Saturday, September 30, 2006

How God builds you while you are building your ministry- By Rick Warren

Did you know that God uses a very predictable process to build your character? I call this process the "Six Phases of Faith." If you don’t understand this process, you’ll get discouraged when problems arise. You’ll wonder, "Why is this happening to me?" But if you understand and cooperate with what God is doing in your ministry, your faith - like a muscle that is stretched - will develop great strength.

Phase 1: A Dream
God gives you a dream – an idea, goal, or ambition. Every great accomplishment first begins as a God-given dream in someone’s mind. "God is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of - infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.” (Eph. 3:20 LB)

Phase 2: A Desision
A dream is worthless until you decide to do something about it. For every 10 dreamers, there’s only one decision-maker. This is the moment of truth where you decide to invest your time, money, energy, and reputation and to let go of security. If you want to walk on water - you must get out of the boat! "You must believe and not doubt … a double-minded man is unstable in all he does.” (James 1:6, 8 GN)

Phase 3: A Delay
There is always a time lapse before your dream becomes reality. God uses this waiting period to teach us to trust him. Remember, a delay is not a denial. Maturity is understanding the difference between "no” and "not yet.” God says, “These things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things\n will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day!” (Hab. 2:3 LB)

Phase 4: A Difficulty
Now the problems start popping up. The two most common types: critics and circumstances. Don’t worry. It’s all a part of God’s plan. “At the present you may be temporarily harassed by all kinds of trials. This is no accident – it happens to prove your faith, which is infinitely more valuable than gold.” (1 Peter 1:6-7 Ph)

Phase 5: A Dead End!
Your situation will deteriorate from difficult to impossible. You are backed into a corner, you reach the end of your rope; it looks hopeless. Congratulations! You are on the edge of a miracle. Trust God. “At that time we were completely overwhelmed … in fact we told ourselves that this was the end. Yet we now believe we had this sense of impending disaster so that we might learn to trust, not in ourselves but in God who can raise the dead.” (2 Cor. 1:8-9 Ph)

Phase 6: A Deliverance
God n provides a supernatural answer. Miraculously, things fall into place! God loves to turn crucifixions into resurrections so you can see his greatness. “I expect the Lord to deliver me once again so I will see his goodness to me ….” (Ps. 27:13)",1]


Birthday Wishes and Celebrations (II) - Choir

The choir that I am in now is one of the nicest ministry groups that I have ever served together with... not that other ministries are not nice or good... but the choir ministry gives me a sense of love and satisfaction... satisfied in the fellowship that I am in.

Majority of the choir turned up for the dinner at Swensens on tuesday evening... And we also had a few newbies with us that day... they were Cecelia, Kelvin and De Hua. I think they must be wondering why the first official choir meet up after anniversary is bdae celebration of this 'silly' sister... hahaha... I 'challenged' all of them to write more than just "Happy Bdae Tricia!" in my bdae card.. or else cannot go home... haha...

So here we can see Cuifen writing and thinking, writing and thinking... hahaha....

this Tiger insisted that I should wear this Mickey/ Minnie head band... which I rejected violently right from the start... haha... but when I saw the pics, I thought that I was rather funny... so I put them here... pics supplied by Junming...

Look at my face and you will know how 'paiseh' I was and the choir pple really enjoyed themselves... no la.. they enjoyed laughing at me and I was enjoying the moment of being laughed at?? haha

ok... finally I got the head band up and I was trying to smile properly.... It is not an easy job man....

The funniest thing is that this bdae celebration was made known to me through email... haha... no surprise element.. but it is ok la... the best part is that they kept suaning me and my age throughout the emails... evidence as below.. hahaha...:


Hey all,

Beng Eu has agreed to let us exploit his staff privilege of 30% off the whole bill. Let's meet at plaza singapura at 7pm, in front of swensen. It's for the special occasion of our dear tricia's 18th birthday.. So plz confirm your attendance for Ah Beng to book.

Please forward to the new members, wendy to cecilia, i'll send to kelvin and Dehua, Oh btw peishan, is it time for you to come back liao? :p






when did i turn '18'?? mian por la... haha...see u tmr!!



hey tricia

happy bday! sorry have been bizy, apology, can't attend as well, u have a good time.

stay sweet 18 :)


Oh anne you're terrible... how can you be busy to this extent??

