Monday, August 18, 2003

oh yes!! bingo!! i went for a job interview just now. It's an agency interviewing for candidates for Citibank. hmm I'm glad that I've got thru the first round. And I think my second round will be coming tomorrow. I think Jessica (my Care Group buddy) will be so excited as she's working there too.

God is so faithful in my life. I told God that I realli wanna serve Him and extend His Kingdom. And I think God is going to help me and Jessica to influence the employees over there. We are going to make a difference!! Yeah!! I think this is so marvellous. God knows that I need someone to pray together, someone to support one another thru. And God sent Jessica.

Pls pray that I will be able to go through the second round of interview tomorrow. If it is God's will, He will pull me through this. Amen.

Well, God is putting all the bits and pieces in my life right now to make it a complete picture and still he will make the complete plan in my life come to past. I'm very much determined to share the gospel to others and to impact the rest as well. :) My heart just go out for His people. This week will be kinda busy for me as I will be doing my sound mixing for the Arts Feast Drama and dance. That's so exciting. I haven't do sound for so long liao. It will be so cool to mix the sound for the artists and dancers. cool.

So I'll update u guys more of what I'm doing. Thank God for everything!!

~ Learn to give God your best and He will provide you the best ~ Tricia


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