Friday, October 03, 2003

well. I'm back.

The whole week has been tough but God brought me through by His grace. Things went totally out of control at home.

Dad called me on Monday night asking me to call my brother and mom up, to stop avoiding his calls. hmm something amiss here. why would they want to avoid his calls then? called my brother and mom and no pick up. called the second round and finally my kor picked up the line. told me everything - dad is having an external affair with a woman which my whole family knows. my mom's good friend and our ex-neighbour.

i didn't know how to respond and react. tears just came down so naturally. well perhaps i may look very joyful everytime when i bumped into my friends and being the very crappy me, i might not seems to have problems. but in the matter of fact, i grew up in a family where i have to learn to handle things which other kids of my age dun even have to when they are younger.

Divorce is on the way. Mom is totally devastated and refuse to forgive dad. he broke the heart of a woman who have been giving her best to the family for the past 26 years. I wish I can be neutral but it seems difficult. i need to talk to my dad in a way not aggresive but yet forgiving. ? ? I'll try.

Wanna talk to dad more. prayers from buddies and friends have been real consistent. well, God's gracious hand is on me. no worries. I'm still as joyful in my heart. will be back in singapore tonight again. keep me in prayers.

~ forgiveness: not agreeing with what a person has done but yet accepting him for who he is - that's God's forgiveness for you and me ~ Tricia


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