Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Jingle Bells... Jingle Bells... Jingles on the way!

Oh yes... the sound of christmas carols is ringing almost everywhere now. After a year of so many happenings: SARS, Iraq war, Leslie Cheung's sucide case, retrenchment... etc... just so good to remember God's wonderful love for us through Christmas!! Well, I believe that this year has been tough for many of us... that includes me!! But I'm looking forward to 2004 as there might be even more challenging surprises coming ahead.

Well, yesterday, spent quite some time listing out the people that I need to buy presents and write cards for. Wah... long man.... long list and scary list. I think I can never afford to buy present for everyone in my list. Therefore, I think prioritising is best way to get my money in good hands. I have more than 100 people that I need to write cards to.... u get what I meant right?? Sometimes, it's not too good to be too sociable... haha yes that's right for me man!! But it's good to be sociable when Chinese New Year is coming... haha
Also, yesterday I received an email from my HR manager. She stated in the email that I have been specially selected to be in the planning committee in the upcoming Christmas celebration for our company. Whoops... guess that "I'll be busy like crazy..." haha

Oh yes!! Homerun... anybody watched the local movie production "Homerun" by Jack Neo?? Yes, upcoming my company will be organising a roadshow for all who purchase Homerun VCD or DVD. You'll get to see the young girl who acted in the movie, who has been nominated in The Golden Horse Awards. I'll update you people the details again.... do support me in the purchase of the VCDs.... cos my incentive trip is dependent on you guys liaoz... haha just joking!! Anyway I gtg... take good care all. especially your health. Drink more water!! God bless!!!


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