Wednesday, August 27, 2003

guess what? my new office in M'sia has been broke into yesterday night (I guess?) by some people and they took away our new TV (29 inch) and our new DVD player... oops... horrible. My colleague is so panicked and up till now she is still feeling very bad and upset about the whole incident. The burglar broke in not thru the doors nor through the windows but through the ceiling. haiz. guess that they are experts in burglary.

so my GM and MD are reaching M'sia today anytime. so pray that they will let me go for CG tonight and Sunday service as well... Hopefully this can be done!! God will be there to guide me through. :)

Anyway enjoy yourselves in God's presence if u can. Buaiz... ;)


Tuesday, August 26, 2003

2nd day of my work in Malaysia. hmm very exciting. waiting half an hour for a cab down outside my apartment today. phew!! God blessed us with an amazing cab after waiting for so long. He answered my prayers. Followed by a heavy traffic jam but God helped us to reach there on time at 9am. Keke.

Went to Giant to buy some stuff with my colleague, Joella. She got a minor food poisoning and went to buy Poh Chye pills to ease the vomiting and diahorrea. Anyway life is so exciting. Yesterday evening after work, I ate durians with my colleague, Vera and another friend Ginny. She brought us around and we had durians, dim sum and some other food for dinner. Exciting siah!! But the most exciting part is that I'm going for dinner with the KL brothers and sisters later in the evening. hooray!!

I think I really miss my family and buddies and CG over in Malaysia. Hope to see them really soon. Well... I need to spend more time praying for God to work liaoz. :) hehe

I'll hear from u guys ... :p

~ Learn to appreciate those who are around u now. Learn to thank those who impacted u in your life. Learn to give with love. ~ Tricia

Monday, August 25, 2003

I have finally reach Malaysia KL already!! Hmm... the weather here is great and my colleagues are nice and helpful. Hmm I've called Alison (a sister from Hope KL) and talked to her over the phone liao. She is really nice and I am excited to meet her tomorrow for lunch or dinner. And Weds is a CG day and we'll go for CG too!! keke...

Alex, Weiquan, Jessica, Josherine, Desmond, Zimin, Yang Kim, Vivienne and Mikka: Thanks for the flowers and gifts, I'm so blessed by that little farewell that u guys gave me on Sunday after service. I'm totally blessed. I hope to keep in touch with u guys and tell u guys more of what's happening here and the happenings of God in my life.

sms me when u r free... hehe but try not to call me. Cannot use MSN Messenger here. Bo pian. haha but nvm... can read the Word of God and that's more than enough for me liaoz. U guys take good care, I'll miss all of u... cheers!!!

~ Faith is what u expect not what u inspect ~

Friday, August 22, 2003

Yoz... everyone reading my blog. I'll be flying off to KL on Mon morning. What makes me most excited is the part that I am going to visit Hope of God Church KL. Going to meet Ps Simon Eng and the rest of the brothers and sisters there. What's more, maybe coming up we'll be having a retreat at Genting at the end of September 26 and 27... hehe good timing siah. I'll try to delay my trip back to Singapore from KL. That'll be so cool. I hope to have a breakthrough in my spiritual life through this trip. Though I know that I'll be working like siao but I know God will be seeing me through all these things and happenings.

I love my CG but I will say that guys I think I'll miss u all... pray that my GM and MD will be able to employ someone to take over my role there in Malaysia so that I can come back quickly. hehe.

Cheers. I'm going off. See u guys soon.

* Let Jesus be the source of your strength, peace and joy!! * ~ Tricia

Thursday, August 21, 2003

hmm it's been so many happening recently. i didn't get my job at Citibank but God provided an alternative. I'll be leaving Singapore for my company's KL office. Will be going there for a month or so to help out in the administrative and coordination work over there.

And I'm leaving on the 25 August which is.......... NEXT MONDAY!!! Everything seems so fast and so sudden!! I told God that I must keep myself fervent to serve Him though I will be away from my Church buddies. So guess what?? I will connect myself to the KL church over there and grow even when I'm overseas working. This will be a little taste of what it is to go church planting or even short term missions. keke *excited*

well i hope that I can come back to Singapore to celebrate my birthday with all my buddies. Most importantly, I want to come back showing myself to love God even even more!! Yesh!! I'll do it!!

