Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Life since then... ...

It has been quite a long while since I last wrote my xanga. hmm life has been different since the happenings at home recently. however, God is always so good and faithful.

still working in Malaysia. just got to know from my GM that she has employed someone to take over the Assistant Product Manager role in Malaysia, so that I can go back soon after handing over the responsibilities to her. But she'll be coming in only in November. And so the result is that I can only go back for good in November, either mid or end-nov. However, I've told myself to really learn to do whatever I can and gain the kind of experience that I never have a chance to do in Singapore.

Yesterday, something exciting happened too. My church singing ministry leader called me to ask me to go for an audition this sunday for the choir or back-up singing ministry. Well I''m really excited!! I did tell God before that if He wants to bring me back to Singing ministry, let His will be done!! Went through so much with this passion of singing. Perhaps I didn''t have the kind of God-honoring attitude in the beginning. But now, I pray that God can teach me to be more God-honoring than ever.

Will be going back to Singapore this weekend. Might be having a basketball session with my cell group. Cool!! Time to work out my fats!!

~Give thanks in all circumstances? It's tough to do so but it's worth giving it a try!!~ Tricia


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