Monday, October 27, 2003

That's it. That's what my Manager told me just now. That's why I'm blogging now. Waiting for my distributor to give me the final figures for the purchase of the DVDs for my Hong Kong Classics. Well, things cropped up as usual. That's why,"Work Not Done, Can't Go Home!" It's already 6.48pm and I'm still in the office. And poor colleague, he have to stay with me till my work is done. Or else he can't lock the office!!!

Hungry... gastric coming the way... feel so bad that my colleague has to stay with me till my work is done. Hungry and pissed off... but one comforting fact is that I'm flying back soon. real soon... but i shan't reveal the date. u guys can guess all u want. but one thing for sure I won't be back in singapore this weekend. Going to miss my service in Singapore for the second time this year. The first one was last Sunday. Haiz... my whole deepavali weekend is spent at the apartment... rotting and watching Hindu programmes?? keke

Well, bored to tears and today I'm finally back to earth. but stuck here in the office now. Can't even have a proper dinner... Well, thank God that he will be bringing me back to Singapore for good liaoz!!

Anyway if u guys have friendster please add me. My email is

I gtg.... hear from u guys!!



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