Monday, July 18, 2011

Loving my new workplace

2 months into my job already. it seems like a brand new environment. work is challenging due to its industry but I've been learning and growing in my B2B capacity as a marketing person. Never did I realise that I fell back to the MarCom role again. Guess that I will never run away from this. Good stepping stone for me to grow and learn.

Hope to be able to stay teacheable as always.

I know that God's eyes are always on me.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Gift from God

This is a belated testimony but I still want to share. :)

We started applying for our flats since October 2009 and since then, we have applied for 5 times of BTO & balanced flats altogether. But still, I really want to thank God for watching over us in the entire process.

So last year, when we were still preparing for our wedding, we were consistently monitoring the news on BTO and resale flat prices. After times of discussion, consultation and calculation, we decided not to focus on buying resale anymore, since we don't have so much cash for the COV. Plus the money that we need to come out with for the renovation, furnitures etc, we confirmed our decision even further.

So last year, on my birthday eve, we decided to ask God to bless us in our application to Woodlands Dew. We asked God to watch over us in this application so that we will be able to get a location that is near church and our parents' place. Amazingly, God answered our prayers! After a month of painful waiting, or should I say anticipation, we finally gotten the letter saying that we have gotten a queue number! Our queue number was 478! We were happy for a moment as we finally gotten a queue number to select our flat. But next, we took a re-look at the number of 4-room flats available for our selection and only got to know that there were only 569 units for us to select.

Logically speaking, our chance of selecting an unit at L2-L4 is pretty high, due to our queue number is really quite far behind. We were really praying that God will provide us with the very best for our family. So the day to select our flat came, God gave us a good date where we are able to choose our unit on Christmas eve. That timing also happened only after our honeymoon. Our appointment was 6.30pm and we monitored the units left. Most of the better units were taken up but still, there were high level units around. We discussed, analysed and walk through some selection of units. Amazingly, the block and particular unit that we wanted on the high level, was left with only L12, 13 & 14. As time goes by, L14 was taken, L12 was taken as well. I was praying hard, so was Alex. Finally, our queue number was called. And we took L13!! Praise God! The last unit on the high level was taken by us. God is so good.

So below are some pics of our BTO project, Woodlands Dew. :)

Artist's Impression of Woodlands Dew

It has a eating place (also known as kopitiam), supermarket and some shops. But our block is the furthest away from the carpark. So must walk a bit la. The good thing is that it is quite far away from the Precinct Pavillion, so we won't be disturbed by any events held there. So that is a plus point. Our block also has a childcare centre and also situated near a primary school, so it may benefit us if we have kids next time.

Here's the map of our BTO. Well, it is quite a distance from Admiralty MRT Station but in the future, when the North South Expressway is up, it will be quite near our place. Moreover, coming up is a new Thomson line for MRT track. So I presume our property prices may be going up too. :p

Here's the basic (suggested) layout for our flat.

Alex and myself are really looking forward to our new place. We will be saving up for the new place and we do hope to make our home the cosiest place to stay in, ever.

And yes, I still want to give thanks to God for blessing us abundantly. God, you're the best!

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