Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas Amazing Race Is Over!!

Yes Amazing Race is over and done with!! It was fun, exciting and memorable!! Took lots of photos... really fun!! They really have the team spirit and no complaints from them at all. From Bugis to Suntec City, then to Millenia Walk, to Esplanade and back to Bugis again. It was AMAZING!! Well done!! Jonaphine, u did a great job for planning!! All the ideas and efforts paid off!! It was fantastic!! And I believe that both of us are glad that it is finally over!! Haha!! Anyway we watched School Of Rock after that. It was a lame lame and very corny show... I had a gd gd laugh!! Jack Black is really nuts... haha nuts about his passion - music. I'm wondering if the WAM team is watching that show they must have fall off the chair man!! Went for supper after the movie at Victoria street. Had some fried oyster, carrot cake and char guay teow. Thereafter we went to esplanade... had a long long walk... everyone's tired. It was 3 plus in the morning already!! well, think that it's really awesome to have so many frens celebrating christmas together. Had a number game (Adrian's expertise) and finished almost all the junk food lor. Well, at least we had fun!! So how's your Christmas this year?

Anyway Christmas Photos Amazing Race Photos are available at below's URL:

have a great time viewing!! Goodbye!! - Trish


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