You're SEVEN years late for your greeting!! (quote: stay sweet 18 :) )






and the final email from me...after the entire celebration...

Dearest dearest choir league,

I must really write this email before i leave my current state and go into lala land...

You guys are really so so AMAZING!! I'm just so blessed by you guys today!! Thanks for being able to tolerate the very SANGUINE me... loud, hilarious and irritating!! Indeed, whatever you guys wrote in the card truly blessed me tremendously!

it was touching to have our new choir members joing for this dinner as well... kudos to kelvin, cecelia and dehua!! i'm thankful that you guys turned up for this wonderful dinner.

I am really glad to be in this ministry with you guys. It has been a long long journey in this worship ministry since my youth days till now (though i am still very much a youth? hahaha) but i am really grateful that throughout all these ups and downs, God has never given up hope on me and He still perseveres in His child.

And I am really seeing this ministry to be one that many many will long to come in and enjoy... loving to worship God and singing to Him with the most beautiful instrument ever created... the voices.

Thus, I am truely praying for the choir ministry to train up strong and biblical vocalists to instill strong and biblical worship ministry in Singapore and all over the world. The heart of mission do not just focus in sending church planters (which is the key of cos...), but we also need equippers of all ministries, to equip the church planters and Hope churches all over the world as well.

Let's run the race of winning souls to Christ through the gospel and through ministering to them in worship. Every single soul matters and every one of you matters to me too!! Thanks for walking with me in this journey throughout.

thanks once again bros and sistas!!

Running this race with you,
Yanz aka Tricia


Friday, September 29, 2006

Birthday Wishes and Celebrations (I)

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all who were so kind to wish me for the past few days for my bdae!! I feel that for this entire week, everyday is my bdae siah... hahaha... and finally, I can blog this with great enthusiasm... even when my work is piling on my desk?? hahaha... I will still and catch up on my work later...

Anyway a summary of those who wished me... thanks to you guys!! This blog is for ya!!

For those who msned me when I started working... and the first one in the list was.... ... *tah-dah*... my ex-UL's wifey... Ms Kelly Yeo!! hee.... and the rest whom msned me for the past few days were:

Baozhong aka Paul (sec skool fren), Adren, Yupei, Junxiong, Ying Fang, Junyao, Ron Lu, Xiaowoon, Crystal, Sally, Junming, Mama Jac, Isaac, Chris Chew etc...

but hor... got to disclaimed a bit.. if i forget to put your name... pls forgive me ar... haha too many le wor... paiseh... but still i appreciate all the wishes... :p

For smses... it is even more scary... there were tonnes of smses... and now, the champion for the midnight sms is?? haha... yesh!! it's Ms Priscilla Tan... yeah.. the one who's bdae is a day after me... n i was actually converted on her bdae too... which meant 26 Sep is the day that I was born on earth and 27 Sep was the day I was born into eternity... yeah!! and the rest of the smses that came abt were:

Baowei, Andrew Ong, Crystal, Xiaowoon, Geok Eng, Khim Kieng, Tian En, Huiming, Dewen, Desmond, Sally, Addy, Zann, Geraldine, Fiona, Nicole, Andrew Ang, Lirong, Chelsea, Myra, Xiaowen, Shuzhen, Livi, Sandra, Beng Eu, Nelson, Michael Goh, Shirley Melinda, Jianfu, Tian En, Darius, Jane Tok, Teck Keong (same bdae as me wor...), Rena, Peijin, Wilfred, Royston, Shufen, Gerald, Sook Leng, Jieyi, Jiali, Junyao, Elaine Goh, Wenjun
Ferlyn (aka Meimei) and Alex etc...

