Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting Older in Age and in Health

Ha!! Back to my comfort zone here... the best place for me to voice my plights! :p

The recent backache, shoulder aches, headaches and neck aches have all come back to me at one go. Tough body I have ya? haha..

So what have I been up to lately? I've actually tendered my resignation the day after National Day... guess that National Day has done me well! Decided to tender due to the lack of time to do my ministry stuff for God and also the lack of rest... Age is really catching up. Seriously speaking, I think the aches are really so bad that I might need to go and see a specialist. I know that it is going to be super duper bad right?!? Cos going to a specialist is always so ex and costly!

But still, whenever I think of making the decision to leave, I felt so so at peace. I know that there is still quite a fair bit of uncertainties ahead of me but why worry when life is simply so short? i'm not going to spend the rest of my eternity working and worrying la!

I'm just so excited abt my upcoming 26th bdae!! Can't believe that I am turning 26 this year!! Feel like a kid still... hahaha... well, it is abt time that I need to work hard for other areas in my life... one key area is to keep my body TRIM and FIT!! Dunnoe when will this happen... hopefully SOON bah!!

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