I'll still keep myself updated in Xanga of course... no worries.... just that maybe less entries as I'll be sure very busy over there. Guys... keep yourself close to God. Will love to hear your comments!! cheers!! ;)

*Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 10:22*

Monday, August 18, 2003

oh yes!! bingo!! i went for a job interview just now. It's an agency interviewing for candidates for Citibank. hmm I'm glad that I've got thru the first round. And I think my second round will be coming tomorrow. I think Jessica (my Care Group buddy) will be so excited as she's working there too.

God is so faithful in my life. I told God that I realli wanna serve Him and extend His Kingdom. And I think God is going to help me and Jessica to influence the employees over there. We are going to make a difference!! Yeah!! I think this is so marvellous. God knows that I need someone to pray together, someone to support one another thru. And God sent Jessica.

Pls pray that I will be able to go through the second round of interview tomorrow. If it is God's will, He will pull me through this. Amen.

Well, God is putting all the bits and pieces in my life right now to make it a complete picture and still he will make the complete plan in my life come to past. I'm very much determined to share the gospel to others and to impact the rest as well. :) My heart just go out for His people. This week will be kinda busy for me as I will be doing my sound mixing for the Arts Feast Drama and dance. That's so exciting. I haven't do sound for so long liao. It will be so cool to mix the sound for the artists and dancers. cool.

So I'll update u guys more of what I'm doing. Thank God for everything!!

~ Learn to give God your best and He will provide you the best ~ Tricia

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Happy Birthday Singapore!!

It's Singapore's 38th birthday and guess what?? It's my niece 1st birthday!! haha she's 37 years younger then Singapore. I'm a Singapore in my heart and blood. I'm proud of what Singapore have become after onlt a mere 38 years of independence. Thanks to all the pioneers!! I looked at SM Lee Kuan Yew and I think he's really great. Listening to his speech makes me want to serve Singapore even more.

haha. anyway it's just a very normal thing to love your nation isn't it. Indeed I guess that God has blessed our nation with a good govt and good leaders. Especially during the SARS, Singapore has been a role model for many countries to follow. Yeah!! 3 cheers for Singapore Yip Yip Hooray!!

Anyway today we had a small buffet for my niece's birthday celebration, down at my flat's void deck. My relatives turned up as well as my bro's and sis-in-law's friends. I was busy like mad trying to get the food ready and pass the drinks to my relatives etc. My niece was the prettiest gal today. Everyone just never gets tired of wanting to carry her. haha she's cute sweet and adorable!! (full of praises of her!!)

I'll show u guys the photos of her when it's uploaded. hmm... i tink that's abt my fantastic sat's update. well gotta prepare for my service tomorrow. think need to get back to God on some stuff in my life. need to catch up with him. so guys catch up with God yar?? hehe ciao!!

~ Let God be who He should be in your life. ~ Trish

Friday, August 08, 2003

whoah!! off work now.... hooray... it's time to enjoy my weekend with coffee, pool, food, friends, brothers and sisters-in-christ and God (definitely). TGIF!!! Alright friends I will blog during weekend too... hehe.... see u pple.... cheers...

Friday is here again!! Thank God it's a Blessed Friday!! Well... time for me to rest and recuperate during the weekend again. This week has been rather peaceful... with no one screaming in the office... that leaves me with less stress. anyway learnt recently from my CG leader about maturity of a Christian and managing stress in a positive and appropriate manner.

For me, I've always been a very easily stressed up person. Anything that come too fast or tasks that seems to be piling up, I will easily run away from them. But thank God that throughout these years He has moulded me and I'm learning to cope with stress now. What's most important about coping with stress is not just meeting deadlines and completing your duties but have a right attitude towards everything u do. Though now at times, I still pull my hair and grumble a bit when I see too many things that is coming ahead, but one thing I give thanks -- God is still gracious enough to pull me through.

Yesterday I was talking to a sister-in-christ who has not been in church for a few months. I was a bit worried that she wouldn't want to talk to me in the beginning but in the end the conversation turned out to be fruitful and meaningful. I got to know that she actually is kinda lost and don't know how to cope with her studies and God at the same time. I am glad that God is using me to minister to people who left God for a little while. I know that just as I've backslided for a moment, God still brought me back. Therefore, He will bring those He loves back to His side one day.

I can never forget the period of time that I've backslided from the Lord. The kind of trauma and fear, I can never forget. It's scary not to have God in my life and the world is full of traps and temptations. I'm glad that God pulled me out of the pit and back to His arms, and bringing me to His marvellous light again. Just so grateful. By His grace I will not leave Him again. :)

God is good and His love endures forever!!

