Monday, January 15, 2007

Days at New Workplace

Alright!! Reporting from my new company with new cranky, crazy and crappy colleagues... They can joke about almost anything and everything under the sun. Talk about being me tak-link, we have 2 tak-link kings in the office.

Especially when everyone's stressed up, we laugh even more! hahahaha...

And I am really stretching now...


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Song Dedication

It was the best farewell gift that I ever had! My colleague Andrew gave me a very priceless farewell gift on Sunday when he was on air in the evening. Bibi and AA planned this on Saturday and before that AA has already pre-warned me that he will be doing that on Sunday. Thought that he was kidding only but it became reality.

It was about 5pm and I was at my shepherd's mum's funeral wake. I was trying hard to listen to the radio and as the time drew nearer for the dedication, I saw Pastor Jeff and Claudia coming... haha... Then Claudia sat beside me and I actually told her that my colleagues are dedicating a song for me. Thus, there goes the dedication and Claudia tuned in together with me.

The song was "Fen Xiang" and it was the song that I performed for the kids at Haven Children's Home. AA wished me the best after the song and said that they were all sad to see my departure from the company. But still, they wished me best and hope to keep in touch with me too... I can't cry at that point... But I was really moved by them.

Moi boss was telling me that my ex-GM, now known as director wanted to buy the dept lunch for my farewell... so I was told to choose a good place for lunch! haha...

I hope that I will control my emotions on Fri. Must control control...