Saturday, August 09, 2003

Happy Birthday Singapore!!

It's Singapore's 38th birthday and guess what?? It's my niece 1st birthday!! haha she's 37 years younger then Singapore. I'm a Singapore in my heart and blood. I'm proud of what Singapore have become after onlt a mere 38 years of independence. Thanks to all the pioneers!! I looked at SM Lee Kuan Yew and I think he's really great. Listening to his speech makes me want to serve Singapore even more.

haha. anyway it's just a very normal thing to love your nation isn't it. Indeed I guess that God has blessed our nation with a good govt and good leaders. Especially during the SARS, Singapore has been a role model for many countries to follow. Yeah!! 3 cheers for Singapore Yip Yip Hooray!!

Anyway today we had a small buffet for my niece's birthday celebration, down at my flat's void deck. My relatives turned up as well as my bro's and sis-in-law's friends. I was busy like mad trying to get the food ready and pass the drinks to my relatives etc. My niece was the prettiest gal today. Everyone just never gets tired of wanting to carry her. haha she's cute sweet and adorable!! (full of praises of her!!)

I'll show u guys the photos of her when it's uploaded. hmm... i tink that's abt my fantastic sat's update. well gotta prepare for my service tomorrow. think need to get back to God on some stuff in my life. need to catch up with him. so guys catch up with God yar?? hehe ciao!!

~ Let God be who He should be in your life. ~ Trish


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