~ His grace embraces me. His love warmths my heart. His hands covers me. His rod and stuff they comfort me. ~ Tricia

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

i'm so blessed!! thought that my GM and MD are coming back today from indonesia but they are not in today. what's more? The holiday that I thought is not one (National Day on coming Saturday) -- the HR dept emailed us to say that we have an accredited day of annual leave due to the National Day that fell on a non-working day!! Thank God for that!!

but for sure, God has never shortchanged us if we really love him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. He really blessed me a lot in my job. And I'm looking forward to see how God is going to bless me for I'm going to ask him to bless me with studies allowance. I really wanna further my studies but currently still trying to clear my Poly studies loan with $100 a month. I think it will take me 4 years to clear it. haiz. anyway but am really praying that God will provide a way out for me (as he always did) to study in my Degree. I've not decided what to study and where to study. i'll pray about it and let u guys know. :)

Since everything on earth is created by Him and belongs to Him, why do I have to worry so much?? He will always hear my heart cry. Anyway hope that I can also get a job that will allow me to study and work at the same time, though not easy to find one like that. Those buddies out there, if u can, please pray for me too ok??

I'll hear from all of u the latest updates of your life.

~ God will make a way where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me!! ~

Monday, August 04, 2003

almost didn't manage to get up in time for work again. supposed to wake up at 7am but i woke up at only 7.15am knowing that I will sure be late for work again. i was wrestling with the bed monster again... kekeke...

anyway it's a blues day cos it's day that starts with "MON". well... a new work week again. but today all the way till wednesday there's no "cheng hu" (government) cos all GM and MD are all outstationed in Indonesia... that's make me feel even happier... no more screaming and nagging. hooray...

Saturday I wanted to highlight my hair but in the end I didn't cos I went to our Youth Service's concert... and the music and programme is marvellous. I was so touch during the Worship that I just let go of my emotions before God. Reflecting on how He has been so gracious and faithful in my life just made me forget about my worries and problems for that time being. I've been under lots of stress and problems recently. No one knows exactly what I'm thinking but only Him and Him alone. My shepherd knows a bit too. Therefore, still God sees the whole picture. He's the only priviledge one. Well, after Youth Service, had dinner with the YWAM (Youth Worship and Arts Ministry) and my two buddies (Shufen and Weiling) then the three of us together with Evelyn went to Cafe Cartel at Plaza Singapura for a treat of Ice-Cream. Marvellous!! Chocolate and Vanilla ice-cream with lots of cookies (in rocks form) haha... my teeth were aching after a chewing for quite a while.

Missed the times of fellowshiping with my buddies. That's why I treasure every single moment of time spent together with brothers and sisters in christ that I've known for the past 7 years in Hope Singapore. I hope that the kind of friendship will last though not all will stay in the race that we are running for Christ but I do hope that all will spur one another on towards the end. Then we'll see Jesus crowning us with the one and only special edition of crown and a DVD with our life MTV in it. How cool will that be man!! hehe

Alright man. Just give the best out of all and God will guide u thru thick and thin, highs and lows, mountains and valleys.

i gtg... pple leave me something that will spur me on.. k? I'll look forward to see your xanga... ;) cheerios

~God's love is not just for all but for u alone too!!~ Trish

Saturday, August 02, 2003

yeah!! congratulations!! (to me) because it's weekend and I've survived the working week again!! Didn't get much scolding though but was busy like a bee for the whole week. Doing my Shaw Brothers Classics Portfolios for Singapore and Malaysia market (total there are 8 A3 size folios) and there are just so many changes, changes and more changes.
finally we managed to send the portfolios to Celestial Pictures in Hong Kong yesterday!! whew!! now can concentrate on my other stuff liao.

today I'm back for a half day work again. very tiring. nearly got caught by the bed monster. but managed to get up and go to work. Thank God it's only once a month kind of thingy. haha isn't God good to me?? Definitely He is!! So later I'm going to meet my shepherd later at Heeren for shepherding!! So exciting :D didn't meet her last week. So sad. But I'm going to feed on the Word of God today!! Hungry man... ~~

well our Care Group is sending another person off again. He's Bryan... and he's going off on the 14th Aug. need to plan his farewell. Hmm.... don't know what to do. Never had so many farewells within a year in my life. Haha but pray that all that go off will do great and marvellous things for the Lord and be a salt and light to the world, influencing the society.

I wish I can learn to love people more. Do u ??