms for our discussion. Had a great welcome by the brothers. Haha... they gave us a frame each... wonderful encouragement. Had a great time with them. They are very encouraging and Alex gave us a good intro of the guys. But never did they know that they are going to face lots of lame jokes soon...

Had a great camp at Orchard Hotel with my CG members. About courageous community. Hmm, come to think of it, I'm not as courageous and dun really have much faith in God so far. But I want to grow in this area more. Then on the last night, we had a gala dinner. I sat with the YWAM cos didn't managed to register with the adults. Had a great time taking photos with the people. Most importantly, had a great time having dinner with the YWAM for the last time. That was the most uncultured gala dinner so far. Everyone's with their digital cameras, busying snatching one another for photos. Haha... scary siah. Then managed to meet Shumin through Jasmine Poon. Then slowly brought her for CG and service as well. Now she's with us and I'm realli happy for her. Then later on, met Weiquan at BK after finished surveying the crowd on their ideas of Bruce Almighty. Weiquan was with his friend, grabbing something to makan after watching Finding Nemo. Thereafter, I managed to exchange contact numbers and finally he came to Sunday service with Zimin and Adam. And there Zimin came to know God on the 15.

July was ok. Nothing much. But we sent Luke off in his farewell CG on the 9. It was his last CG with us before he flies to Australia for his pilot training. Sang for him a song - "Keep The Candle Burning". Hope that his fire for God will continue to grow and burn. Never forgotten the touching scene that happened that night. It was a great time and believe that Luke was really touched!! Long way to go Luke!!

August was the time that my niece turned 1!! She's a National Day's baby!! Went for National Day preview. First time in my life that I celebrated National Day with so many people in National stadium. Phew!! It was a marvellous time and the fireworks are just behind me. And guess who's beside me? It's not my boyfriend, not my beloved and not my long-lost buddy, it's my sister. haha the first time we went out together. And it's for a preview. Well, a good time for us to build sisterhood man!! I ended my month of August at KL. I flew to KL on the 25 and with fear and trembling, I went there to take over some role and responsibilities of the Malaysia office there. Need to start working with the people there. Communication and environment transition. Scary though when I think back now.

Spent my birthday at Genting. Was so happy when I got to know that some of my unit's people are coming over to Genting for a retreat. Took a one day's leave from my GM and travelled to Genting from Petaling Jaya on my own. Took M'sia's cab, LRT and finally coach and cable car to Genting. Exciting journey though. Had a wonderful celebration 45 minutes before my birthday is over. They gave me a surprise that I've anticipated. keke. But I didn't spoil their fun though. Keep them in suspense instead of them keeping me in suspense.Took coach back to Singapore with them. First time doing so cos I've been taking coach to and fro S'pore and KL alone. But at last, I have companionship. Ended my month in a big drop. Two days after my birthday, I got to know that my Dad had an affair with my mom's friend. Can't take the hurt. Was broken to pieces. My heart was deeply wounded. Couldn't remembered how much I cried. But definitely, countless times.

Thought that I can go back to Singapore for good in mid October. In the end have to stay in Malaysia for another two weeks or so. Burnt a big hole in my pocket cos S$300 over dollars of phone bills waiting for me to clear after calling and smsing my buddies in Singapore. Haha But I'm glad it's worth the bills. Oh yar, Weiquan flew to London for his studies. Really miss this guy. His farewell, and his flight. How I wish that I can meet him for the farewell that day. I hope that he remembers GN3. We'll be waiting for his coming back next June. See him back and I'll always remember to fulfill his wish - Pray for him no matter what. I will brother.

I'm back!! Back in Singapore for GOOD on the 8th!! Had many mixed feelings but am still glad that I'm back!! James had a Water Baptism on that day but I missed it. Was really tired then. It was really a different feel to be back in church when I no longer have to rush for coach trips at 6pm. Taking cab to orchid hotel and buying tickets for the next week's trip back to Singapore. But finally it's over!! Took time to transit back to Singapore's pace. It's different. But it's good.

