Thursday, August 24, 2006

Obviously Envious...

I'm just so envious of the leaders in Youth and Tertiary... cos they finally get to go Europe. Looking at the photos in Shirls' and Jazz's blogs make me feel like flying there now. Switzerland, Prague and Rome are just so so beautiful and I am marvelled by God's creation. The mountains, hills, rivers etc... nice nice... I think I will surely love to go Europe for backpacking... but I think I must train myself in my stamina in this man.

Anyway I am so so looking forward to 2 of my trips to Thailand. One of which is to Bangkok in Oct, will be going there with my mum and my younger sister. Will be doing plenty of shopping there man.. Pray for protection, especially for my mum. It's her first trip on plane. Pray that she will not be paranoid or having any kind of phobia. But most importantly, pray that she will have gd health and able to enjoy the trip over there. My second trip will be to the hill tribes in Northern Thailand in November. wow... you must be thinking that I'm having one overseas trip per month. Yup. But it will be the last trip of the year of cos. I'm going there for a short term missions trip. Will be visiting the rural churches and going to the villages as well, I think. Although many have went there before, I've seen pictures and heard of many reports and testimonies, I still wanna go and have a life experience myself. It is one of my many first steps towards missions. And I truly hope to give it a go since I am still young (in age) but I know that I need to do something to build up this body of mine, it is just kinda weak sometimes, if you get what I meant.

So I will be working extra hard from now on, to earn more so that I can save more for missions trips?? hahaha...

Btw, I accidentally broke my colleague's mug on tuesday and I felt so terrible... better still, he told me that the mug is given to him by a close friend before she passed away. And I took his words for real... and guess what?? It is a plot to make me feel guilty lor... and in the end, I fell for it. Stupid me!! Can anyone help me get the blue $1 mug from IKEA pls... :p

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