And e-cards, cards and emails from Josherine, Howjoo, Beng Eu, Sherry, Wendy, Fenny, Anne aka Finance Dept (?? hee...), Lijun, Cecelia Wee, Penny Goh, my dear Corp Comms Dept which are Sheryl, Pamela, Andrew, Huiming, Ruby, Emerald, Geraldine, Marie, Gerlyn, Grace, Cassandra, ilyana and email from moi colleague Jocelyn... and it doesn't end here... I still had friendster testimonials and messages from my sister, Ferlyn, Rachel Tham (Pretty Violinist), Jeff (our audio team's papa), Khim Kieng and Joe. Actualli all the smses and cards really built me up a lot.. cos I have analysed that my language of love is words... I just simply love words... haha... but definitely, i wun reject presents also la... keke... funny right???

Some people called me to wish me too... but on that actual day, I actually called Chris Goh to ask him to wish me Happy Bdae instead... haha... guess that he's too bored at home with his leg... tt's why must disturb him la...

And last night, my poly fren called me to disturb me... asking me to guess who he was... and in the end, got to know that he is actually my 'irritating' poly classmate, Randy... haha... he very funny one la... ever bought a slice of cake for me on my bdae and drove all the way to Singapore Discovery Centre for me (that was in 2002 or 2003?)... just to wish me happy bdae... haha... very sweet of him hor?? Anyway thanks Randy for the sweet thought...

I must also thank those who deliberately went through the thinking process to think of what to get for me... Thanks to the following people who bought me these (pics will follow soon)...:

Xiaowoon and Crystal - A pair of dolphin earrings and a dolphin anklet.. thanks dearies!!

Eve - Surprise visit at my office on my bdae with a 3 sermon notebooks... entitled, "Love, Joy & Peace" yeah... it was an unexpected visit from her... thanks piglet!

Andrew Ong - Thanks for the worship CD tt u have gotten for me.. haha.. i think it is something that i dun mind having more... after all, God knows that I love to praise n worship Him at all times! Thanks!!

Huiming - a very nice handphone accessory with my name...thank you bee bee...

Pamela, boss aka sista aka fren
- nice Pooh bear bolster and a bottle of perfume.. appreciate ya.. boss...

Wendy and Cecelia
- A very nice manicure set..Wendy, thanks for making all effort to make me for feminine.. but i think takes more time for me to grow in this... hahaha...

- A very nice basket of roses (10 in all.. for my 10 years in Hope mah?? hee...) and also a very nice pooh & buddies jigsaw ball.. it was so well made... so so nice lor.. a very efforty gift n surprise indeed! Thanks a lot Zannie!!

- Thanks for the nice champagne-color rose.. i really appreciate tt a lot... too bad.. i'm just not 18 now...

TK Sheep
- thanks for the cake, the song dedication by the fountain and the wonderful plot that you guys gave me... and you know something, the guitar tt u guys bought for me is still in very good shape.. thanks for all these love. And I do hope that you guys will receive the best love from God once again... soon and very soon...

Gelene - the very nice necklace from Dorothy Perkins... thanks gal.. your affirmation for me on Tuesday (while going to the ladies) touched me a lot... indeed, the best gift for me is to see you standing up strong before the Lord once and again. I will always be one that you can talk to and even cry with... I am just a call away... but u know, God is just a prayer away... n He listens more than I do.. :p

As for Sam and Shuhui, my very long time sheep, thanks for always standing by me last time and even now.. When I met up with you guys on Weds afternoon, my heart was filled with warmth and gratitude... thanks for meeting me up again.. would love to see u guys soon again...

Dewen, Junyao and Ethan, u guys have come a good long way... 6 years liaoz... from age of 16 till now, it has been a long long journey.. I really do pray that you guys will continue to preserve your life in Christ. Persevere in Him and give up NOT!! The GESS guys are my pride indeed!! Thanks for your affirmation too.. I can only humbly accept cos I know that I don't deserve it all. Thanks once again...

As for the usual gang... I really thank you guys for always standing by my side when I am down or even feel like giving up... your every effort to listen and accompany me is well-remembered and carved within my heart.

Ok.. today I shall stop here.. I have a lot more to write... more updates coming your way... ;p

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blessed by many...

I just dunnoe what is so good in me that many smses, e-cards, msn greetings etc came in since last week till now.. I can only thank God for the many people who blessed me in my life... Till now, there are just tonnes of smses that came through my phone...and greetings from msn were tremendous... Basically, i can't work for nuts cos busy replying to pple whom greeted me online lor.

