Monday, October 06, 2003


God has indeed planned the best for me. After all the happenings during the whole of the week, God reminded with His Word last Sunday, His love and plans for me never changes cos He is a never-changing God!! Wow... blew off by His Word and love for me. It's just so amazing how he always speak so timely. I felt that the sermon was for me and me alone. haha... God is kinda biased ... -"just joking!!"

Indeed, changes are coming my way. I'm going to face a lot of changes within my family - maybe one less family member is a very drastic change for me. I have never forgotten how my dad used to bring me to swimming pool, he brought me out to his friend's house warming, how he looked for me throughout the whole of Ang Mo Kio when I was missing after a trip to Ang Mo Kio library... lots and lots more to go.

It's gonna be awkward how I'm going to face him next time if i bump into him on the streets or even when I'm gonna meet him up. I don't wish and I don't want to see this family break up. But it seems that my dad is not willing to change his mind about the woman that he's having right now. "Feelings developed for her, taking care of her and her children, his responsibility for me and my siblings is done", these words actually came out from his mouth. heart-breaking. Very indeed. How can one ever say that his resposibility is done when we grew independent? Didn't he make the marriage vow saying that he will take care of my mom for life? Is it just a fake thing in reality?

Well, the very comforting thing for me is that God never say "I'm finished with you" or did he ever say that "you are old enough to take care of yourself already!" If God is going to say that, I think I will really panick!!

now I feel like singing this,

"Hold me close to you,
Close by your side
I want to hold you tight
Close to my mind
Come take me to the place
Where you could be found

I want to praise you Lord
All of my life

I want to let you know
From the depths of my heart
You'll be forever Lord
The Love of my life"

Indeed God is my love. Pray that I can bring my mom to Christ this time round. Really letting her know who is the true love of her life isn't it? May God guide me throught these times of valleys. Keep me part of your conversations with the Lord!!

* All things change but God never *


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