Monday, December 08, 2003

Saturday, 6 December

I worked till 4pm on Saturday. Thereafter, I went for a warehouse sales @ Luxasia. Wow... it was a good bargain though. Managed to find my fav perfume, Cerruti Image Woman. Something that I've been trying to look for for quite some time liaoz... Well, bought some cosmetics again at a low low cost that u can never imagine. Well, maybe i need to stop buying my own stuff and think of buying some other things for people ard me. I think that they have needs too. Hmm... stop thinking about myself and start thinking about others!! After shopping went to Sungei Rd to have my lunch cum dinner, laksa. Was with my two nice managers and my great friend cum colleague, Michelle (though she say we will only be colleagues till one day one of us leave the company, then we'll be friends... haha). Managed to know them better and quite sure that they are one of the few nicest colleagues that I've ever met before since I'm working, though at times we still have conflicts during work. After meal, went to bugis for a shopping session (again?!?) with Michelle. Then I've bought some socks and a nice working bag. All at cheap rates. But I guess that I've already overspent for that day. But I'm really happy. Cos I've already have in mind what to buy for some of my friends for Christmas. Well, had so much shopping that I've never had before in my whole life. Much more than the Malaysia days...

Sunday, 7 December

Woke up so early at around 7.20am in the morning. Hmm but the feeling is different from weekdays. Weekdays I wake up to go work but weekend i wake up to go church and meet God. But then, perhaps I should change my attitude. I should meet God everyday isn't it true?? Need to change my habitual thought pattern!! Yesh!! Whene I went to service yesterday, i'm always so excited as I think that God is going to tell me something new through his Word again... :) So indeed, God never fails to speak to me. He reminded me of living life that is worthy, and life to the fullest. Well, the pastor asked this, "What do you want your tomb to be inscripted with? Not knowing where I am going? Still searching for the life after death? I'm rich in my coffin with all the wealth that I can bring to my deathbed." Well, indeed, it's better to add life to others by giving than to add wealth to one self by dying with them. Isn't it true? Many a times, people are just so selfish and individualistic that they just "don't care". I can only tell God this, "I want to live a life that will impact others. That people will cry when I die and people will always remember me in their heart. People will smile when they remember what I've done. Not because I am insecure but because I want them to live life to the fullest, just like me." So, live your life in a different manner from today onwards. Be someone that God has created you to be.


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