Saturday, August 02, 2003

yeah!! congratulations!! (to me) because it's weekend and I've survived the working week again!! Didn't get much scolding though but was busy like a bee for the whole week. Doing my Shaw Brothers Classics Portfolios for Singapore and Malaysia market (total there are 8 A3 size folios) and there are just so many changes, changes and more changes.
finally we managed to send the portfolios to Celestial Pictures in Hong Kong yesterday!! whew!! now can concentrate on my other stuff liao.

today I'm back for a half day work again. very tiring. nearly got caught by the bed monster. but managed to get up and go to work. Thank God it's only once a month kind of thingy. haha isn't God good to me?? Definitely He is!! So later I'm going to meet my shepherd later at Heeren for shepherding!! So exciting :D didn't meet her last week. So sad. But I'm going to feed on the Word of God today!! Hungry man... ~~

well our Care Group is sending another person off again. He's Bryan... and he's going off on the 14th Aug. need to plan his farewell. Hmm.... don't know what to do. Never had so many farewells within a year in my life. Haha but pray that all that go off will do great and marvellous things for the Lord and be a salt and light to the world, influencing the society.

I wish I can learn to love people more. Do u ??



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