Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Today's weather in my heart - Sunny and Bright!!

Ever since my Regional Manager came in to stationed in our Malaysia's office, my life here has been getting better and better. No more scoldings and reprimanding. She's very understanding and patient with me and I've benefitted from her greatly. She taught me a lot of things and I find that she has guided me lots for the past two weeks. Though at times she has very high expectations and demand on my work, but she never flare up with me ever before (so far). I gave here lots of headaches and trouble but yet she is still so smily ever.

Especially when I make stupid mistakes everyday, she tries her best to help me resolve every single situation. I think I'm always so blessed by God to have great managers and supervisors guiding me and teaching me. Moreover, my APM is coming to take over from me on the 6 November 2003 and I will take another two weeks or so to handover to her. Ideally, I'll be back in Singapore on the 22 November, Saturday!! Alright man!!

But before I go back I wanna bring my colleague to church on coming Sunday. Hopefully I can bring her to the Lord!! Pray with me ya? Wanna make an impact before i leave M'sia.

Oh yar remembered that I mentioned in my previous blog about my audition for support singing and choir in my church? I went for it and it was kinda success... haha so nervous when i went for audition. but it turned out quite well. I'm waiting to serve God in this area once again. hope that I'll be in for this wonderful ministry that God is going to place me in once again.

All the best guys!! Serve God with what you have and with all that you can!!

~ God is the owner of all possessions and we are only managers managing His possessions. ~ Trish


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