Met up with countless people for bdae celebrations... Starting from Sunday were the TK people, had a Sakae Sushi lunch with my colleagues on tues.. then met the choir on Tues for a great dinner celebration at Swensens' PS, then ydae afternoon, Sam drove to my place to pick me up to have lunch with Shuhui at Tanjong Pagar Amara Foodcourt.. haha... a very nostalgia place isn't it ?? (for those who have been there right from the start of the youth service... you will know what i meant) and then met Zann at Sing Post to pick up moi lovely gift... I haven't take a pic of it yet but I can only say that it is an efforty gift!! Then went to Bugis to meet Junyao and Dewen... I was finding high and low the LAN gaming place... wah liew... finally I found it when Junyao waited for me outside the place... almost walked throughout the entire Liang Seah St but couldn't find them.

Anyway the entire week is just simply filled with celebrations and blessings... and you know something?? I am still celebrating now... haha... meeting my colleagues for dim sum lunch later at Far East Square... they are bringing me out for lunch... wah piangz... i think 10 sessions of badminton also not enough... dead le la.. I need Expressions vouchers I guess... hahaha...

More updates coming on...


Sunday, September 24, 2006

The R.E.U.N.I.O.N. of the TK-ians

I fell into an innocent plot ydae... thinking that I will meet up with Geok Eng and her bf at Suntec to have laksa ydae... I went with anticipation to meet her new found bf cum pastor-to-be and also to bless their relationship. BUT... plans started to change le. My dearest Geok Eng (ex-sheep) brought me to the basement, saying that she wanna eat at Kenny Rogers. We went to queue there.. and she was busy peeping into the restaurant.. I wasn't at all doubtful.. guess that I'm just too trusting le bah. So there I was... still queueing in outside the restaurant. At the end, Ms Geok pulled me out of the queue and say that she wants to go to the ladies. I told her to go to the ladies herself and I will continue to queue.

Within just a short 5 mins, she got me out of the queue again and say that she wanna go to foodcourt and eat. Well, I am always so obliging... haha... we went on to hunt for the foodcourt. Suddenly she stopped in front of Swensens, saying that she feel like eating there... hmm.. ?? thought she wanna go foodcourt and she needs to go find the ladies right?? hahaha... Well, the first thing I commented is that.. "oh..they film the swensens ad here isn't it??" haha me always so prompted by ads.. anyway that is not the point. The staff directed us in.. and I was about to sit at a big table with sofa seats. and guess what?? this geok end just walked straight to the other side of the restaurant and insisted that we should sit... THERE!!!

Argh... plot!! What a plot!! My dear ex-TK pple were sitting at the table le... I almost couldn't believe my eyes!! There were Tian En, Ade, Meijuan and Sally. Plus the 2 of us, we have 6 at the table... *faintz* I had the shock of my life. Ok.. thank goodness that I dun have to plan my bdae this year or else I would have to plan my invitation list again? haha... But they were just such good actors and actresses lor... Ms Geok n Mr Tian En planned their plot only last week.. and everything was so in-prompt to. I took like 5-10 mins to recover from the shocking matter.

And after recovering, I observed that there were 2 extra seats.. so who r the ones that have not turned up, I wondered... and in fact, I guessed and guessed... Ms Koh and Ms Yong came along! haha.. and the pic here indicates my fav number (cos my birth date mah... ) and i took it down...

And the other table was 27, which was my conversion date. This I didn't take la... haha..

I was really very 'high' liaoz... yah.. I can be very 'high' even when I'm not drunk... hahaha... this I think Sally and Adelene can be my witnesses.

This pic is taken with me making funny face and Ms Crystal Yong happily talking to Ms Mosquito... funny... hee...

When all were settled down, we ordered our food and we all had a good time catching up. Majority are already working le. Crystal is having attachment and Ms Xiaowoon is studying at NTU... or is it at NUS.. haha dun kill me pls..

hmm.. Crystal n Xiaowoon are the youngest among us... only a mere 19 years old. And Ms Huimin knew this plot all along and all she did is to 'laugh secretly'... which also meant "umph qio". eh.. Hokkien lah...

