Friday, August 22, 2003

Yoz... everyone reading my blog. I'll be flying off to KL on Mon morning. What makes me most excited is the part that I am going to visit Hope of God Church KL. Going to meet Ps Simon Eng and the rest of the brothers and sisters there. What's more, maybe coming up we'll be having a retreat at Genting at the end of September 26 and 27... hehe good timing siah. I'll try to delay my trip back to Singapore from KL. That'll be so cool. I hope to have a breakthrough in my spiritual life through this trip. Though I know that I'll be working like siao but I know God will be seeing me through all these things and happenings.

I love my CG but I will say that guys I think I'll miss u all... pray that my GM and MD will be able to employ someone to take over my role there in Malaysia so that I can come back quickly. hehe.

Cheers. I'm going off. See u guys soon.

* Let Jesus be the source of your strength, peace and joy!! * ~ Tricia


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