Had Homerun roadshows. Busy like mad. First time I worked til 1am in the morning in this company. If u know well enough, I will choose not to do OT but this time round is different. Christmas dinner was on the 20th. My long-time ex-secondary school classmate Sharon met up with me for that dinner. Touched and thankful to God for her. Had a gd laugh at the drama. Organised a miniature Amazing Race on Christmas eve. And countdown, movie- School Of Rock followed after that. Had supper after movie and went to Esplanade to spend the rest of the night there. It's the first time that I really overnight outside in the streets. Never liked to do that but I did it!! Haha.
Left a few more days to 2004. Going to have a wonderful time for countdown to 2004. Still, it's a good time reflecting. Let it be that I will never live the days of 2004 like those of 2003.

Gonna set my resolutions for 2004 soon. Hope that you will do so too.... Hear from all of you... especially my buddies!! :) Love all of you!!

Saturday, December 27, 2003

What Kenshin are you?

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas Amazing Race Is Over!!

Yes Amazing Race is over and done with!! It was fun, exciting and memorable!! Took lots of photos... really fun!! They really have the team spirit and no complaints from them at all. From Bugis to Suntec City, then to Millenia Walk, to Esplanade and back to Bugis again. It was AMAZING!! Well done!! Jonaphine, u did a great job for planning!! All the ideas and efforts paid off!! It was fantastic!! And I believe that both of us are glad that it is finally over!! Haha!! Anyway we watched School Of Rock after that. It was a lame lame and very corny show... I had a gd gd laugh!! Jack Black is really nuts... haha nuts about his passion - music. I'm wondering if the WAM team is watching that show they must have fall off the chair man!! Went for supper after the movie at Victoria street. Had some fried oyster, carrot cake and char guay teow. Thereafter we went to esplanade... had a long long walk... everyone's tired. It was 3 plus in the morning already!! well, think that it's really awesome to have so many frens celebrating christmas together. Had a number game (Adrian's expertise) and finished almost all the junk food lor. Well, at least we had fun!! So how's your Christmas this year?

Anyway Christmas Photos Amazing Race Photos are available at below's URL:

have a great time viewing!! Goodbye!! - Trish

Monday, December 22, 2003

It's the season of the year again. Christmas. The time to give and the time to share. But why is it that I don't seem to have any Christmas tinkling in me? I may be singing carols sunday after sunday, week after week, CG after CG or better still, coming company's christmas celebration I have to lead carols again, but there's something missing. An element that's missing. I know it, God knows it. So many events coming ahead of me. Many situations in my life that I couldn't figure out the "whys" at all at this moment. Uncertain about the year ahead of me. Time after time, day after day, week after week, month after month, and even year after year, I'm still the same. "Have I grown more?" I often asked myself this question. It's a really BIG question mark in my head right now. I don't want to repeat the cycle of dos and don'ts. Pretty confused at this moment. Not sure of what I really want to do in my life. Life is so unfair. How I wish that I'm not born. Most probably I won't be as confused as now. Well, Christmas can joyful and can be lonely at the same time. So what's mine?

Friday, December 19, 2003


Ok. Here comes the information!! There will be goodie bags given to customers who purchases the Homerun VCDs/ DVDs tomorrow. If you can support please come ok?!? The venues and time schedule is as follows:

Hougang Heartland Mall Atrium 12.30pm
Simei Eastpoint Mall Atrium 2.00pm
Novena Square Atrium 3.30pm
West Mall Atrium 5.00pm
Plaza Singapura 7.30pm

So hope to see u guys there!! Most importantly hope that I can ciao for my Christmas Dinner that day!! So see ya!!!


Monday, December 15, 2003

Homerun - Megan Zheng, Best Newcomer (Golden Horse Awards-2003)

Megan gotten the Best Newcomer award last Saturday at Taiwan!! She's Singapore's pride!! Indeed, when i knew it that night, I felt so excited as I'm going to meet her on coming Saturday. Though she's just a student and I'm older than her for 12 years, I hope to know how she think what she think. Together with other kid actors, how they respond to people and what's their stand and view for certain issues. Well, I'm even more excited as my friend Sharon, will be turning up for our Christmas Dinner this coming Saturday!! Yeah!! I'm really thankful that God made this last minute possible. Well, hope to bring my friend closer to God this time round. Please pray for me.

Oh yar... I've been having flu for the past few days cos have been caught in the rain (heavy or drizzling) for the last 4 days. That's why my flu seems real bad man. Haha... well, some commented that I sound sexy... keke But I think I sound more like Donald Duck... haha. Anyway Christmas is coming!! Have you done your Christmas shopping? I've not even complete half of it... haiz... running out of time liaoz... oh no!!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

OT Again!!

Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!! Today is the day that I've to work again. Though tiring but still have to give thanks. Because I'm not working on Sunday at all. :) I shared with my GN3 people that I will be working on Saturday (today) but I requested that I'll be prayed for this: Not to work on Sunday. To me, sunday is not just a breal from work but it's a Sabbath with the Lord. A time of refreshing, renewal and retreat with the Lord. I don't want to just plunge myself into work and work and work but I want to plunge into my ocean of love and grace that the Lord has granted me. Indeed, I give thanks because throughout all these, God is with me. Sometimes, I do feel pretty lonely. You know lar... when u r at work but out of the fellowship. Haha well, but sometimes it's good to be alone. It shows who you really are when no one is around you.

Work is quite tiring for me. Today I worked till 6 plus and finally I need not have to work tomorrow cos I've finished my work with my colleagues today. So tomorrow I can make it for service. Feeling physically tired cos went from the east to the central then to the west, hanging our POP materials for Homerun in 16 retail outlets. Hand is aching. But am glad to see the response of Homerun to be so good in the market. Seeing all the kids and even some adults watching the show outside some of the retailers. Guess that this show is really a nice one to watch for the students. Hmm... missed times that my school shoes are torn and tattered.... haha

Well, i gtg. Pple... see all of ya... take care of your health. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2003


Yes. I worked till 1 am last night. I can't believe this myself too. Tired and aching is my body. Had dinner at 8 plus yester-nite. Well, didn't have much of an apettite, cause my stomach had too much wind and it's bloating since 5 plus in the afternoon. Had curry chicken rice and ended up only a third of food had been taken. The rest?? Wasted. Too bad, my stomach just can'r enjoy good food.

Went back to work after dinner. Haha started all the cutting of our POP materials. Wah, the poster is actually AO size. Wah I think even bigger than that. Managed to to about 12 pcs of cutting together with my colleague. Then got chased out by my creative guy cos he commented that the way I cut the poster, sooner or later, I'll cut myself in all kinds of shape and I'll end up in red paint. Haha. Work went on like that last night. And we finished all the things at 1am. Then we took cab home. Exhausted we are. You think that we might be able to take time off and work later?? No way man!! I came in to work this morning at 9.25am. Haha woke up only at 7.40am. Din even have enough rest and am back to this office in less than 12 hours. Maybe it's time to get a mattress to stay back and sleep. Haha. As I will.

Hope to have a great time with God tonight. I dun want to work OT again... hopefully. I need rest.

By the way Homerun VCD/DVD will be out at the end of this week. And next week's roadshow will be on Saturday (dunnoe whether will it be on Sunday). Don't know if I can go for the Christmas dinner anot. Well, got to chiong all the way till New Year. So pls pray for me... :) Anyway take care all...

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Jingle Bells... Jingle Bells... Jingles on the way!

Oh yes... the sound of christmas carols is ringing almost everywhere now. After a year of so many happenings: SARS, Iraq war, Leslie Cheung's sucide case, retrenchment... etc... just so good to remember God's wonderful love for us through Christmas!! Well, I believe that this year has been tough for many of us... that includes me!! But I'm looking forward to 2004 as there might be even more challenging surprises coming ahead.

Well, yesterday, spent quite some time listing out the people that I need to buy presents and write cards for. Wah... long man.... long list and scary list. I think I can never afford to buy present for everyone in my list. Therefore, I think prioritising is best way to get my money in good hands. I have more than 100 people that I need to write cards to.... u get what I meant right?? Sometimes, it's not too good to be too sociable... haha yes that's right for me man!! But it's good to be sociable when Chinese New Year is coming... haha
Also, yesterday I received an email from my HR manager. She stated in the email that I have been specially selected to be in the planning committee in the upcoming Christmas celebration for our company. Whoops... guess that "I'll be busy like crazy..." haha

Oh yes!! Homerun... anybody watched the local movie production "Homerun" by Jack Neo?? Yes, upcoming my company will be organising a roadshow for all who purchase Homerun VCD or DVD. You'll get to see the young girl who acted in the movie, who has been nominated in The Golden Horse Awards. I'll update you people the details again.... do support me in the purchase of the VCDs.... cos my incentive trip is dependent on you guys liaoz... haha just joking!! Anyway I gtg... take good care all. especially your health. Drink more water!! God bless!!!

