Thursday, December 11, 2003


Yes. I worked till 1 am last night. I can't believe this myself too. Tired and aching is my body. Had dinner at 8 plus yester-nite. Well, didn't have much of an apettite, cause my stomach had too much wind and it's bloating since 5 plus in the afternoon. Had curry chicken rice and ended up only a third of food had been taken. The rest?? Wasted. Too bad, my stomach just can'r enjoy good food.

Went back to work after dinner. Haha started all the cutting of our POP materials. Wah, the poster is actually AO size. Wah I think even bigger than that. Managed to to about 12 pcs of cutting together with my colleague. Then got chased out by my creative guy cos he commented that the way I cut the poster, sooner or later, I'll cut myself in all kinds of shape and I'll end up in red paint. Haha. Work went on like that last night. And we finished all the things at 1am. Then we took cab home. Exhausted we are. You think that we might be able to take time off and work later?? No way man!! I came in to work this morning at 9.25am. Haha woke up only at 7.40am. Din even have enough rest and am back to this office in less than 12 hours. Maybe it's time to get a mattress to stay back and sleep. Haha. As I will.

Hope to have a great time with God tonight. I dun want to work OT again... hopefully. I need rest.

By the way Homerun VCD/DVD will be out at the end of this week. And next week's roadshow will be on Saturday (dunnoe whether will it be on Sunday). Don't know if I can go for the Christmas dinner anot. Well, got to chiong all the way till New Year. So pls pray for me... :) Anyway take care all...


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