Monday, November 24, 2008

A new dimension

I was amazed when I heard this preacher by the name of Kevin Durant preaching about spirit of faith. He was probably one guy who seeks to live out God's word in his life, fine-tuning the every bit and step which will seek to please the Lord.

As I listened to His words, I felt that there is a need to be changed. A need to grow. A need to re-learn. I felt like a young believer once again. Having that vulnerability to learn and receive, digest whatever that has been taught.

He said that praises unto God should not be just about clapping hands. Clapping hands is just a sign of excitement, enthusiasm, a convenient expression. But when we use our tongue to praise God verbally, words flow out from our mouth, praises were lifted unto the Lord. We come out of our usual and do the extraordinary, which pleases the Lord and irks the devil.

There is power in our tongue. If only we all learn to not just express God with "whoo.. yeah..." but to say, "Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, Jesus is so good!!", won't it be amazing?? We all need to go beyond ourselves, our comfort level and live to worship the Lord with our total being.

All these that he has preached inspired me greatly. I want to learn to praise the Lord more verbally and with dancing and singing, because Jesus is definitely greater than a soccer star!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The ringing of Christmas Carols...

So fast!! It is going to be Christmas again! With the lighting up of the lights along the entire stretch of Orchard Road, Christmas Trees everywhere, sale of Christmas decors and the crazy shopping by Singaporeans everywhere!!

I felt that time has really passed by so fast and that it is going to be a new year all over again... The year of 2008 has been really special for many of us here... really special...

Anyway, 2008 is quite a crazy year for me too. I changed from job (NTUC FairPrice) to job (TR Group) to the current job... everything seems so fast! I thank the Lord for being with me throughout... His presence, guidance and assurance. If not for Him, I think I will be like a lost sheep...

Thank God for being such a great blessing and especially when I'm blessed with him...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recent days...

I have decided to make time for my long neglected blog ever since I started on my new job...

This job isn't a job that I can "eng eng" and it requires me to support 24 staff in the team. My body's aching from the shifting of stuff all around office... with all the courier services that I have to arrange to send stuff (heavy and bulky) overseas.. It is kinda challenging but I am enjoying every bit of it.

Trying to balance up things with the time that I have in office... Don't have much privilege to access blogs as much as last time since I have shifted home and change job. Planning my stuff on PCs seem to be tougher than before.

Can't really do personal stuff in office. Not because the IT dept is strict on me but my work is just so overwhelming.

Of course, there are so much things to take into account of course. With a new relationship, new job, adjusting back to home, balancing up work, ministry and personal life, and most importantly, not to neglect my heavenly Daddy, I have so much to grow in. I am missing my friends but it seems that they have been busy too... One in US, one in Australia, one always in gym, one busy selling accessories, one busy impacting youths, one trying to be compliant about work, one busy pak-tor-ing as well, one busying with missions, work and relationship. It seems that everyone's so occupied. I think the next catchup will be helping out in others' weddings or saying "Hi" and "Bye' on Sundays or team rallies.

And yes, Christmas is coming and I would like to catch up with them soon. :p