Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Love For Singing vs The Lord For Worship

Mr brain went blank when I wanted to blog about my thoughts just now. What should I write about? Maybe I should just pen down my born passion - singing.

I remembered writing about my love to talk. I have learnt to talk before I learnt to walk when I was a toddler of 2 years old. It is amazing when one learns to talk first... while still crawling and bum-ing around at home. That was me.

However, something that amazed me even more was that love and passion for singing.

My mum shared with me that whenever Tracy Huang (黄莺莺) appears on TV, I will always be the first to sit in front of the TV and listen to her singing. I will too sing along with her as I learn the song. It is always a mystery how I can memorise lyrics without much effort at all. Whenever I watch her singing on TV, I will be so focused that no one can seem to interrupt me... as if I was in a trance.

Slowly, it became a known thing that I simply love to sing. My neighbours will always be playing the "talent-time" competition with me, and we will be the singing contestants. It was so funny when every kid at my block longs to be a singer one day. When I went to Primary School, music lesson will be my most look-forward to lesson. I loved the instruments, the notes and the songs. During my secondary school days, my teacher even listened to my singing and invited me to sing in front of the whole class during a music lesson. That was how I have been growing as a kid into singing and music.

But it didn't stop there. When I came to know the Lord in Hope at the age of 15, I came to realise that God touched me really deeply in worship. I remembered crying out before the Lord when i sang "Shout to the Lord". It was a song that ministered to my heart through and through. From then on, I know that worship is a way that I connect with God most. Of cos, I know that it is not the one and only way but God's Word and prayer is also a must to have in my relationship with Jesus. Therefore, I took time to balance it all up during my initial spiritual growth stages.

Today, I know that singing is no longer just singing. I reckon that worship and singing are two different things. I would say that the passion for singing has been replaced by my passion to worship God in love and His Word. Without God, singing would just be so meaningless. I thank God that He has taught me to live life not just in my emotions but in accordance to what has been given to me through the Holy Spirit.

I love to sing still. But I love to worship God even more.

Of cos, worship is not equal to singing and music. Worship is about living out the words that you sing in a pleasing manner unto the Lord. That is worship.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome back Minnieve!

Took time to spend a little with Ms Eve... Got to know from her tt she's coming back on 17th Jan and she did. And this time round not secretly liaoz lor... haha... Anyway, we ought to have a good time catching up with the group soon.
Miss ya Eve... :p Glad that you are back with us!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Today's really a very bad day for me. Came in the morning with my director's face black on me. There wasn't any room for booking and the hotel staff is giving me plenty of problems. Dad called me at a time when everyone's getting on my nerves. He's asking for money again. I am just so pissed. Can't it be just a time that he is not asking for this or asking for that? And he only comes to me because he knows that no one else will be bothered about him.

I am just so disappointed because he only comes to me when he needs help. Will he ever think of us when he is all well and happy? Perhaps he does. But only God knows him.

But you know something? The scariest part sometimes is not living with someone. It is living under the shadow of someone that haunts you even when you are not staying with him.

I want to break free of all these negative experiences of childhood. I need to.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tricia wants to SING!

My latest tagline for FB is this ~ Tricia wants to sing!


I have realised that for the entire year of 2008, I have not really sang my heart out... at Karaoke of cos!!

I am way backdated about the latest Chinese or English pop songs.

Therefore, if I am to go Karaoke today, I will be singing oldies.

Thus, I have set that this CNY, will be the time that I sing my heart out! hahaha...

And it will be so exciting cos this CNY will mark many roller coaster experiences.

Watch out for this blog's announcement SOON and very SOON!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Short Post

Ok. I am putting up a short post here. Have been in and out of training since yesterday and I am really tired and falling little unwell. 8 days into the new year and it seems to have so many happenings.

2008 has gone. 2009 will be even better.

Yet will I praise Thee

Lord You are the one I long for
In Your presence is where I belong
Lord Your love brings joy to my heart
And Your touch is all I need to feel
Deep in my heart
Won’t You satisfy my soul

Yet will I praise Thee
Lift my hands and sing
Yet will I praise Thee
I will bow before the King
and praise Thee
Give to You my everything
I lift up my hands to You
Yet will I praise Thee

Yet Will I Praise Thee - Russell Evans/Paradise Community Church


Monday, January 05, 2009

The Negative Side Of Technology

Yes, I have to say that some of us are hooked on Facebook while others are always looking at the latest gadgets and technology. It is true that we have all somehow became the victims of technology. Not that we have not benefited from it, but because it offers too many benefits that it also offered some serious side-effects as well.

I remember those days that we have no pagers or mobile phones. There was only a land-line to call to home. Those were the days that we fix meet-ups or catch-up times with merely phone calls or we would fix the appointments way ahead. We used thick planners or notebooks (not laptops) for planning. But we enjoyed every bit of it. In schools, we see love letters tucked under the desks of the ones that we admired, notes of thanks to those that we want to appreciate etc. But somehow, technology has already erased them all.

Where had the punctuality gone to? Where have the notes of love and care went? They have all replaced by smses of “I’m sorry, will be late” and e-cards with little words.

I believe that if technology continue to be so convenient for us that we have also conveniently shown love through the “easier” means, the society would become colder and there would be of less human touch.

Balance it all up and I think it will do us good. And yes, love and care can never be replaced by superpoking each other.


Friday, January 02, 2009

New Camera

Is this nice? This was taken with my new digital camera... Olympus... yeah!! so happy for the special Christmas gift... :) from Alex! Thanks once again!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Post of 2009

I had my countdown had a church's watchnight service. Many thanksgiving, testimonies and recollection of memories for 2008. I gave thanks for God's faithfulness in my life as He led me through many incidents and precious lessons. To me, it is God's way of teaching me things and my way of learning again and again.

Finally, we stepped into the new year. No loud celebrations. But simply wishing each other a blessed new year. Everyone is believing for a blessed new year. I am believing for it too - for my family, my relationship and myself.

It is kind of rewarding to know that God's hand is pushing me forward towards new understanding in Him. I am awed and amazed by the many wonders that He has created in me. I am still in much amazement of how He created me and empowered me to be where I am today.

I am not in for glamourous fight. I am in for a victorious fight. Not to men's definition but God's direction.

Cheer me on ba!