Monday, August 25, 2003

I have finally reach Malaysia KL already!! Hmm... the weather here is great and my colleagues are nice and helpful. Hmm I've called Alison (a sister from Hope KL) and talked to her over the phone liao. She is really nice and I am excited to meet her tomorrow for lunch or dinner. And Weds is a CG day and we'll go for CG too!! keke...

Alex, Weiquan, Jessica, Josherine, Desmond, Zimin, Yang Kim, Vivienne and Mikka: Thanks for the flowers and gifts, I'm so blessed by that little farewell that u guys gave me on Sunday after service. I'm totally blessed. I hope to keep in touch with u guys and tell u guys more of what's happening here and the happenings of God in my life.

sms me when u r free... hehe but try not to call me. Cannot use MSN Messenger here. Bo pian. haha but nvm... can read the Word of God and that's more than enough for me liaoz. U guys take good care, I'll miss all of u... cheers!!!

~ Faith is what u expect not what u inspect ~


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