Monday, December 15, 2003

Homerun - Megan Zheng, Best Newcomer (Golden Horse Awards-2003)

Megan gotten the Best Newcomer award last Saturday at Taiwan!! She's Singapore's pride!! Indeed, when i knew it that night, I felt so excited as I'm going to meet her on coming Saturday. Though she's just a student and I'm older than her for 12 years, I hope to know how she think what she think. Together with other kid actors, how they respond to people and what's their stand and view for certain issues. Well, I'm even more excited as my friend Sharon, will be turning up for our Christmas Dinner this coming Saturday!! Yeah!! I'm really thankful that God made this last minute possible. Well, hope to bring my friend closer to God this time round. Please pray for me.

Oh yar... I've been having flu for the past few days cos have been caught in the rain (heavy or drizzling) for the last 4 days. That's why my flu seems real bad man. Haha... well, some commented that I sound sexy... keke But I think I sound more like Donald Duck... haha. Anyway Christmas is coming!! Have you done your Christmas shopping? I've not even complete half of it... haiz... running out of time liaoz... oh no!!


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