Tuesday, August 26, 2003

2nd day of my work in Malaysia. hmm very exciting. waiting half an hour for a cab down outside my apartment today. phew!! God blessed us with an amazing cab after waiting for so long. He answered my prayers. Followed by a heavy traffic jam but God helped us to reach there on time at 9am. Keke.

Went to Giant to buy some stuff with my colleague, Joella. She got a minor food poisoning and went to buy Poh Chye pills to ease the vomiting and diahorrea. Anyway life is so exciting. Yesterday evening after work, I ate durians with my colleague, Vera and another friend Ginny. She brought us around and we had durians, dim sum and some other food for dinner. Exciting siah!! But the most exciting part is that I'm going for dinner with the KL brothers and sisters later in the evening. hooray!!

I think I really miss my family and buddies and CG over in Malaysia. Hope to see them really soon. Well... I need to spend more time praying for God to work liaoz. :) hehe

I'll hear from u guys ... :p

~ Learn to appreciate those who are around u now. Learn to thank those who impacted u in your life. Learn to give with love. ~ Tricia


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