Monday, August 04, 2003

almost didn't manage to get up in time for work again. supposed to wake up at 7am but i woke up at only 7.15am knowing that I will sure be late for work again. i was wrestling with the bed monster again... kekeke...

anyway it's a blues day cos it's day that starts with "MON". well... a new work week again. but today all the way till wednesday there's no "cheng hu" (government) cos all GM and MD are all outstationed in Indonesia... that's make me feel even happier... no more screaming and nagging. hooray...

Saturday I wanted to highlight my hair but in the end I didn't cos I went to our Youth Service's concert... and the music and programme is marvellous. I was so touch during the Worship that I just let go of my emotions before God. Reflecting on how He has been so gracious and faithful in my life just made me forget about my worries and problems for that time being. I've been under lots of stress and problems recently. No one knows exactly what I'm thinking but only Him and Him alone. My shepherd knows a bit too. Therefore, still God sees the whole picture. He's the only priviledge one. Well, after Youth Service, had dinner with the YWAM (Youth Worship and Arts Ministry) and my two buddies (Shufen and Weiling) then the three of us together with Evelyn went to Cafe Cartel at Plaza Singapura for a treat of Ice-Cream. Marvellous!! Chocolate and Vanilla ice-cream with lots of cookies (in rocks form) haha... my teeth were aching after a chewing for quite a while.

Missed the times of fellowshiping with my buddies. That's why I treasure every single moment of time spent together with brothers and sisters in christ that I've known for the past 7 years in Hope Singapore. I hope that the kind of friendship will last though not all will stay in the race that we are running for Christ but I do hope that all will spur one another on towards the end. Then we'll see Jesus crowning us with the one and only special edition of crown and a DVD with our life MTV in it. How cool will that be man!! hehe

Alright man. Just give the best out of all and God will guide u thru thick and thin, highs and lows, mountains and valleys.

i gtg... pple leave me something that will spur me on.. k? I'll look forward to see your xanga... ;) cheerios

~God's love is not just for all but for u alone too!!~ Trish


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