Oh ya.. someone is doing very well in her career... haha... mai siao siao leh.. Ms Ade is doing tele-conferencing at some company la.. but it is regional sales and currently she's recruiting 6 to be in her team. Pls contact Ms Ade if u want to do sales... hee..

<-- Wah... look at this red Anna Sui lipstick... it belongs to Ms Ade...
<-- From left: Crystal, Me and Sally Sweet pic! hahaha... the 2 of them were from NPCC...very strict Mdms leh!! Salute!!!
After finishing all our food, I took the opportunity to take photo of the TK-ians... haha.. they kept saying tt I was the intruder... disrupting them of their TK gathering... haha so I took them lor... volunteerily one ok??

Anyway, SPOT the diff for the next 2 pics. :p

Then we asked one of the staff to help us take a grp pic together... and this pic shows the guest appearance... which they have been talking about throughout the dinner... tah-dah... Ms Yeo Khim Kieng!!

We were taking the pic.. when suddenly the staff had a shock when she snapped the pic.. and the shock came from Khim Kieng. haha... I think Kieng was also too paiseh to move le..
So we took a second pic. Kieng was from TKGS. She had a lot of peers with us too.. Some went overseas to study... There were a few of them that I clearly remembered...

Girls like Jialin, Jeannie, Jasmine Ooi, Wynn, Winnie, Connie and a lot more... think that I must go back to my planner and review the names... haha...

Can't deny that I am so much older now. I was only 17 when I pioneered TK and TKGS. Now, they are all grown-ups le.

<-- Look at this girl... those who remember her won't deny the fact that she is really a pretty babe now. Well, she has always been isn't it?? Was her shepherd for quite sometime. Remember that I also shepherded her at Sing Post, which was so near her house... and went to her house before too... think I did stay overnight for once.. :p Missed her loads... After that, Mr Tian En said that he wanted to go to the gents. Ok..there he go... but he went for a really loong loong time... haha I even asked them what happened to him? They just say.. "orh... he went to LS..." I was like.. "duh.." Should I write a letter to Swensens mgt to complain?? hahaha... Just before we settled the bill, the staff came up to us and ask, "So you want me to bring the cake out now??" And she is like... asking ME?? hahaha... the whole table went silent... and I burst out in laughter... so where is the cake?? Tian En have to go LS again... hahaha... poor Tian En. Soon, Sally received a call from Tian En asking her to choose something... hmm... fishy fishy....choose flowers for me? haha... the question mark remained.

So at the end, they pulled me out of Swensens, and dragged to the outdoor Fountain of Wealth. I was a bit nervous liaoz... dun do anything to make me malu leh.. I will faint one... haha...

But the entire atmosphere was really good... I can't believe that it was just for me...
They dedicated "The Birthday Song", sung by Corrinne May to me! I was melted... and they lit up the candles of the cake. Pleasantly surprised... so they sang the bdae song for me.. It was the best bdae song heard ever... they really sang it, really wishing me Happy Birthday out of the song itself. I could feel it from how they sang and they really meant it lor. Though it wasn't in tune... (hahaha...) but I was overjoyed le.
And they asked me to make my wishes first... so while making my wishes... another "guest" appeared!! I was shocked again.. thus forgotten all about my wishes again!! hahaha... and the guest was Yisiang!! abish!! wah liew..this ex-guy sheep that I had... always scared me out of nowhere... hahaha... he's very nice to rush down after his work at Indoor Stadium leh...

I was told that when I was making my wishes, Adelene was waving so happily at the direction where Yisiang was coming... they are just so funny lor.. really 搞笑man...

<-- haha guess who's that waving behind me?? diaoz... he always want to get featured leh... muahaha...
And we went on a time of photo-craze! hee...

featuring me n moi sheep and moi grand-sheep.... from left is ade, me, geok, crystal and xiaowoon...
<-- featuring (from left) Sally, geok eng, crystal and Xiaowoon...
<-- i can consider this group more sanguine than the rest... haha... but whoever ended up in my CG, will soon be 'sanguine' too... keke... <-- me n meijuan... hee... also moi ex-sheep...

