Saturday, December 13, 2003

OT Again!!

Today is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!! Today is the day that I've to work again. Though tiring but still have to give thanks. Because I'm not working on Sunday at all. :) I shared with my GN3 people that I will be working on Saturday (today) but I requested that I'll be prayed for this: Not to work on Sunday. To me, sunday is not just a breal from work but it's a Sabbath with the Lord. A time of refreshing, renewal and retreat with the Lord. I don't want to just plunge myself into work and work and work but I want to plunge into my ocean of love and grace that the Lord has granted me. Indeed, I give thanks because throughout all these, God is with me. Sometimes, I do feel pretty lonely. You know lar... when u r at work but out of the fellowship. Haha well, but sometimes it's good to be alone. It shows who you really are when no one is around you.

Work is quite tiring for me. Today I worked till 6 plus and finally I need not have to work tomorrow cos I've finished my work with my colleagues today. So tomorrow I can make it for service. Feeling physically tired cos went from the east to the central then to the west, hanging our POP materials for Homerun in 16 retail outlets. Hand is aching. But am glad to see the response of Homerun to be so good in the market. Seeing all the kids and even some adults watching the show outside some of the retailers. Guess that this show is really a nice one to watch for the students. Hmm... missed times that my school shoes are torn and tattered.... haha

Well, i gtg. Pple... see all of ya... take care of your health. :)


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