Friday, December 05, 2003

Mid-Night Hospital Trip

Hey guys, take gd care of yourself man!! Seems that recently a lot of people is falling sick with cough, flu and fever. Same goes to myself. I feel a bit feverish now. Lack of rest. Last night, brought my nephew and niece, together with my mum, sis-in-law and brother to KK hospital. The 2 sweeties are down with fever, cough and flu. Quite bad. One had temperature of 39.2 and another 38.7. We were quite worried for them. They are really quite hot when I touched their forehead. Well, when we went to the hospital, many kids were sick and were brought to the Children's emergency.

I think it's going to be my turn soon. Tonight there's a prayer meeting. I think I must start praying that I won't fall sick. Tomorrow still gotta work. Haiz. Gotta pray real hard for good health man.


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