Monday, December 08, 2003

Saturday, 6 December

I worked till 4pm on Saturday. Thereafter, I went for a warehouse sales @ Luxasia. Wow... it was a good bargain though. Managed to find my fav perfume, Cerruti Image Woman. Something that I've been trying to look for for quite some time liaoz... Well, bought some cosmetics again at a low low cost that u can never imagine. Well, maybe i need to stop buying my own stuff and think of buying some other things for people ard me. I think that they have needs too. Hmm... stop thinking about myself and start thinking about others!! After shopping went to Sungei Rd to have my lunch cum dinner, laksa. Was with my two nice managers and my great friend cum colleague, Michelle (though she say we will only be colleagues till one day one of us leave the company, then we'll be friends... haha). Managed to know them better and quite sure that they are one of the few nicest colleagues that I've ever met before since I'm working, though at times we still have conflicts during work. After meal, went to bugis for a shopping session (again?!?) with Michelle. Then I've bought some socks and a nice working bag. All at cheap rates. But I guess that I've already overspent for that day. But I'm really happy. Cos I've already have in mind what to buy for some of my friends for Christmas. Well, had so much shopping that I've never had before in my whole life. Much more than the Malaysia days...

Sunday, 7 December

Woke up so early at around 7.20am in the morning. Hmm but the feeling is different from weekdays. Weekdays I wake up to go work but weekend i wake up to go church and meet God. But then, perhaps I should change my attitude. I should meet God everyday isn't it true?? Need to change my habitual thought pattern!! Yesh!! Whene I went to service yesterday, i'm always so excited as I think that God is going to tell me something new through his Word again... :) So indeed, God never fails to speak to me. He reminded me of living life that is worthy, and life to the fullest. Well, the pastor asked this, "What do you want your tomb to be inscripted with? Not knowing where I am going? Still searching for the life after death? I'm rich in my coffin with all the wealth that I can bring to my deathbed." Well, indeed, it's better to add life to others by giving than to add wealth to one self by dying with them. Isn't it true? Many a times, people are just so selfish and individualistic that they just "don't care". I can only tell God this, "I want to live a life that will impact others. That people will cry when I die and people will always remember me in their heart. People will smile when they remember what I've done. Not because I am insecure but because I want them to live life to the fullest, just like me." So, live your life in a different manner from today onwards. Be someone that God has created you to be.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Prayer meeting was great!! It was a time of refreshing. A time when I really meet the Lord and I met Him. I was ministered. And indeed, really blessed by the prayer meeting last night. It has been quite some time since I last attended a prayer meeting held by the church. Wow!! Never realised that the church has grown so much that when the 2 Sunday services, Philippino Service, Mandarin service come together, I think even Nexus Auditorium cannot contain all people. When I looked to the back of the auditorium, I saw people standing even at the aisle and at Africa Room (the one with beside Multimedia room). I'm truly blessed by a church like this. To be reminded, we finally gotten our home. And it's Nexus!! After a shifting here and there for ten years, we finally managed to have a sanctuary. Indeed, God is faithful and He never fails. Looking forward to the camp next year in June 2004 at Johor. It's going be an exciting time of P&W with a congregation of 2200?? or 2500?? I don't know. But one thing I know God is faithful and He will multiply and grow the church that goes after His heart!!

God bless!! Have a fruitful weekend too !!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Mid-Night Hospital Trip

Hey guys, take gd care of yourself man!! Seems that recently a lot of people is falling sick with cough, flu and fever. Same goes to myself. I feel a bit feverish now. Lack of rest. Last night, brought my nephew and niece, together with my mum, sis-in-law and brother to KK hospital. The 2 sweeties are down with fever, cough and flu. Quite bad. One had temperature of 39.2 and another 38.7. We were quite worried for them. They are really quite hot when I touched their forehead. Well, when we went to the hospital, many kids were sick and were brought to the Children's emergency.

I think it's going to be my turn soon. Tonight there's a prayer meeting. I think I must start praying that I won't fall sick. Tomorrow still gotta work. Haiz. Gotta pray real hard for good health man.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Sleepy Head!!

I feel so sleepy. Been trying to keep myself awake since 3pm till now. Dozed off and woke up, doze off and woke up... continuously...don't know why can work bore me to death.... work definitely has it's power man. Got to stay alert. I'll try my best.