<-- me and Sally... nice lady...

<-- Tian En and me
<-- Yisiang aka Isaac and me...
<-- Geok Eng and me... we were shepherd and sheep for almost 4 years... she is a very hardworking gal... we had a long talk on the bus last night. She taught me new things... throw away the past.. forget about the unhappy thoughts and keep moving on. I was so touched when Xiaowoon, Crystal, Geok and Tian En gathered around me to pray for me. They prayed for my family's health, myself as well and also for the many to go back to God soon... and these were my bdae wishes actualli... and while Ms Geok is praying, she had a vision from God. She saw me walking through a long dark tunnel... no light... 2 choices, either I keep on walking forward or I will turn back. I was pondering of giving up as there seems to be an endless walk. But still, in my heart I chose not to turn back. This prophecy represented my heart for my vision to God. I was about to give up, but still, I remained firm on my decision. I still went forth. After her prayer, God gave me a vision too. But I shan't share it here. It's a very personal one to me. I will keep it to my heart. As I lsiten to how all of them prayed for me, I was just marvelled at how far they have grown spiritually. I'm thankful but will surely not slack. I will keep on growing too... :p <-- me and Ms Adelene... this girl is smart and street-wise. what's most imptly, she has the gift of the gab... when u try to argue with her, hmm.. i think better not la... hahaha... HS A6... almost full in strength.. but Jianfu is missing... with him around.. we will be almost complete... hahaha... Thanks my dear HSA6. I am truly touched to tears... missed u guys loads!!

I am hoping to have you guys back in church too... hoping to be ur CL again?? hahaha... nightmare siah...

Anyway today, 25 Sept, is Ms Esther's bdae!! Happy bdae gal!! You are just a day older than me... hahaha... may you always be blessed with good health, caring friends and loving family!

Thanks for remembering mine too!!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just on Thursday, I think I was stressed out by the many things happening at home, workplace and also in ministry as well. JX, Shirl and Ling msned me when I was at my workplace. Told them that I was on the verge of breaking down liaoz. Can't handle all the one-shot stress... or better said as All-In-1 stress...

Sometimes, I don't wish to write it all here that I am tired or stressed or whatever.. I mean after writing them down, how many will really understand and take what I wrote with good stride? Maybe some will, but who will be the 'some', I wonder sometimes. After all, stress is just basically part and parcel of life. Learn to cope with it or else you will just fail miserably again and again.

So back to the msn conversation... shirl, jx n ling were very sweet... they actually volunteered to join me in my karaoke session... But at the end, we didn't sing, cos all were tired and it was rather late when everyone arrived. Let's say about 9.30pm? Me and shirley went to chinatown, food street or better known as Smith street. I insist to order the food. And thus, I ordered lalas, stingray, vegs and a bowl of dumplings. Shirl was shocked at the amt of food I ordered but guess what, we managed to finish everything at the end! haha.. talk about dieting... i think it will never happen to me. kekeke...

So ling came along after we have finished our food. She was very very sweeeeet.... she bought 2 slices of coffee bean blueberry cheesecakes for me.. I was so touched.. really touched... though i didn't finished everything.. i still managed to finish one slice of cake. hee... thanks girl.. i'm so blessed to have u as moi pal.. pal, sister n confidant for 12 years. haha... above pic is the pic of the cheesecakes.. and funniest things is that the cheesecakes actualli melted... we didn't know that cheesecakes do melt... hohoh... new discovery!

Anyway ling took some very nice pics of Smith Street and the surrounding buildings. Decided to post some here after some editing?? haha... nice lights and ambience. We finished dinner and crapping at about 11pm. But the most enjoyable thing is to see jx n shirl entertain us.. they seems so comical lor... one so BIG and one so tiny... keke...

Oh, JX called me just before he was about to come to Chinatown. Then he passed his phone to a guy, voice pretty 'ah beng'... hahaha... then he said this,

mysterious guy: "Happy Birthday to you!"

I was like.... question marks all over my head... moi bdae is next week lor...

