Friday, August 08, 2003

Friday is here again!! Thank God it's a Blessed Friday!! Well... time for me to rest and recuperate during the weekend again. This week has been rather peaceful... with no one screaming in the office... that leaves me with less stress. anyway learnt recently from my CG leader about maturity of a Christian and managing stress in a positive and appropriate manner.

For me, I've always been a very easily stressed up person. Anything that come too fast or tasks that seems to be piling up, I will easily run away from them. But thank God that throughout these years He has moulded me and I'm learning to cope with stress now. What's most important about coping with stress is not just meeting deadlines and completing your duties but have a right attitude towards everything u do. Though now at times, I still pull my hair and grumble a bit when I see too many things that is coming ahead, but one thing I give thanks -- God is still gracious enough to pull me through.

Yesterday I was talking to a sister-in-christ who has not been in church for a few months. I was a bit worried that she wouldn't want to talk to me in the beginning but in the end the conversation turned out to be fruitful and meaningful. I got to know that she actually is kinda lost and don't know how to cope with her studies and God at the same time. I am glad that God is using me to minister to people who left God for a little while. I know that just as I've backslided for a moment, God still brought me back. Therefore, He will bring those He loves back to His side one day.

I can never forget the period of time that I've backslided from the Lord. The kind of trauma and fear, I can never forget. It's scary not to have God in my life and the world is full of traps and temptations. I'm glad that God pulled me out of the pit and back to His arms, and bringing me to His marvellous light again. Just so grateful. By His grace I will not leave Him again. :)

God is good and His love endures forever!!

~ His grace embraces me. His love warmths my heart. His hands covers me. His rod and stuff they comfort me. ~ Tricia


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