Moi: "Heh... who is that??"

mysterious guy: "Happy birthday la... "

Moi: "Huh... who is this?? quick confess!!"

mysterious guy: "I'm your brother la!"

Moi: "Huh? You are my brother?? I thought you sound more like moi sister??" (tt wil sound gay isn't it? hahaha...)

mysterious guy: "Ok lah... Ah Long la.."

Moi: "Huh?!?!?!... oops..."

and the conversation went on and on... haha.. but u should have seen moi face... shirl was laughing away at moi reaction... i really thought which ah beng trying to disturb me.. u know la.. with jx around, his frens should be quite... ... leave this sentence for you guys to complete.

But it was really hilarious... So JX, thanks for bringing the anointed one to wish me Happy Bdae... haha... though still got a few more days.. I am kinda happy.. cos a lot of advance wishes... and one unexpected one also.. someone thought that moi bdae is on 22 Sep.. n i had 4 smses at midnight from this person... hahaha... but well, there is another chance for this person to sms me on Monday night?? hahaha...


Friday, September 22, 2006

Worship God Solely

On Wednesday, I was at my Unit's meeting at FMC. During the worship, God spoke to me about worship. He reminded me about the reason for worship. Some people worship because they need God. Some worship because of emotions. Some stop worshipping because of their pride. But whatever the case, it goes like this,

When you worship God because of emotions, EMOTIONS becomes your god.
When you stop worshipping God because of pride, PRIDE becomes your god.
When you worship God because of people around you, PEOPLE becomes your god.
When you stop worshipping God because of situations, SITUATIONS become your gods.
When you worship God because of your needs, NEEDS becomes your god.
When you worship God because of who He is, God will become God.

We can worship God for many reasons in our lives. But ultimately, we need to have this understanding that we have to worship God for His being, His existence and His omni-presence.


Hope's 15th Birthday! (Part 2)

The 100 pple choir, the confetti, balloons, attires, backdrop, sound system, lightings, worship team, make-up and congregation etc etc... I'm still in the post-anni syndrome. frankly speaking, it is no easy deal to run such a mega event. I've learnt a lot of things from this anni.. but most imptly, I've gained many new frens as well... esp the younger ones.

I love gwen khoo from youth ministry. being a 18 year old serving in youth is really a commendable thingy. though she dun look her age, i certainly think that she behave like a 16 year old girl?? haha... i'm still trying to figure out if i took a photo with her... but i think I didn't. throughout the whole anni, i was just running here and there, coordinating stuff... bz bz... where got time to take pics?? hahaha...

Anyway the pic above here shows us in a rehearsal... but does it look like a rehearsal to you? no wor... certainly, we were just worshipping, regardless of the real or rehearsed... just do it!!

So here comes Mama Jac... I forced her to take a pic... hee... shirl commented that she looked so pretty tt day... and I have something to add... mama jac looks pretty everyday! hahaha...

Jency and Veronica Ace. They are so loving wor...

haha... what are the 3 guys doing? others busy taking pics... these 3 sleepy pigs were busy catching up with their 'hunk-sleep'?? haha... are they hunks in the first place?? wahaha... some are... while some are not? u shall make the vote clear!!!

yes... the time-tunnel... I only had the chance to go through the time tunnel after the entire event. jieyi pestered me to take a pic with her... or else she wun let me go off lor... so guess wat?? we took a very nice one siah! :p

last but not least...i took some pics with moi ex-sheep... they are moi Tanjong Katong Sec batch from 1998 to 2000 if I don't remember wrongly. The girl on the left is Sally while the one on the right is Adelene. Adelene's mum was in the 100 pple choir with us too. Hope that they experience God's love once again. Pray for them bah!

The guy on my left is one of my male sheep... Jianfu. haha they were all surprised that I could remember their bdaes with no mistakes! power right?? kekeke...

Another male sheep, Dewen...oops... no la.. he's moi disciple. I had loads of conflicts with him last time one.. but guess what, at the very end of the day, we became kind of good friends! He is always remembered! So are the rest of moi baa baa... :)

And this is moi lovely unit. Though not all turned up, but still.. it is a good mix too.. Hope that this unit and the 3 CGs will continue to grow by God's grace! yeah!!